Best Bivy Sacks- Get A Secured Shelter!

The bivy sacks can be a good alternative of the tents and people invented them to eliminate the complicatedness of carrying the large tents. But, if you are an adventurous backpacker and like to camp on the rugged environmental conditions of the mountains, you should mostly depend on the tent. Although, you can find the high performance bivy sacks that shelter the people in rugged atmosphere of the mountains. Those weather resistant bivy sacks can protect the users from all the unexpected conditions.


But, they are pricey and require an expensive budget. Compared to a tent an efficient bivy sack can be reliable. If you are a lightweight backpacker and want to spend a comfortable night on the campsite or beside the hiking terrain, the bivy sack can wisely shelter you. They are a good choice to spend one or two nights on the popular hiking terrains or campsites. A little bit of technique can set them up and they don’t consume a lot space.


On the other hand, they are smaller than a tent and because of not having so many poles and a widened structure, you can pack them up in a conventional backpack. So, to successfully end up the weekend backpacking days, the bivy sacks are something you can depend. They are small, but efficient and hassle free.



Best Bivy Sacks That Are Lightweight, Portable & Efficient

Bivy SacksWaterproofPerfect ForWeightOur RatingsPrice

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

YesWinter, Spring, Summer2 pounds4.8

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

YesWinter, Spring, Summer1.5 pounds4.5

Breeze Mesh Bivy

YesSpring, Summer2 Pounds4.5

Military Modular Sleep System

YesWinter, Spring, Summer10 Pounds5.00

SOL Escape Bivy

YesSpring, Summer2 Pounds4.7

Geertop Ultralight Compact Waterproof Bivy

YesSpring, Summer2.2 Pounds4.8

Rhino Valley Bivy

YesSpring, Summer3 Pounds4.7

SnugPak 92860

YesSpring, Summer2.5 Pounds4.6


1)Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

Outdoor Research Alpine Bivy

It simply looks like a mummy shaped sleeping bag while it is ultimately able to accommodate a large sleeping bag. This is somewhat pricey, but you would like the ability to shelter a backpacker in a different temperature. Because, the waterproof fabric ultimately terminates the water getting in. A little bit of raindrops or snows won’t be your problem to spend the night in the backcountry. The taped seams also would add lots of effectiveness when it comes to preventing the water getting in.


The manufacturer welded the seams instead the stitches. So the water drops would simply fall off to the ground instead making the inside wet. The hydroseal and antifungal coat combinedly makes up a comfortable and healthy place for you. On the other hand, the highly breathable gore tex fabric reduces the probability of overheating. Although the zippered vents can put the moisture and heat away if the inside goes out of your toleration.


The pole system also lets you place your head on the most comfortable way. If you want to stay connected with the nature without closing the door, you can use the bug net that puts the bugs away. It also features the second pole! That means if you want a roomy interior with the maximum ventilation, you can turn it on. Inside the bivy, the manufacturer put sleeping pad straps. So, you can easily install the pad if you want a comfy bed.


2)Outdoor Research Helium Bivy

Outdoor Research Helium Bivy


Also comes from the Outdoor Research, but, it’s not pricey like its brother. If you are a lightweight backpacker, you can enjoy the extreme portability and service of the Helium Bivy. After compressing you can stuff it in its small sack and that included sack makes the carriage incredibly simple. On the other hand, it can be a massive winner, if you compare it with its contenders. Because, it’s probably hard to find the another one that only weighs one pound.


We were needed to check out multiple reviews to confirm how it works to protect the survivors under the rains. Yes, we can praise its ability to shelter a person inside the sack through the unfriendly weather. The gore-tex shield plus fabric forces the water drops to stay off the sack. You can find the same fabrics in the rain jackets that ultimately aim to prevent the water. Moreover, the floor is reinforced with the hefty 70D fabric that resists the abrasion and ensures you can place it over anything hard.


As usual to stop the sip of the water, the seams are taped as if the water can’t get in. The included pole can keep the inside hollow and in summer you can enjoy a breathable interior. If you want the perfect airflow in summer, you can open up the insect net. It won’t only keep the bugs away, but also allows the air to get in. It has also the stake loops that let it to be pitched like a tent. The straps inside the sack also can securely grab the sleeping pad and the 84 inches length should be enough for almost any person.


3)Breeze Mesh Bivy

Breeze Mesh Bivy

If you want a widened space and huge vents in a conventional bivy, then it could be beneficial to you. You would probably like its remarkable breathability when the temperature of the summer hits you. The large mesh literally doesn’t make a barrier for the natural airflows. So, you would simply enjoy the breezy air when the temperature in summer out of your expectation. The same mesh also efficiently keeps the bug and insects away. Such a protection would make your night incredibly better.


