Best Backpacking Cookware- Meet Our Choices & Buying Guide!

Although It’s a little bit difficult task to cook from scratch during the camping. But, cooking with your friends and family on camping or backpacking would add much pleasure. Because it produces the fresh food that you literally want. Even, if you bring the frozen food, you need to heat them up to kill the bacteria and make them eatable. So, if you have a portable stove, it would be easy for you to cook and reheat. But, you need the cookware to put the food over the stove. If you have the right stuffs to cook, cooking your meals would be easier.


Basically, you need the different set of cookware and it should be something different than our conventional cooking set. Because, the cookware we use for the home can be bigger in size than the things we need for camping. Actually, it is difficult to carry out the large stuffs and the small things are great for backpacking. It can make a room to store the other stuffs and reduce the weight of your loaded backpack. So, you could save yourself from carrying the excessive weight and packing up your other stuffs of backpacking would be easy.


10 Best Backpacking Cookware Sets To Cook Comfortably

Backpacking CookwareNumber Of KitsMade Of Non StickyPerfect ForOur RatingsPrice

GSI Unisex Pinnacle

11AluminumYes2 Persons4.8

Winterial Camping Cookware

10AluminumYes2-3 Persons4.8

MSR Flex 3 

9AluminumYes3 Persons4.9

G4Free Outdoor Camping pan

4AluminumYes2-3 Persons4.7

MalloMe Camping Cookware

10AluminumYes2 Persons4.7

Bisgear 12

16AluminumYes2 Persons4.8

VENNOBIA Small Camping Cookware

11Stainless SteelNo2 Persons4.5


23AluminumYes3-4 Persons4.7

Wealers Camping cookware

5Stainless SteelNo3-4 Persons4.5

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo

6AluminumYes2 Persons4.9

1)GSI Unisex Pinnacle

GSI Unisex Pinnacle

The kits that GSI offers are simply amazing as anyone can cook their things in the backcountry with these kits. From cooking meals to boiling water, the set includes multiple stuffs like pot, frypan, strainer and lid. So, either you want to boil the water or make the tea, the pot can be helpful to do this simple task. The 2 liter pot can boil a lot water what can be enough to hydrate yourself for a long time. You can drink the water or coffee with the insulated mugs that hold the temperature of the liquid.


The package includes two insulated mugs and they are enough big in size to hold much liquid. If you need to instantly make out some very needed foods, you can use 8” fry pan that can instantly fry the eggs. The pot with the lid even becomes more useful when it comes to wash out something or release the water. Because, the strainer lid can drain out the water and when you keep it attached, you can wash out the veggies and rice, etc. If you cook the noodles, it also can be helpful.


The adjustable handle can be adjusted with the pot and pan while the nonstick coat ensures the kits are easily washable. After cooking you can arrange the kits one after one into the pot to easily carry out the full set.

What We Like: 

  • Insulated mugs can keep the content hotter.
  • A frypan for a quick frying.
  • 2 liter pot can hold enough contents.
  • Strainer lid to effectively wash out the veggies and other items.
  • Non stick coating for an easy clean up.
  • All the kits can be stored in the main pot.


2)Winterial Camping Cookware

Winterial Camping Cookware

Heavy weighted stuffs can kill the comfortability of carriage and that’s why most of us expect the lightweight things for backpacking. So, this set with 11 piece kit comes with a noticeable weight and any backpacker probably would love to put them on their backpack. Because the whole set only weighs 1.5 pounds while the pieces simply store in each other. So, there would have a bunch of stuffs, but the whole size doesn’t turn bigger even after storing the pieces into each other.


You can meet some amazing equipments in the whole 11 piece set. If you camp in the winter, you can simply keep you warm if you have this set. Because, you would have a one quart tea kettle to brew a few cups of tea. On the other hand, the two quart pot is suitable to clean out the bacterias and purify the water of any source. The pot has an efficient and collapsible handle to store the pieces into one. But, the handle is heat resistant and you can comfortably handle the liquid without getting blisters on your hand.


The included equipments can be used for serious cooking. Because, they are made of aluminum oxide and have the high thermal conductivity to absorb the maximum temperature. Every piece of the set has the specific non-stick coat that is effective when you want ease in cleaning.

