8 Must Have Things For Backcountry Camping

When you are leaving the urban area for backcountry camping excursion, you must have to include your essential stuffs in the backpacks. Otherwise falling into the lack of something might be meant of a major problem. Although you wouldn’t make any mistake to pack the hammock and tent, but you might have left something in your home either because of your mistake or you are unwary about the beneficial sides of them. So today all those essential and noted stuffs have been numbered here with their reliable pros.



A renowned, praiseworthy and versatile device that is handy and weighs like a cell phone. Not only for navigating the route and finding the crucial ascend and descend, also the preloaded basemap and satellite view provide a simpler accomplishment for analyzing the data in advance around the target ground where the tent will be pitched. Moreover, the wireless and the live data sharing system let the user sharing their live activities. An advanced technology based GPS also offer more reliable options like geocaching, altimeter and camera.


2)Water Filter

portable water filter

The probability of discovering the sources of bacteria free water is crucial on the river, stream, lake and pond. But you can make the water drinkable of any sources if you have a portable filter and water bladder. If you want an incredibly simpler system, the bottled filter probably more advantageous to you. Because you can directly sip on the filter once the water is bottled.



For the ultimate protection and maintaining the health of your eyes, you should be away from the dusty winds and insects. But it is impossible to maintain in the outdoors, because the environment will behave in its way. So when you keep the sunglass on your eyes, the dusts, heavy wind and insects will be automatically prevented. Moreover, the sunglasses can block some harmful rays of the sun like UVA and UVB.


4)A Knife

survival knife

Don’t forget to bring a survival knife, because it services to a backpacker endlessly. From cutting the twigs to burn and spike, it can be used up to a security tool. Wherever you cut, catch and hunt, everywhere it can highlight its role. It just consumes a minimal space of a small compartment of the backpack.


5)Lighter Or Fire Starter

Without the fire your camping is unimaginable. Because you need burning the woods either for warmness or cooking. So a small portable lighter is useful for quick firing up and the lighter won’t start producing the fire because of the bad or cold weather. Instead the lighter, the fire starter also can be an option to produce the sparkle and sometimes the fire starter comes with the knife’s handle. But if you prefer the lighter than fire starter, then bring the one.


6)All Essential First Aid Kits

For small injury and curing the blisters you need all first aid kits. Because when you stay in the backcountry camping, facing the small injuries during catching, hunting or other tasks aren’t out of your imaginations. So, if you unfortunately fall in small injuries, you can instantly start curing if you have all the essential kits in your collections.


7)Use a Headlamp Or Versatile LED Lamp

Headlamp for camping

The headlamp can clear up the darkness when you stay going ahead at the night time hiking. The headlamp doesn’t require to be manually operated continuously to keep lighting up and you can use the lighting power of the headlamp in different modes as you require. Instead the headlamps, a versatile LED lamp also lights up enough and it can be essentially turned into a torch, But it needs continuous manual operating.


8)Bring Extra Clothes For Warming

What types of clothes should be stored in the backpack, it depends on the season. In winter you can bring the additional waterproof insulated clothes for warming like jacket, vest and undershorts. But in summer and other seasons the extra clothes in your backpack can be useful when your clothes have become wet because of sweating or raining. So bringing the extra clothes mean having a great superiority on any unwanted natural effect.

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