Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100 | Our 5 Top Selections

Without any doubt the sleeping bag is an extraordinary creation of the era for sleeping out somewhere in the outdoors even in the unexpectedly downed temperature. Although every design of the sleeping bags might not be compatible with the downed temperature and reasonably you will have to find the one that has the capability to tolerate multiple level downing temperatures. You may consider the regions and local temperatures to purchase the most suitable one that will be required for high end warm in any certain level temperature.


The advantages of a sleeping bag can’t be compared to anything as it assists to a person on a very valued time. Another reason of counting a sleeping bag as a proficient stuff for hiking, camping and backpacking its simple weight level, portability, comfy thickness and the ability to be placed on different surfaces. You can get yourself in a breathtaking and comfortable sleeping mood without thinking how the weather behaves.


So we quite understand how an outdoor adventurer feels the advantages to have a sleeping bag at their memorable days in outdoor. Although everyone can’t be expensive at it. But you can be confident about the quality and service of it when you want to get one even after keeping estimated your budget under $100. Because the manufacturers offer plenty of sleeping bags at the cost under $100 and after our research, we have picked the five best backpacking sleeping bags under $100.


Five Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100 | Our Selections

These Five Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags Under $100 have been tested by thousand backpackers and honestly, we have selected these bags after considering their verdicts.

Sleeping BagsTemperature Ratings ShapeOur Feedbacks Where To Buy

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

+5 Degree Fahrenheit Mummy4.8

Coleman North Rim

0-10 Degree Fahrenheit Mummy4.6

Coleman Green Valley

30-50 Degree Fahrenheit Rectangular 4.4

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

35-40 Degree Fahrenheit Mummy4.7

Farland Camping sleeping Bag

20-62 Degree Fahrenheit Envelop 4.6


1)TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Sleeping Bag

To survive in the harsh freezing environment you have to come up with a challenging mind. Basically the Teton Sports Ultralight Sleeping Bag boosts up your confidence by warming your body in the freezing temperature. The pros of this bag, it lets you become the owner of a seriously crafted sleeping bag (without an expensive cost) that differs your body from the freezing weather conditions. The five degree F temperature rating hence proves how dependable the efficiency of it to a backpacker.

This mummy shape or body mapping technology based bag gives a good snug fit that adds warmth while the micro polarlite insulation with multiple layers establish decent temperatures what you ultimately want after getting yourself into it. The anti-snag zippers work effectively and as a user, you can instantly open and roll up the bag from any position.


  • Admirably reliable.
  • Water resistant exterior slides the water drops on the ground.
  • PolarLite insulation to warm you in freezing temperature.
  • Interior storage pocket to keep your wallet or smartphone.


  • The taller people would be in trouble with it. Only less than 5’10” people would be comfortable with its size.

Price: $64.99


2)Coleman North Rim

Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim might put the challenge to you to find out the similar one considering the price range and every feature that comes with it. It is pretty sure that a minor number of manufacturers might offer something like this while the quality of that would be in doubt. But this Coleman North Rim behaves differently and fairly even being something in the low budget category. If you camp on the zero degree Fahrenheit, even you can be impressively warm in the matter of minutes.

Because it has cushioned specious thickness with the polyester liner in external and internal surface to raise up and hold the temperature. As well, the quilting design comprehensively blocks any weak point to ensure that the cold temperature isn’t going to hit in the warmness. As an editor and weakened backpacker I recommend it to anyone who wants to camp in the brutal low degree Fahrenheit.


  • Amazingly affordable.
  • Can hold the heat in the lowest temperature.
  • It even accommodates the people who are 6’2” tall.
  • Insulated footbox adds warmness.


  • Bulky.

Price: $89.99


3)Coleman Green Valley

Coleman Green Valley

The Coleman Green Valley is another cool stuff for the backpacker and camper that doesn’t suck the money, but give a smart service in 30 degree F to 50 degree F temperature. The shape is rectangular and the whole bag can be unzipped to be used in different modes. The thickness is reliable to raise up the temperature and support the back with zero fatigue. It is composed with fiber lock system that ergonomically locks the heat and prolongs the stability.

