10 Best Waterproof Hiking Pants-Our Top Selections

[wordpress_file_upload]Walking around the country or over enchanting breathtaking hills is a passion for many people as you can come very close to the nature while it has some good advantages. But in truth, it is impossible to expect a calm weather during the year without any rain or snow as the season changes according to its rule. So if you are a hiker and want to continue exploring the breathtaking nature without regarding the condition of the surface, then wearing a waterproof hiking pant would keep you comfortable.


Basically like other hiking pants, a waterproof hiking pant would be durable, stretchy and designed with great stitches. But what makes it different from other hiking pant is it is not going to be wet because of the wet surface and you will be calm and comfortable till the end of exploring. So after an extensive research and reading lots of the reviews of hikers we have compiled a list of the best waterproof hiking pants.


10 Best Waterproof Hiking Pants For Men and Women

As our goal of discovering the best waterproof hiking pants, we have made a list of them after researching and spending the time to find out the right ones. Hope these are going to give you a comfortable hiking time.


1)Columbia Storm Surge Pant

Columbia Storm Surge Pant

 The Columbia Storm Surge Pant comes with a quality craftsmanship that fulfills your expectations. Basically, this pant is ergonomically crafted to be worked in the way as you want the pant should be worked during your hiking. The omni tech exterior in the pant ensures nothing going to work wrong when it comes to beat the wet conditions. The nylon MO LTX shell maximizes durability while the breathable inside keeps you cool. It has the cord in waist to properly adjust the pant with your waist whilst the cuff tab on the leg maximizes reliability whenever you wear and hike.
• Comfortable • Durable stitches and materials. • Breathable and very waterproof
• Baggy


2)Singbring Women’s Waterproof Hiking Pant

Singbring Women's Waterproof Hiking Pant

If you are a woman and looking for a specific pant to hike comfortably, then the Singbring Women’s Waterproof Hiking Pant is the most reliable one that every woman can use for comfortable hiking. Such a quality hiking pant also would be liked because of its versatility. You can wear it for almost any outdoor activities like camping, hiking, fishing, climbing and travelling. To ensure that the pant fits properly with your waist size it has adjustable waist and the zippered front pockets that can securely hold your cell phone, gps or other gadgets. Moreover, this lightweight pant is comfortable to wear and you would feel perfect when you wear and hike with it.

• Versatile. • Lightweight. • Zippered Pockets
• Not 100% waterproof and it doesn’t work well in very wet surface. • The waist size is not 100% accurate.



Yoyo Mens Softshell Pants

Everyone needs to be comfortable when they hike and basically no one wants to feel wet in the area of their ankles and knees. So when they look for the protection and comfort to hike in a reliable mind they need Yoyo Mens Softshell Pants. Because this softshell pant is windproof and waterproof, so keeping up walking during a long time in the rigorous conditions might not make you uncomfortable. Because this lightweight pant is ultra breathable that keeps the ankle and knees warm while it provides a good air breathability. It blocks all harmful rays and stays the quality unchangeable for long days while your skin won’t be affected badly.

• Comfortable design. • Good air breathability. • It blocks harmful rays and protects the skins.
• Shouldn’t be used in very wet conditions, because it’s not 100% waterproof.


4)Columbia Men’s South Canyon Pants

Columbia Men's South Canyon Pants

Basically, when you buy a hiking pant to keep walking and exploring your outdoor after a rainy day, the Columbia Men’s South Canyon Pant would be the right thing to wear and keep your legs warm. Because it would be rated as one of the best waterproof hiking pants and the rigorous wet surface even won’t make the pant soaked. You can roughly use this pant in any condition, because the durable polyester shell is durable and the exterior of the pant won’t be simply damaged. On the other hand, the tricot polyester lining gives a soft feel and comfort when you wear and walk with it.

• Waterproof. • Durable. • Tricot Polyester Lining.
• Not 100% breathable.


5)Geval Women’s Softshell Fleece Snow pants

Geval Women's Softshell Fleece Snow pants

Like every guy every woman needs comfort when they are in their wished hiking moments. So when we are working hard to discover something great for the women, we found this one. Basically this one is appreciated for its true quality and you will extremely feel the performance of it when it comes to hike in winter or in a cold weather. Actually, this is a versatile pant that is designed for various outdoor activities. So with hiking you can keep using this pant for skiing, camping, cycling and travelling. It’s a 100% polyester pant that is durable and has soft and comfortable fleece inner layer.

• Versatile. • 100% polyester for extreme durability. • Greatly waterproof and windproof.
• Size isn’t comfortable.



Singbring Outdoor Hiking Ski Pants

The Singbring Outdoor Hiking Ski Pant is actually a unisex design that is suitable for your outdoor hiking enthusiasm. Actually the inner side of the pant is designed with fleece that keeps the inside warm if it comes to hike in winter. So I would recommend you may only wear it if you hike in winter. The pant is versatile and designed to be used in multiple outdoor activities, so you won’t have to spend some extra money when you need a pant for other outdoor activity. The soft shell polyester of the pant also gives a great reliability and can resist the droopy waters.

