Best Backpacking Tents Under $200 In 2018(Two Person)- Our Selections

Can you imagine a night under the open sky without preventing the rain, snow and heavy wind? Maybe it would be unimaginable and the worst experience of a backpacker’s life. No doubt the tent is the best temporary house of outdoor to a backpacker that shelters an adventurer expectedly well. It might not give that feel of a luxurious million dollar house, but it at least gives some unforgettable memories to a backpacker life while it lets you spend the night safely.


I might not need to highlight broad explanations about the advantages of a tent. Because any backpacker or adventurer can give the best definitions and explanations about it. Without it, spending a night on the mountain or under the open sky is impossible. But being very expensive for buying a tent is not an option for everyone. Because plenty of backpackers look for the suitable one in the certain amount what can be lower than $200.


But a question would knock in your mind how suitable, useful and effective a tent would be under $200?. To clear your confusion, I am honestly saying you can obviously deal with a great backpacking tent under $200. Indeed, we have detected those stars after analyzing 50 tents of different price tags. We recommend these tents to the newbie or experienced backpackers who were looking for a backpacking tent under $200.


Five Best Backpacking Tents(two person) Under $200- Our Selections

Below simply find our top selections. These tents are strongly recommended to any backpacker.

Backpacking TentsSize Is It Freestanding?Material Of The FlyOur Ratings Price

Sundome 2 Person Tent

2 personYesPolyester 75D 4.7

Kelty Grand Mesa

2 personYesDurable Polyester4.5

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2

2 personYesDurable Polyester4.6

Toogh 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent

2-3 PersonYes210T Oxford4.8

Coleman Hooligan Tent

2 personNoDurable Polyester(rain fly)4.5


1)Sundome 2 Person Tent

Sundome Two Person Tent

In the beginning of backpacking everyone mostly prefers the simple and effective tents. The Sundome 2 Person Tent is an outstanding option for beginners and it can be a certain example of a beginner tent. Its surprising price obviously wouldn’t break a slight portion of your savings and the features of it are dependable to successfully stay in it for several days on the excursion. If you stay on camping in the rain, this tent is something that prevents sliding a single drop of water in the interior.

This dome shaped tent has a wide and spacious interior, so when you lay down in it, the space allows you move the body naturally and relaxably. As well, the floor of it wouldn’t be damped and you would stay dry and warm. Because the patented welded floors prevent the water coming through the joints.


  • Incredibly inexpensive.
  • Truly waterproof.
  • High end vents to keep the entire interior cool.
  • No complication to set up.


  • It’s not suitable for the 6’+ taller people.   

Price: $39.00


2)Kelty Grand Mesa

Kelty Grand Mesa


The Kelty Grand Mesa achieved the 2nd place on our list because of the overall structure, craftsmanship and materials. It’s a three season tent, but we give the extreme value to it for the trustworthy specifications. If you feel worried to find a tent at an inexpensive budget, then this Kelty Grand Mesa probably is the one to remove your worries. Because this two person tent with the great design and authentic quality simply can impress a backpacker.

It’s a free standing tent with sturdy poles to be moved easily on the preferred place. It includes color coded clips that ensure setting up the tent will be easier and convenient. Moreover, the interior space is suitable for holding two persons and the rain fly on it gives a great protection when the weather behaves differently.


  • Great as a three season tent.
  • Specious interior for holding two persons.
  • Freestanding design.
  • The weight isn’t unexpectedly bulky.


  • Not good for extremely bad weather.

Price: $104.99


3)ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2

Sometimes having a single door in a two person tent is troublesome as it makes the inconvenience on accessibility, particularly when you and your partner stay together. But this ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2 features specious zippered doors on both sides for the optimum accessibility. To establish the overall tent’s structure strong and durable after setting up, it features rigid aluminum poles that hold up the tent compactly. On the other hand, most of us like the freestanding system of the tent as there is no required of hammering while it makes it possible to set up your tent over any solid ground.

This ALPS Lynx 2 is also a freestanding pole design based that eliminates hammering and allows you to firmly put the tent on your preferable surface. It has waterproof and UV resistant polyester fly that eliminates entering the rain drops in interior and protects it from fading the color and damaging the quality.


  • Specious zippered double doors.
  • Free Standing poles.
  • Uv resistant and waterproof fly.
  •  Storage pockets in interior hold the gears.


