Best Backpacking Pillows- Our 12 Picks, Comparison & Reviews

The pillows are something you can’t forget to have anywhere you sleep. Whenever it comes to sleeping in the camp, it is as much necessary as you feel required in the home. Without having a soft and comfortable pillow, it is tough to expect sound sleep. You might be able to make a temporary pillow by the sack of your sleeping bag and a bunch of clothes, but, you couldn’t grab that great feel you have ever wished. That’s why, you need a pillow like the one you have been using in your home. It should be soft, cozy, comfortable and portable.


The one you use at home may be the perfect one. But, is it possible to get it in the campground for camping?. Probably, it would consume the space have on your backpack and it can be heavier. So, it might not be the one you would like to carry. That’s why, you need the one that you want to get in your backpack without letting it to grab much space. Basically, the backpacking pillows are made specifically and they are the backpacker’s friendliest. They are also compressible, lightweight and as much portable as you want.


The manufacturers that craft the backpacking pillows, they put the technologies on it to make it incredibly usable. You could simply grab the same comfort like the one in your home does.


You may know the Outdoor Gear Picks helps the outdoor enthusiasts to find the most efficient gears. So, as usual, our small team worked hard to discover and write for the perfect pillows you would want for backpacking.

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12 Best Backpacking Pillows- Comparison Chart

NameTypeWeightMade WithOur RatingsPrice

Trekology Ultralight

Inflatable 2.8 OzTPU and Polyester 4.8

Sea to Summit Aeros 

Inflatable 3.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.8

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium

Hybrid4.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.6

Klymit Pillow X

Inflatable 2.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.7

Coop Home Goods

Compressible Undefined Bamboo derived viscose rayon and polyester4.8

Klymit Luxe Pillow

Inflatable 6.2 OzTPU and Polyester 4.8

TETON Sports Camp

Compressible 10 OzBrushed P5 Poly4.7

Leisure Co Ultralight

Hybrid4.0 OzJersey Cotton 4.7

Tillak Bubo

Inflatable 2.4 OzTPU and Polyester 4.8

Cocoon Air45

Hybrid4.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.5

Nemo Fillo

Hybrid9.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.7

SIMCAMP Ultralight

Inflatable 3.0 OzTPU and Polyester 4.8


1)Trekology Ultralight

Trekology Ultralight Inflating PillowIf you want the one with remarkable portability & packability, then the Trekology Ultralight Inflating Pillow is the right creation where you can put your maximum trust. If you judge the comfortability, it must be the one amongst inflatable pillows. As well as, if you need the one with ultimate compressibility, then you would probably praise its power to be compressed. Because, after releasing the air it turns smaller than a soda can while it would weigh only 78 grams. Basically, except believing the manufacturer’s features, we looked over the public’s feedbacks and reviews.


And this is what helped us to recommend it to our readers. The TPU bladder and added layers are great to gain the comfort and you would like the curved shape that perfectly comforts the neck. Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper, achieving the comforts from any desired sleeping mode would be easy for you. Moreover, you would like the easy inflation and deflation, the ergonomic valve ensures you can easily enter the air in it. It has a small sack that accommodates it after deflation and you can keep that loaded sack in a small pocket of the backpack. As a versatile pillow, it can support to your back while you are travelling.

What We Like: 

  • Curved shape provides the neck support while it is great for sleeping in any position.
  • After deflating you can store it in the small sack that looks smaller than a soda can.
  • Added layers to provide the comforts on your head.
  • Ergonomic valve to put the air in it in seconds without struggling.
  • Versatile and it can support to the back during your travel.


2)Sea to Summit Aeros 

Sea to Summit Aeros

If you are in fear to get your inflatable pillow leaked during your use, the Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight can eliminate that probability. Because, the RF welded seams between the top and bottom stay sturdy under the abuses. On the other hand, the abrasion resistant TPU coat maximizes its ability to go through the abrasion happens during your use. Basically, it is laminated with 20D polyester what adds the most needed durability. Aside eliminating the damages of abrasion, it can easily resist the water while it acts as a leak proof layer.


When it comes to judging its comfortability, I would initially like the contoured center. So, when you are letting your face over there, it would bring the breathability without discomforting you. Moreover, the scalloped shaped bottom lets you perfectly grab it during any sleeping position. The curved center and scalloped bottom also can support to your back when you travel in the biman, bus or train. Although, it’s an expensive choice, but the versatility and compressible shape make it the one you would like to have.