When it comes to test the efficiency how it protects the heat from leaking out, along with fiber lock construction the thermo lock system in it provides the added effectiveness by eliminating leaks out the heat through the chain adjustments of the zippers. And finally, no doubt the softness of the comfort cuff gives a tremendous soft feeling when you get yourself in it.


  • Affordable.
  • It expectedly provides the service in warm weather.
  • Durably crafted.
  • Its specific and efficient design holds the warmness at certain levels.


  • Heavy or bulky.    

Price: $38.09


4)Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

Winner Outfitters Mummy Sleeping Bag

Firstly, this mummy shape bag from Winner Outfitters can be highly evaluated to us for the excellence in fabric and paddings. The 350T polyester with coating shell warms the human body well compared to 210T polyester and it behaves to stay dry when the raindrops and snows hit over the shell. So the warmness in the bag won’t start dropping drastically when the weather’s getting cold. The soft paddings on the bag have been filled with hollow fiber that conducts to add the excellent warmness and give comfy support to a human body after lying in it.

A backpacker would have to load the backpack with plenty of particular gears what weigh a lot. In this situation if the weight of the sleeping bag bothers you, then the whole journey would be tiresome. But you can praise the weight level of this bag, because the 2.8 pounds weight of it might not bother a backpacker.


  • Lightweight.
  • It includes compression sack.
  • 350T polyester and hollow fiber paddings for high end effectiveness.
  • SBS double slider zippers for adjusting the temperature.   


  • Haven’t found any noticeable downside.

Price: $34.99


5)Farland Camping sleeping Bag

Farland Camping sleeping Bag

To camp on -7 degree Celsius after the day of travelling and hiking you must harbor in something that perfectly keeps raising up the warmness. To be honest, many cheap sleeping bags can’t give that guarantee! But fortunately we have discovered the one that was tested by hundreds of backpackers and its 20-62 degree Fahrenheit temperature ratings truly warm up a backpacker in extreme condition. It has envelope shape, but the thickness, design and materials can truly shelter a backpacker to survive on very low degree Celsius.

When you camp on the extreme condition, there won’t have the dampness that causes to decrease the warmness. Because the waterproof and weather resistant materials strictly resist the waters. On the other hand, the addition of the breathable fabrics effectively work to keep the temperature decent what saves a backpacker from feeling uncomfortable.


  • Truly warms the human body in -7 to -17 degree Celsius temperature.
  • It can be used as a blanket.
  • Waterproof and weather resistant design resists the dampness
  • Durable.


  • We haven’t found any issue that leads to the weakness.



Things That A backpacker Should Consider Before Choosing A sleeping Bag

All sleeping bags haven’t similar kinds of craftsmanship to be worn on any condition while their shapes differ something and give the support a slight differently.


Mummy Shape Or Rectangular?

No doubt the sleeping bags only come on the market in these two very conventional shapes. But their different designs make the slightest difference that can affect on your choice. The mummy shaped bags have the extended support for your serious body parts when you lay down in it. Basically the mummy shape bags trim on some serious positions of the bag like where you put your feet, hip and shoulders and it has supportive role to enhance comfortability. But a mummy shape bag can’t be converted into a blanket. Although it can be compressed easily and compared to rectangular bag it can be slightly lightweight.

The rectangular bag that has the zipper in one side and feet area, they can be turned into a blanket in some occasions. This would be a beneficial side to a camper, but when they are compressed, they would look slightly bigger and heavier. Although it offers plenty of space in inside and you can move comfortably when you sleep down in it.


Consider the temperature ratings

If a bag has 20-30 degree F temperature rating, that means it can only keep you warmed in 20 degree F to 30 degree F. But if the temperature gets lower than 20 degree F, then it might fall into the lack of efficiency to properly warm a human body. So consider the regions where you want to camp and know the natural temperature of there in winter before confirming the temperature ratings of your sleeping bag while you purchase. Basically every bag has its own temperature ratings and you should choose the temperature ratings after confirming the natural temperature in winter of your targeted regions.


Know The Height Of Your Body

Mostly the sleeping bags come in a fixed size. So you should aware that the one you are going to pick, it completely fits with your height. You can find it on the specifications of the product, they might detail about it.

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