What We Like: 

  • Lightweight and every equipment is useful.
  • You can store the equipment in each other what makes it backpackable.
  • Non stick coating and they are made of aluminum oxide with the high thermal conductivity.
  • Friction resistant, so it doesn’t scratch during washing.
  • A kettle for making a few cups of tea.     


3)MSR Flex 3 

MSR Flex 3 

A bunch of equipments in a large pot and when the pot contains those things it seems like there is just a single pot. But, it can surprise anyone if you just open up the lid and check out the things they offer. Actually, because of the larger size of the leading pot, it would probably consume some unexpected space in the backpack. But the accessories are enough to prepare meals for a few persons. That’s why, the size wouldn’t let you fall in any unexpected trouble if you head anywhere with a group of people.


Whether you like the fried eggs, ramen noodles or soup, you would have the two different sized pots to cook multiple recipes at the same time. The two larger pots can hold the meals at least for three people. On the other hand, to serve the foods to people it includes several dish plates as if you don’t need to carry several space consumer plates. The dish plates nest quietly in the larger pot without conflicting the space. Whenever you start cooking, the lid with strainer can easily release the unwanted moisture.


You wouldn’t also forget to like the mugs it comes with. If you want the beverages like coffee and tea to stay warm during hiking, the insulated mugs can hold their temperatures at the modest level. The three insulate mugs probably are a great addition to this set as the backpacker requires something like this in the coldest temperature.

What We Like: 

  • The accessories have the ability to be stored in just a single pot.
  • The pots are made from hard-anodized aluminum for the extended durability.
  • Nonstick coat for a hassle free clean up.
  • Insulated mugs can keep the temperature of the beverages at the desired level.
  • Weigh only 2.4 pounds to become user friendly.


4)G4Free Outdoor Camping pan

G4Free Outdoor Camping pan

If you are a minimalist or budget backpacker, maybe dealing with the expensive stuffs can be the waste of your money. Because, if it is just a day-out or overnight camping in the neighbor campground, you would probably depend on the pre-made meals. That’s why, reheating them should be enough for having the dinner. Basically, this is where the simple cooking stuffs would be perfect for making your dinner.


So, to heat up your homemade meals on the campground, these two different pans would lead a comfortable food preparing time. Both pans are almost similar in size and they can hold the meals for three or four people. Although, there is a certain reason why these pans aren’t great to cook from the scratch (unless you fry an egg). Because, you would miss out a lid with the set and if you want them for some newly cooking foods, you should purchase a separate lid to make them effective. Actually, under a cheap price tag it is tough to expect so many things.


These pans are made from non toxic anodized aluminum and this is where it provides the expected quality. The pots are also molded from the same material and they are extended in size to purify adequate water. Like other camping cook set they also fit into one and the pots and pans also simply prevent the oily appearance when they require to be washed.

What We Like: 

  • Inexpensive price tag for lightweight backpackers.
  • Quality and non-toxic materials retain the absolute taste of the food.
  • Collapsible and secured handle for hassle free carriage and cooking.
  • Fit one into one to be stored in a minimal space.
  • Non Sticky coat for an easy clean up.


5)MalloMe Camping Cookware

MalloMe Camping Cookware

The most popular cooking equipments for backpackers and campers we have ever discovered. If you want to make a temporary residence on your neighbor campgrounds, you would want to bring these useful kits. Although, the pot and pan haven’t enough space to prepare the dinner for a family. But, if you want an overnight camping for one or two persons, these kits can do all for you. Because, from cooking to making an easy clean up, you would meet several kits in this package.


The non toxic material on the pot keeps the smell of the foods fresh and perfect. The anodized aluminum heats up quickly as it has enough heat conductivity. That’s why, you would have less fuel cost while you would be able to finish up the cooking at the desired time. The non-stick pot has one liter water boiling and cooking capacity and it has the same size lid to cover the food or water. So, the moisture would be trapped into the pot to force the meals to be cooked.


Aside the one liter pot, a fry pan is simply helpful for frying and cooking. On the other hand, the two BPA free bowls are useful to serve your food. They are also made from food grade plastic to eliminate any impact. The foldable spoon and fork are also surprising when you need the instant and simple storage in its main pot.