What We Like: 

  • 20D polyester is laminated with TPU to consume huge pressure and stay leak proof.
  • RF welded seams can simply consume the pressure without any leakage.
  • Abrasion resistant to give the maximum freedom during your use.
  • Curved top for a cozy cradle and make it versatile for the use in bus, train and biman.
  • No struggle required to inflate it by the multifunctional valve.


3)Sea to Summit Aeros Premium

Sea to Summit Aeros Premium

I like the synthetic fill as it builds up the padding like a cushion and brings a cozy feel whenever it cradles anyone. But, you would rarely see it in an inflatable pillow that holds a softened bed. So, this Aeros premium holds an exception and probably this is the reason why you would still like the inflatable pillow. Although to be honest, the packability isn’t perfect like its brother. Because, you can’t pack it in a 4-5 inch sack. But, the thickened bed holds that power what its brother probably doesn’t.


Basically, the softened bed is installed over the TPU bladder while the brushed 50D polyester adds more softness. The curved internal baffle also cradles your head ergonomically and the little bit curvy shape makes this usable for the back support. Moreover, the scalloped bottom ensures it will be placed over your shoulder with an extra ease. The multifunctional valve also won’t give you the feel you used to pump up the tire of your bicycle. Just a couple of breaths can build up the shape you want.

What We Like: 

  • Synthetic filled bed that cradles your face with a cozy feel while it is thickened and low memorized.
  • Brushed 50D polyester offers a soft surface that cradles your face with softness.
  • TPU bladder for absorbing the maximum abuse without the tend of leakage.
  • Curved top makes it versatile for other use out of backpacking.
  • Scalloped bottom to add an extra ease when you grab it in your shoulder.   


4)Klymit Pillow X

Klymit Pillow X

If you have that habit of losing the pillow from your lap during sleeping, the Klymit X ensures your head would remain in comforts. Either you are a side sleeper or back sleeper, the self centering X design holds your face in the center of the pillow. No matter how much pressure you put during having a nap, it won’t be sliding out. Basically, the X shaped design with a self centering hole grabs your head in comfort. The 30D polyester top doesn’t only strengthen it, the softness of the surface also brings the feel you wish to have.


The puncture and wear resistant top simply absorb enough pressure while the 75D polyester bottom prevents wear and abrasion. The comfy muscles of the Klymit X also can make it as the seat cushion. When you need it to camp, you can put in the compartment or the hood of a mummy shaped sleeping bag. You can set out the height and pressure as much as you need. The secured and easy valve helps entering and releasing the air easier. After inflating it just weighs two ounces and when it is packed, the compressed size turns amazingly small.

What We Like: 

  • Self centering design to safely place your head in the center with preventing the slide.
  • 30D polyester and comfy surface bring a comfortable feel when you are taking the nap.
  • Abrasion resistant bottom prevents the abuses and protects it from leaking.
  • Designed to be simply placed in the hood or the pillow holding compartment of the mummy shaped sleeping bag.
  • It can work as a comfortable seat cushion and you can easily set out the height.


5)Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods Compressible Pillow

When it comes about a compressible pillow, getting the perfect packability and comfortability may be tough. You may know the compressible pillow isn’t as compressible as the inflatable pillow in it. But, in the real world the comfortability of the compressible pillow is as great as it should be. The synthetic fill with low memorized foam instantly comes back to its perfect shape even after being stuffed a long time. So, the pressure and abuses won’t turn down the comfy shape as it instantly comes back after consuming the pressure.


Aside the comfy fill, the durable soft cover even provides the exceptional comfortability. The blend of the bamboo derived viscose rayon and polyester have built up this surface that is amazingly long lasted. It easily regulates the thermo to ensure that you are going to nap over a cool and warmed surface. Although, you can’t put it in a smaller sack, but the compressibility and a 10” sack ensure you can still bring this anywhere. It is machine washable, so no manual washing required to clean it up.

What We Like: 

  • The blend of low memorized foam keeps the shape unchangeable after huge compressing.
  •  Soft and durable surface provide more comforts while the perfect thermo regulating keeps the surface cool & warm.
  • Great for any kind of sleepers and the shape is adjustable.
  • The compressed size is backpackable.
  • Great for travelers, campers and backpackers.   