It is something tent shaped, but the installation is easier than a tent. It includes the steaks to install on the ground and if you are a minimalist hiker, you can use the poles for a complete installation. If you don’t have the poles, use the trees to knot the ropes and pop up the center. Literally, whether the size is, you would probably like the compressed shape when you stuff it in the sack. After compressing it weighs minimally that might be impressively lighter compared to the contenders. The compressed size also would be comfortable for carriage.


The Breeze Mesh Bivy can perform similarly in different seasons. Because, either it rains or snow, the sanctuary siltarp would ultimately protect you from the impacts. It would eliminate the water and coldness from getting in. Aside the taped seams the 30D ripstop nylon with PU coated floor ultimately blocks the water to sip into your bed. So, this would be amazingly usable in different conditions and the price might be in your limitedness.


4)Military Modular Sleep System

Military Modular Sleep System

We may have said the bivy sacks are mostly great for minimalist backpackers. But, the Military Modular Sleep System comes to break the limitedness and it can shelter the backpackers in the most rigorous conditions. This is something like a four season tent and it efficiently works on multiple seasons. Although, this is unexpectedly expensive, but it comes with several parts to be differently used considering the seasons. Basically, you don’t need the sleeping bag and pad, if you deal with this.


Despite including several parts, it only weighs 10 pounds and it can be modestly stored in its own sack. That’s why, it is still possible to store it in the regular backpack to bring here and there. Aside the highly strengthened gore-tex bag, the patrol and intermediate bag can generate the comfortability and warmness considering the season. Every separated part can be attached to each others by the zippers and snaps. After attaching the parts to each others you can put your body in a strong and warmed inside.


The gore-tex fabric based cover simply overcomes the abuses of the surface and the patrol bag makes the inside comfy. If the condition of the outdoor goes very cold, the intermediate sleeping bag would make a warmed inside. The waterproof gore-tex cover prevents the water drops, but the inside is breathable to blur the huge temperature. During summer and spring you can use the sleeping bag as a comfy bed or you can bring the sleep system without these secondary parts.


5)SOL Escape Bivy

SOL Escape Bivy


The SOL Escape Bivy can be recognized as the popular emergency shelter. You might not like its shelter in the summer as it would fail to keep you cool. But, you would probably want it in the inclement and cold weather. Because, it aims to generate the heat in the cold dry temperature and ultimately protect the users from losing the warmness. The heat reflective fabric almost reflects 60-80% heats of your body. So while you are sleeping in it, it would keep you warm.


The thermal material eliminates leaking out the heats and the heatsheets stay protected under the abuses. If you use a sleeping bag, it would still insulate the sleeping bag and you would get a very warmed inside. The footbox would also assist you to increase the warmness. Moreover, it has the extended usability to use under the raindrops. Because, the water resistant fabric won’t normally be leaked out and the water would be prohibited to get in.


Like other emergency bag it also maintains the remarkable portability. No matter how big it is after the install, you can stuff the whole bag in the included small sack. After stuffing in the sack, the weight remains around 9 ounces. Considering the minimal size after stuffing, it should be something that you can bring anywhere without complicating the space in your regular backpack.


6)Geertop Ultralight Compact Waterproof Bivy

Geertop Ultralight Compact Waterproof Bivy

If you want a tent shaped bivy to get a remarkable shelter, especially in the spring and summer, the roomy space and effective design of this waterproof bivy would be great for anyone. The widened floor would let anyone to easily place a pad for sleeping and you could move your body with a relaxed mode. The included aluminum poles make a strong set up on the ground and after collapsing the full structure you can put everything in the small bag. After packing it up, it would weigh not more than 3 lbs and that’s why you wouldn’t lose your energy and enthusiasm during carrying it.


If you keep camping in a little bit of rains, you don’t need a rain fly to maximize the protection. Because, the fabric has the special coat to ultimately prevent the water. The water won’t be able to make their access and you would still get the deserved protection if the rain hits. Even, if the water soaks the ground, you can still stay calm in it. Because, the taped seams block their path. The anti tear material is also durable and it is able to hold its natural strength for a few years.


For the maximum air breathability it has two ventilation windows as if the moisture doesn’t get blocked inside it. If you pitch it in the summer, the windows would hold a path for the airflow. But, don’t be afraid! Because the mesh ultimately prevents the bugs. Inside the room it has two large mesh pockets that secure the stuffs. On the other hand, you can close the door to make the inside warm or if the rains start hitting. The zippered doors make the opening and closing easier.