What We Like: 

  • Incredibly lightweight and the kits collapse into the main pot and pan.
  • The anodized aluminum heats up quickly and reduces the fuel cost.
  • A wooden spatula to handle the contents during cooking.
  • Foldable fork and spoon to store simply.
  • BPA free plastic bowls for serving foods.
  • Cleaning sponge to clean up the dirty surface.


6)Bisgear 12

Bisgear 12

In most cases you would probably purchase the cookware and stove separately and combinedly it requires at least $35. But, if you are a budget backpacker, the Bisgear 12 includes some incredible kits at the wallet friendly price. It has a very travel friendly stove that runs on butane gas. The collapsible stove ensures you can fold down all the wings while you can collapse them to store in the included small box. Such a user friendly stove has the piezo ignition for a quick firing.


On the other hand, the other kits are as reliable as the amature backpacker needs. Because, aside the pot and pan, the spoon, fork, knife, wooden spatula and plastic bowls ensure, no extra purchase required to enjoy the meals during camping. The knife, fork and spoon have the foldable handles to store them in the pot. There is also a nylon bag to hold these useful stuffs. These much needed kits are made from stainless steel as if they don’t lose their efficiency through being corroded. A lightweight and small wooden spatula is also beneficial to cook effectively.


The fry pan and pot both can be a little bit wise when you want fresh meal. Because, they are built with nontoxic materials and can be heated up incredibly fast. The aluminum oxide would last for a few years and they won’t be damaged because of irregular use.

What We Like: 

  • A portable stove that is easy to store in the small box it includes.
  • Piezo ignition for a quick firing.
  • Foldable spoons and knife are useful and storage friendly.
  • Stainless steel extends the lifetime and stays rust free.
  • Non toxic materials help to cook up fresh foods.
  • Budget friendly and great for amateur users.


7)VENNOBIA Small Camping Cookware

VENNOBIA Small Camping Cookware

We have picked some remarkable cook sets in our top ten choices and almost all of them are built from aluminum. No doubt they are the best ones when you look for lightweight, space saver and affordable camping cook sets. But, now we have picked out the stainless steel cookware that would be slightly heavier than the aluminum based cook sets. Amazingly the whole set weighs not more than 3 pounds. So, you wouldn’t be in trouble while you are hiking with these stuffs.


We know the stainless steel is remarkably sturdy and the rusts can’t negatively affect it.  So, you would meet a bunch of stuffs in this set that are made of sturdy stainless steel. There is another remarkable effectiveness of the stainless steel as it conducts the heat quickly. So, your expense for fuel won’t be much while it wouldn’t consume huge time to cook out. You can find a 9 piece kit in this package while they collapse into a small bundle to eliminate consuming the space of your backpack.


There are two pots with one liter and 600 ml capacity to contain the meals of a few campers. The other stuffs are frying pan, two dishes, two mugs, two forks, two soup spoons, one spatula, three oil pots and one cleaning sponge. That’s why, no additional things required to be purchased as it provides everything.

What We Like: 

  • Rust resistant stainless steel with a remarkable heat conductivity.
  • Collapsible handles on the pan and pot with silicone coats.
  • Adequate space for cooking a few people’s meals.
  • Collapse into each other to be a space saver.
  • Foldable fork and spoon for quick storage.
  • Small bottles to contain the oils.




Backpacking with a group of people means you need more foods for your mates. In this case, you won’t want to depend on the smaller pots and pans. On the other hand, carrying too much random stuffs can make the task tough to head somewhere. But if the things are arranged, compact and useful, you would probably like to have them in the campground. So, the Redcamp 23 offers such stuffs that are arranged, compact, useful and lightweight. Although, there are lots of kits, but you would like to get them.


These things are impressively useful for a group of people or family. They collapse into each other and ensure you can stuff them into the small sack. There are three pots with the adjustable handles and every pot can be stored into each other. The rest kits are simply storable into the space the pot has. The pots come with the capacity 2300, 1200 and 1000 ml. So from preparing big meals to a small dinner, the pots can handle lots of cooking foods considering your necessity.