6)Klymit Luxe Pillow

Klymit Luxe Pillow

It looks bigger than the other camping pillows and you won’t feel any lack of the surface on it whenever you make the move. Basically, there is a bladder and a polyester fill padding that aims to give the similar feel of a compressible pillow. The bladder holds enough air and you can get it into polyester fill thickened shell to get the comforts you require. After covering the pillow with the quilted cover, the self centering design ensures your head will be in place during sleeping. On the other hand, it won’t be sliding out or you won’t get it out of your head when you are sleeping.


Actually, it is made with soft and durable 75D polyester. So, if you don’t use the case it can still comfort you. As you know the 75D fabric is the wear and abrasion resistant material that does mean no weakness in the structure of it. Like others, you can also adjust the height by increasing or decreasing the air. Although, it weighs almost 7 ounces and it could be a little bit heavier. But, it still holds the remarkable compressibility to be the one you need to carry.

What We Like: 

  • Polyester filled cover what you can simply include in the backpack for extra comfort.
  • 75D fabric has a smoothen soft surface as if the comfort stays almost same when it is out of the cover.
  • Larger compared to others as if you can get the same one you use at home.
  • Self centering design keeps your head in comfort and place.
  • Simple and easier valve for a quick inflation by 5 or 6 breaths.


7)TETON Sports Camp

TETON Sports Camp Pillow

The TETON Sports is familiarized for crafting some great sleeping bags and camping tarps. Now, they launched the compressible pillows and they are reliable. You would probably trust this pillow for the fill it uses. It is crafted with superloft elite 4-channel fill that we have noticed on their sleeping bags. The specification of this synthetic fill is it is low memorized. That means after storing it in the sack for a long time the fluffy shape remains as same as it were before storing. It compresses easily and the drawstring cord simplifies it to be compressed.


The brushed P5 poly high count surface protects it from being dirty as it aims to save it from being sticky. If you aren’t happy with the surface of the pillow, you can use the included cover. The double brushed finish on the case brings extra softness that ultimately adds more expected comfort. Like their manufactured sleeping bags, you can also wash this out. Because, the superloft elite fill won’t be negatively impacted or lose the fluffiness because of getting hit.

What We Like: 

  • Synthetic fill, but it is completely washable and you can treat it like the way you treat other washable pillows during washing.
  • The surface won’t be stuck or it won’t become easily dirtier as the P5 poly high count surface keeps it non sticky.
  • It compresses easily and the sack with a drawstring cord simplifies it.
  • The superloft elite fill won’t lose the fluffiness after getting compressed.


8)Leisure Co Ultralight

This is created to be excellently compressible and comfortable in mind. You might mostly notice the maximum compressibility in the inflated pillow. But, the compressible pillow unfortunately can’t provide the same size after being stuffed. Mostly those pillows come with the synthetic fill and that’s why the shape isn’t desirable. But, this Leisure Co Ultralight comes with a padding that is padded with the synthetic fill. Although, this is inflatable, but the padding won’t still impact on the packability. Because, it similarly turns into very small after stuffing.


Basically, this padding is set up over the bladder and there is a smooth and soft coat over this padding. The soothing jersey cotton blend is durable and it stays protected under the abrasion between your head and pillow. The padding also has the advantages to make you warm as the synthetic insulation can warm you. So, during cold weather, it would be an advantage for you. It weighs 4 Oz and like others a few of breaths can inflate the bladder.

What We Like: 

  • A soft padding with a durable and soft coat to combinedly build up the comforts.
  • The synthetic fill provides the insulation during cold weather.
  • The bladder has the protection from leakage and it doesn’t wear.
  • Lightweight and the perfect packability simplifies the portage.
  • Only a few breaths are enough to turn it instantly usable.


9)Tillak Bubo

Tillak Bubo Inflatable Air Pillow

People who like the air pillows the Tillak Bubo offers the advantages they look for. When you plan to move on the backcountry to make a temporary residence, the Tillak Bubo confirms like there is no pillow in your backpack. Because, after releasing the air it can surprise anyone as the length and diameter after packing don’t turn more than three inches. The smaller sack with a drawstring cord and lock make the compressing easy. Aside this little packed size the 2.5 ounce weight literally won’t numb your shoulder.