• Comfortable for winter. • Adjustable waist for a comfortable fit. • Versatile.
• Not good for other seasons. • The zippers aren’t enough strong.



Diamond Candy Lightweight Hiking Pants

If you are a woman and seeking for a pant at an affordable cost? Then I might recommend this lightweight hiking pant. The pant is made of a combination of quality materials like nylon and spandex that add the rigidity and reliability together. As usual to ensure a great fit with different waist size it is crafted with adjustable waist for a reliable fit with your waist. The pant is completely waterproof and you can properly enjoy your outdoor activity, because it has waterproof and wind repellent coat that remove the uncomfortability. The pant can be worn for a variety of outdoor activities in summer.

• Perfectly waterproof, windproof. • Lightweight for comfortable wearing. • Breathable soft shell.
• The measurement of the size isn’t accurate.


8)Nonwe Men’s Outdoor Hiking Pants

Nonwe Men's Outdoor Hiking Pants

If you want to save some money during you pick a hiking pant, then this hiking pant isn’t a bad choice. Although it can resist so much water, but when it comes to planning for hiking through a foggy weather or after a rainy day, then it can repel the water properly. Actually, this pant is designed to be used in winter and autumn, so you can enjoy a warm feel when you hike through the fog or cold day. It is fleece lined in the inside that retains the temperature at a good level to keep you legs warmth. The cargo pockets are also great to hold your required items at the time you hike.

• Comfortable to wear. • Additional cargo pockets. • Affordable.
• Water resistant but not waterproof. • Not good for rigorous conditions.


9)Men’s Outdoor Waterproof Pants

Men's Outdoor Waterproof Pants

This is one of the versatile outdoor pants that won’t only save some bucks, but also gives a great performance for a variety of outdoor activities. It’s a durable 100% polyester pant that is designed with several layers while the polar fleece for the inner part makes it comfortable for any outdoor enthusiast especially in winter. It also used high end fiber fabric for the mid layer that maximizes its performance. It has an adjustable waist and a belt to fit comfortably with your waist and when it comes to repel the water it performs great.

• Great adjustability with different waist size. • Breathable and it retains the temperature warm. • Durable and double layered stitches.
• Not good for summer and hot weather conditions.


10)Lanbaosi Men’s Quick Dry Hiking Pants

Lanbaosi Men's Quick Dry Hiking Pants

When it comes to finding out a hiking pant for spring, summer and autumn then you should choose this quick dry hiking pant. The best thing it can do, it is able to remove the exceeded temperature and keep comfort when you walk for long miles in summer. If you wish more comfort, you can simply zip off to make the pant short. The pant adds meshes in the inner layer that increase breathability and give you a comfortable sweating free comfort. Such a lightweight pant can block the UV rays and save your skin from any kind of damages.

• Lightweight and very comfortable to wear in summer. • You can simply remove the legs to make the pant short. • It has breathable meshes.
• Sizes are not 100% accurate.


Few Things That You Can Keep In Mind To Make Your Choice Better

You may follow these notes in below to get some good ideas that basically would help for picking a great hiking pants.


Should you choose 100% waterproof hiking pant or just water resistant?

Basically a 100% waterproof pant ensures that it wouldn’t be soaked because of the excessive water of the surface that you would face at the time you hike at different places. On the other hand, a nearly waterproof or just water resistant pant can save you from feeling wet if it comes to hike in the foggy weather or in the drop of water. Because a water resistant pant can repel well the drop of the waters(although it wouldn’t keep your legs dry in the brutal conditions).  So if you want to beat the brutal conditions of the weather, I would recommend to choose 100% waterproof pant. But if you want to hike normally in winter or over the wet surface, even a water resistant or nearly waterproof pant would work well.

hiking somewhere

Should You Consider The Seasons?

Considering the season before choosing a hiking pant actually a requirement. Because the manufacturer crafts differently considering the conditions of the weather. If you want to hike in summer, or risen or average temperatures, better to choose such a pant that has breathable meshes and such a structure that can keep you cool and give a good air flowing system. On the other hand, if you want to hike in winter, you should choose such a pant that is designed with several layers and has an inner fleece to keep your body parts warmth.


Should It Have The Pockets?

Actually there isn’t any fixed number of pockets that the pant should include. It can start from two and can end nearly 4 or 6 pockets in a single hiking pant. So how many pockets the hiking pant should have it depends on your choice and requirement. But having at least two pockets ensure that you can keep some of your necessary gears in a secured place while two or more zipping or cargo pockets would be good to give extra protection for your gears at the time you hike.


Must Pick The Right Size

When I went to read the public’s reviews I noticed many of the users are concerned about the size they have picked. Basically getting the faulty size means either you are uncomfortable to wear the pant or you can’t wear the pant at all. So after choosing a pant you should order with the right size that is perfect with your waist size and body height. Wearing a tight pant would make your hiking time uncomfortable and your move over the trail wouldn’t be so relaxed. So make sure you have got right one that can make your hiking time enjoyable.

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