The anodized aluminum pots have a good thermal conductivity as if you can reduce the cooking time. On the other hand, it can save the fuel. To serve the foods it also includes five plastic bowls and two dishes. So you even don’t need to purchase these things separately to enjoy a good meal in the campground.

What We Like: 

  • 23 kits in a small sack to ultimately provide all the required stuffs.
  • Aside a pan, the large, medium and small pot ensure you can cook the meals you need.   
  • Perfect thermal conductivity to reduce the fuel cost.
  • Collapse into each other to become user friendly.
  • Multiple bowls and dishes to serve the food.


9)Wealers Camping cookware

Wealers Camping cookware

If you are looking for a terrific adventure in the freezing temperature, then you should have more useful things to beat the unexpected impacts of the nature. When it comes to cooking the delicious meals in the freezing temperature, the thermal conductivity of the pan or pot makes a difference in cooking time and effectiveness. We mostly recommend the aluminum based cookware for the dried temperature (although you can use them to reheat the frozen meals in coldness). But, to cook in the downed temperature the stainless steel can be a good choice.


So these stainless steel cooking sets come with a remarkable heat conductivity as if you can still cook in very cold weather condition. So, it won’t only decrease the fuel cost, also it will force the foods to be boiled quickly. Every pan it offers has the specific lids while everyone of them is made from durable stainless steel. There are also four pots with an extra large and large one. That means, it is possible to prepare the foods almost for 6-7 people while they are efficient in any weather condition.


Every pot comes with a perforated handle as if you can hang them over the open flame. So, if you want to use the wood sticks to cook, you can simply do that. The large one can contain the other pots during storing and you can put all of them in the travel tote bag.

What We Like: 

  • Remarkable heat conductivity to use in the frozen temperature.
  • Simply work in any weather condition.
  • Perforated handle to use directly over the open flames.
  • Can prepare meals almost for 7-8 people.
  • A travel tote bag for hassle free carriage.
  • They can be placed one into one to reduce the overall size.


10)GSI Outdoors Bugaboo

GSI Outdoors Bugaboo

If you want to avoid the sticked surface of the pan and pot during cleaning up, then you should deal with the non stick coated cook sets. Although, most of the cook sets in these days appear with non stick coat. But, unfortunately sometimes the non-stick coats don’t last expectedly and when the pan loses this coat, it becomes sticky and makes it difficult to clean up. That’s why these pots and frypan of GSI Outdoors are coated with teflon classic. So, it stays sleek and non sticky even after years of use while it ensures it doesn’t stick to the oils.


Basically, the GSI Outdoors offers a slightly expensive price tag for these cooking sets. But, they are great for high end use as the manufacturer built them to use on the base camp. These cook sets are molded from highly strengthened aluminum to go through under the abuses. There is no limitation of their usage and when it comes to camp in the frozen temperature, these pots and pans can show their amazing skills. Because, they are durable and have greater heat conductivity. On the other hand, they are stovetop and your portable stove can handle them.


A cutting board is also included with the set and if you like to cook from the scratch in the campground, it would help you. The folding and adjustable handle easily attaches with the pan and pots. You can fold it down and detach when you want to arrange and store everything step by step into the small sack.

What We Like: 

  • Teflon classic coat prevents losing the non stick appearance.
  • High quality aluminum ensures the great heat conductivity for base camp use.
  • Designed to use in different weather conditions.
  • Foldable and detachable handle for storage and easy adjustment.
  • Can be stored in the small sack.


Buying Guide To Find The Right Cookware Set

The cookware comes with different size and can be made from different materials. On the other hand, camping and backpacking cookware should be user friendly, portable and lightweight. So, we would want you to seriously consider your necessity. I personally would like to consider the effectiveness, durability, weight, size and portability. The price and material might make some differences in some cases.

cooking on the camp

Capacity To Cook Enough Meals

How much meal you will be cooking it depends on how many people you are going to feed during backpacking or in the campground. The cook set comes with a multiple number of kits and the most needed things are pans and pots to be considered. There would have other kits like spoons, spatula, forks, mugs and dishes. But, when you are going to cook, the pots and pans are the most required stuffs. If you are heading with five, six or seven people, having just one pot and pan aren’t enough to accomplish the cook.