The TPU lamination for the bladder wisely traps the air under your pressure. On the other hand, the brushed 30D polyester isn’t only great for remarkable comfortability, but also it increases its sturdiness more than you expect. It not only aids to prevent the leaks, also it remains unchangeable against the abrasion. The patented Zephyr Valve System also won’t hurt your face whenever you want to inflate it. Rather, it ensures the inflation and deflation both will be easy.

What We Like: 

  • 3 inches in diameter and length after packing. So, imagine how simple it would be for backpacking.
  • Drawstring cord with a lock to compress it simply.
  • A secured and easy valve to easily enter and release the air.
  • Brushed 30D polyester offers a surface you would want for sleeping.
  • Abrasion resistant and leak proof to provide a long lasted lifetime.  


10)Cocoon Air45

Cocoon Air45

The Cocoon Air45 is created with the same goal. I mean you will be able to discover the comfortability and portability in the same thing. It’s a mix of the compressible and air pillow. When you will be taking the nap over it, you will feel like you have put your head on a compressible pillow. Basically, there is a synthetic fill that works as an insulation and padding. In winter, this fill aids warming your head while its softness and breathable surface provide amazing comfort.


The soft nylon fabric makes this padding like a cushion and this is something we expect to have on a pillow. The TPU bladder with a polyester cover saves the bladder from abrasion and it minimizes the probability of leaking. Although the packed size is a little bit bigger, but the 4 Oz weight still proves its ability to grab a place in your backpack. It is also versatile and great for travelling, backpacking and camping while it supports any kind of sleepers.

What We Like: 

  • Synthetic fill can warm you when the outside is cold and you need some warmth.
  • The padding with a breathable soft nylon cover offers some comforts.
  • The  polyester covered TPU bladder saves the pillow from the damages of abrasion.
  • Versatile and designed to be perfect for any kind of sleepers.
  • Portable and can be simply stored in the backpack for carrying.   


11)Nemo Fillo

Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow

Probably the one with an expensive price and many people wouldn’t want to choose it for the price it actually offers. But, you would be a fan of this pillow if you consider its efficiency to stay you comfortable. Aside a high quality brushed cover, the 1 inch thickness of the padding with a luxury foam makes the characteristics something like a compressible pillow. The low memory foam retains the fluffiness even after a few years of use. You would always thank to this fluffiness that provides the desired feel you need.


Mostly the portable pillows are smaller than the ones of our home. But this is different as it has lengthened and widened size to make sure your head stays over comfy surface whenever you move. Although, the size doesn’t noticeably impact on the compressed size as it stays still smaller after putting it in the sack. It is four inches thick, but you can customize the height by the air valve. To be honest, it could be something heavier, but the efficiency might be the reason of why you would choose it.

What We Like: 

  • Luxury foam with low memory that simply retains its shape even after a few years.
  • You can customize the thickness by the easy air valve.
  • Bigger in size as if you don’t have to feel any lack of the comfort under your head.
  • Brushed fabric is soft and durable to simplify the abrasion.
  • Packable and it’s very positive for portability.   


12)SIMCAMP Ultralight

SIMCAMP Ultralight Camping Pillow

The self centering design with a smiley face ensures it won’t get slipped like other normal pillows. There would work two things to comfort your face, the soft and durable fabric and the self centering design. The self centering design allows you to place your head in comfort zone. On the other hand, the soft and breathable coat would almost provide the comforts like a synthetic fill does. The exquisite seaming process ensures there is no weakness because of the seam.


Like other bladders, the TPU bladder is ultimately able to overcome the pressure of your head. Normally, the spandex with the TPU can strengthen the layer and there is no exception for this pillow. You can pump it up by three or four breaths while you can set out the thickness through decreasing or increasing the air. Moreover, you won’t probably complain for the weight it offers. Because, the weight won’t overcome 90 grams. So this should help to carry this out.

What We Like: 

  • Self centering design makes a slip resistant surface with a soft fabric.
  • The spandex works as a coat to protect the bladder.
  • TPU bladder can absorb the extreme pressure of your head.
  • You can simply set out the thickness by releasing the pressure.
  • Less than 90 gram weight aids to easily carry this out. 