  • The interior space should be slightly extended as a two person tent.    

Price: $109.99


4)Toogh 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent

Toogh 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent

The Toogh Camping Tent might be admired to anyone who has the slightest enthusiasm for camping or backpacking. It may not extraordinary, but it possesses a lovely design that might probably impress a backpacker. The tent is a dome shaped like many other traditional designs, but the rainfly does a versatile job. Aside with protecting you from the heavy rain, in minutes the role of it would be different with your requirement. Because the rainfly can give some shades in the daylight as it can be converted into a wayside pavilion.

A dual door based tent is comparably satisfiable than single door based tent and accordingly it benefits us by featuring two doors. The wideness of the interior space is enough extended to eliminate the difficulty when you move in it. It also just takes a minimalist time to be established as a tent.


  • Useful design on the rain fly for versatile use.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Proper space.


  • Compared to others, it is slightly longer after being folded.
  • Tall guys might feel the lack of space near their feet.

Price: Out of stock


5)Coleman Hooligan Tent

Coleman Hooligan Tent


If you want to camp on the extreme weather condition and unfortunately you need to set up the tent on the damp ground, then it is such intelligently designed one that can even create the atmosphere of interior liveable. Because the seams of the floor are welded, leak proof and block every possible points for not entering the water. The 1000D polyethylene gave this extreme power while its durability isn’t inferior and it expertly withstands all the roughness. Moreover, the seams of the main fly are factory taped and 100% waterproof. You don’t need to pay extra attention to care the rain drops.

The main tent is crafted with plenty of vents that benefit in summer to make the interior cooler. You can also see the clean sky at night through the vents what can be a way for stargazing. Alongside a small vestibule can hold some accessories.


  • Welded seams keep the floor dry even on wet surfaces.
  • 100% waterproof rain fly.
  • Rain fly can be turned into a temporary pavilion to give the shade.
  • Numerous vents to keep the interior cool in summer.


  • Some people don’t like those huge vents.

Price: $46.28


What To Consider Before Buying A Two Person Backpacking Tent

Some buying advice for choosing a two person backpacking tent under $200.


Free stand or Non Free Stand?

The camping tent that is structured with the poles either it depends on free stand design (that doesn’t require entering the poles into the ground to be the tent structured) or you would have to manually enter the poles into the ground. The free stand design benefits a backpacker or camper by letting them set up the tent anywhere the required. Because its intelligent design ensures no required your effort to enter the pole into the ground.

On the other hand, the non free stand tent requires to be entered a little portion of the pole into the ground. Although compared to free stand design it can be lightweight. But the downside is you can’t enter those poles into the hard surface.


Three seasons or four seasons?

The difference between four and three season tents, the four season tent is efficient to give the service all around of the year. The big difference it makes by standing strongly in the heavy winter when the snowfall fixates over the tent with huge thickness. The four season tent costs a slightly higher as it tends to be structured with strong poles and the number of poles can be higher than three season tent.

Actually the three season tent is efficient to shelter a camper in the dry season (all tents may have the rain protections). So to be ergonomic in hot weather it can have huge vents that make the interior cool. These tents aren’t efficient to shelter you in winter and the poles don’t tend to be as strong as the four season tent in it.


Is the Rainfly 100% Waterproof?

Rain fly is such an important part of your tent that encourages a backpacker to continue camping when the raindrops hit over your tent. Having a 100% waterproof rain fly means it pours the rain out of the tent and keeps the camper warm even in the heavy rainfalls. So make sure the rain fly doesn’t absorb the water and the opposite part doesn’t sweat or it doesn’t leave any drops. As the reason you need to have a 100% waterproof rain fly to protect yourself and the interior of the tent from rain.


Single Door or Double Door?

A two person tent with double door gives better accessibility and comfort than a single door based tent. But all two person tents might not have double doors and in this case if the single door is wider and enough large, then it can assist you enough to get in and out from the tent.


Lightweight or heavier?

There isn’t any secret reason why the lightweight tent is better than the heavier one. Because it decreases the weight of your backpack and allow you keep walking comfortably while you hike. But in all cases the tent wouldn’t be lightweight. As an example, if you pick four season tent, then it will be heavier than three season tent. Because it includes thicker materials what causes to increase the weight.

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