In this case, you would need at least two large pots and one fry pan to cook the meals of people. But, if you are heading with one or two persons, a single pot and fry pan can do everything for you. Although, the size of the pots can make a difference. To feed a group of people the larger sized pots and pans are the best. But, make sure you got the lids to trap the moisture and reduce the cooking time.


Aside cooking the meals, you would also want to boil the water. So, the size of the pan at least should be 500 ml if you are a single backpacker. But, if you are going to do it with your friends, make sure you got even bigger pots as there you would require a lot purified water.



The material impacts on the weight, durability and heat conductivity. But, in some cases your budget would be a factor. Because, the material like titanium can be expensive while the stainless steel and aluminum are great for budget backpackers. Although, the aluminum cookware sometimes can be expensive as the cooksets are made from different kinds of aluminum. So, you should check out the specifications to ultimately get the ideas about the aluminum the cookset used to be made of.


The stainless steel isn’t so pricey and the heat conductivity is slightly better than the aluminum. The stainless steel is also durable and long lasted. But, it is heavier than aluminum and can be slightly sticky. Although, the aluminum is mostly coated with teflon to stay non sticky.


The titanium is also lightweight like the aluminum. But, in most cases, they are pricey. The heat conductivity is remarkable while the durability is something like unbeatable. Because of the high end heat conductivity they are great for frozen weather. But, when it comes to slow cooking, the titanium might be a little bit uncomfortable.


Non-Stick Coat

Cleaning the pots never easy unless it has the specific coat to prevent the sticky oils. Nowadays the cookware sometimes can be reinforced with teflon and ceramic to make the cleaning easier. Mostly, the titanium and aluminum use the teflon and ceramic to ultimately prevent the sticky appearance. But, sometimes it can lose the coat if the temperature exceeds over 500 degree fahrenheit and in this case the non-stick appearance would be disappeared. Although, the ceramic has more patience than the teflon to survive under the high temperature.


But, most of the budget cookware uses the teflon coats and it is still safe unless you treat them through the brutal temperature. Even, the ceramic coat would be disappeared if you treat them through the brutal temperature.


Adjustable Handle With Silicone Coat

It is probably not comfortable to have the individual and non-adjustable handle of the backpacking cook sets. It won’t only make the portability tough, but also increase the weight. So, in most cases it is great to have one adjustable and detachable handle that would be able to be simply adjusted with other cook sets. In this case, you just require to detach the handle and adjust with the required one you’re going to use. It also aids the cook sets to be more portable.


When you are cooking the heat dissipates through the handle. So, it is sometimes difficult to grab the handle as the heat also dissipates into the handle. That’s why, it should be coated with something that can prevent the heat. The silicone is a great material as it easily survives through the heat while it doesn’t melt.


Weight and Size After Packing

The backpacker might not be comfortable with the unexpected weight. Because, carrying too much weight would suck your energy and negatively impact on your health. Personally, as a backpacker I like to deal with the lightweight stuffs and when it comes about the cooking stuffs the goal also goes same. Although, you don’t need to have any plan to reduce the weight of the cookware as the backpacking cookware won’t weigh like 4-5 kg. In most cases, the weight remains under one kg or less.


But, you may expect a minimal size after packing all the kits a cook set includes. Otherwise, it would consume huge internal space in the backpack. Normally the kits should be stored in the larger pot a set includes. So, the whole size after packing would be just a slight longer than the most larger pot your set comes with.


Number of Kits

Basically, sometimes the price tag might be responsible to define how many kits the set would include. From three to thirty you can discover lots of stuffs a cook set includes. Although, we would initially want to evaluate by the number of pans and pots. Whenever you want to cook or boil the water, these are the most required cooking stuffs you would need. So, don’t forget to consider for how many people you will be cooking. If there are seven-eight people you should have multiple pots while the size should be bigger.


But, if you are going to do backpacking with a small family, a single pot and pan should be enough. When it comes about other secondary kits, there you should still consider your necessity. A cook sets offer lots of secondary kits like spoons, forks, spatulas, dishes, stoves and other things we want during cooking. So, you should research the specifications before making the purchase.

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