Buying Guide Of The Backpacking Pillows (Things To Consider)

This part is something to show you some necessary information you might need to know to purchase a better pillow you want. To spend a few days in the backcountry you need a different pillow. So, you may know the type and consider a few things to find the one that’s truly going to work for you.

backpacking pillow 2

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Types of Pillow

The manufactures have invented different types of pillow and they impact over the weight, compressibility and comfortability. They are useful and might hold a few of cons. But, you would want to own them for the benefits they offer.



This is very related to the ones you use at home. They are rectangular and comfortable. Whenever you want to compress them, the synthetic fill can decrease the fluffy shape and whenever you stop pressuring them, they quickly turn into the shape they should be. Basically, they use the same technologies the synthetic sleeping bags do. There are the synthetic fills that known as polarguard, primaloft, thinsulate, thermolite, dryloft and hollofil.


The character of the synthetic fill is, it is comfy, compressible, lightweight (but not more than the inflatable pillow). It is also one kind of insulation that can warm you and that’s why the sleeping bags use it. So, in a cold a weather it can be helpful for you to get some warmth.


If you compare it with the inflatable pillow, it must weigh higher and the weight can be between 4-8 oz. On the other hand, after compressing the size, it also can be bigger than an inflatable pillow. So you must need to reserve some space for such a pillow in the backpack. Mostly these pillows are difficult to wash, but now-a-days some manufacturer invented the washable compressible pillows.



An inflatable pillow is different than a compressible pillow. People mostly like it for remarkable packability. Because after packing it in the sack the size of it just remains 4-5 inches in length. That’s why, no reservation of the space is required in your backpack to store it. On the other hand, you just need to leave a few breaths to inflate it. An easy valve can simplify this task. You can set out the height by increasing or decreasing the air and it is washable.


Basically, a bladder with a durable polyester fabric ensures the protection. The bladder can be made of TPU and it simply resists the abrasion. So, aside the durable polyester coat it provides the durability you need and it simply survives under the pressure. The durability of the TPU and polyester protect it from leaks and that’s why it is efficient and a lot people choose it.


But, because of not having any padding, you might miss out the cushioned feel. But, the minimal weight and size would impress you.



The hybrid stands between the compressible and inflatable. I mean there is a mix of the both types. Basically, a synthetic padding would be located over a bladder to still bring almost the same comfort of a compressible pillow. You have to still inflate the bladder to make it usable and these two things can be maintained under a durable fabric based cover. People nowadays like these amazing pillows and they are portable.


The compressed size and weight of the hybrid pillow neither too big nor too small. So, they probably don’t demand much space to be stored in the backpack. The bladder can be made from TPU and it easily provides the protection from damages. You can inflate & de-inflate it in the same way and there is no tough maintenance.



After reading the types of the pillow you have probably got a clear idea of which one is the most lighter. The backpackers usually aim to keep the weight of the loaded backpack lighter. So, they could hit on the trail without getting hurt on their shoulders and the lighter weight aids to overcome their backpacking goal. That’s why, among the stuffs of backpacking, the lightweight pillow contributes in decreasing the weight. So, sometimes it may require to consider the weight of your chosen pillow.


Unfortunately, the compressible pillow a little bit heavier and the weight range can be between 5-40 Oz. Although the air and hybrid pillow don’t weigh more than 2-5 Oz and they are probably helpful to reduce the weight.



A pillow would go through the abuses and if it is an inflatable pillow, literally it needs a protection. You have to protect the bladder and outer surface from damages. The outer surface has to overcome the abrasion while it should work as an extra layer of the bladder. So the material would undoubtedly determine how durable the pillow is. The bladder has to go through under huge pressure. So, the bladder should be made from sturdy material like TPU and high quality durable nylon like 30D, 40D and 70D that can strengthen the pillow.



As I said above the travel or backpacking pillows might not be as large as the ones at your home. On the other hand, the larger size would add weight and consume the space. But, the smaller size would be discomfortable to use and it would be sliding out. So, I would say neither you depend on too big nor too small. Rather find the standard travel size that would provide the surface you need for a cozy and sound sleep. You might find it in the specifications of the pillow you would like to buy.



These pillows aren’t limitedly usable in most cases. On the other hand, making multiple budgets for multiple pillows can be a waste. So, you need the one that is usable on multiple purpose. I mean, whatever it is travelling, camping or hiking, you need the one that works anywhere. Even I see some pillows that work as a seat cushion and a supporter to your back whenever you travel in the airplane, bus or train. Moreover, the one you want should be able to work for any kind of sleepers.

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