7)Rhino Valley Bivy

Rhino Valley Bivy

Suitable for minimalist backpackers. If you want an emergency shelter in the freezing temperature, you may skip this. To be honest, it isn’t designed to beat the lowest temperature of the winter. But, it is remarkably effective when you want the breathability in the high temperature. Because, the high density gauze net cover won’t trap the moisture and heat. Rather, it allows the air to get in to keep the user cool and prevent the insects. The net covers almost the whole area and the air can enter easily in the bivy.


When you’ll stay inside, you would be able to enjoy a great view of the sky and nature. So, if you like stargazing, you can still enjoy the full view through the net. On the other hand, the durable net won’t be damaged for the normal strikes. The roomy interior makes a perfect place for anyone and you can necessarily move during sleeping. Although, it might not perfect for winter, but that doesn’t mean its usability is limited. Because, it is ultimately able to make a dried inside when the rain hits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It has a rainproof cover that can immediately build up a coverage over the whole tent. If you put it over the tent, the rains aren’t ultimately able to get the access. The same cover also works as a sunscreen and if the sun rays exaggerate excessively, you can also set it up for a shade. Its simple structure helps for a quick set up and the strong poles help to strongly set this up. Like others, it is also easily packable and portable. After stuffing it would weigh only three or four pounds.


8)SnugPak 92860

SnugPak 92860

The shape almost like a conventional single person tent. But literally it isn’t like that as it aims to save the space and weight to be impressively backpackable. So, anyone can make their temporary bed inside it while the space is adequate to spend a comfortable night. Although you need the sleeping pad to get a comfy bed, but the durable and abrasion resistant fabric stays undamaged over the rugged surface. Even if the ground goes under one or two inches water, the inside still goes dry.


Because, it used the specific waterproof fabric that prevents sweating the water. It doesn’t leak because of the abrasion or uneven ground. On the other hand, it is taped with the cover. That means the water can’t sip like it sips through the stitched seams. The mosquito net doesn’t only prevent the bugs, but also it has the advantages when you need a breathable inside.  Moreover, the poles build up a widened hollow shape structure to provide the feel you need.


It has the full length side zip for an easier access and you can easily close the door after your entrance. The loops on the side also helps to set it up strongly with the steaks and you can pitch it within a few minutes. As usual for the utmost shelter in the rains, it used the waterproof covers that prevent the water. So, you can still hold your enthusiasm to camp in the slightly rainy weather.



Few Things You Should Consider

Bivy sacks are efficient for an overnight backpacking trip. Considering the portability and the ability to protect a person nowadays some manufacturers upgrade the design and quality as if it can let anyone to survive even in the toughest conditions. So, sometimes you might follow your purposes and where you often go to hike or backpack. The ordinary one might be perfect for spring and summer. But, if the weather goes too rainy or too cold, you should find the one that can prevent the huge water and coldness.


Although, to only prevent the coldness the insulated bivy sack might work better as it reflects the heat. Basically, to ultimately warm the inside you need the pad and insulated sleeping bag. The bivy would only make a secured room in the outdoor.



This is something that maximizes the effectiveness while there is no value if it can’t block the access of water. I mean after pitching the bivy sack, it should be like a room of your home. The water shouldn’t get an access and you should get a feel like you are having the night in your room. That’s why, the cover should be made of the fabric like Gore-Tex as it wisely blocks the water. On the other hand, the floor should be reinforced as if it can prevent the leak and withstand the abrasion.

So, it won’t sweat if the ground is soaked. The seams also should be taped or welded as if the water can’t go inside.



Probably in the winter you might want to grab the temperatures as there you sometimes need the maximum warmness. But, in summer you might want a breathable inside and a desired natural airflow. On the other, your body will keep generating the heats and reasonably the inside becomes hotter. So, you would expect a breathable inside while you need to release the generated temperatures from  the bivy. That’s why, the air vents can be an effective addition. It works like a window and you can close it if the temperature goes down.



The narrow space can be problematic to expect the freedom in the bivy sack. Narrow space can kill the comfortability and it can be tough to enjoy the comfortable move. So, don’t forget to consider the width and length. To stretch out your body the space should be adequate and the bivy might offer different sizes in some cases. So aside, considering the wideness, don’t forget to remember your height when you choose out the length.



This is the reason why people prefer the bivy sack instead a tent. Basically to judge the portability the weight and size (after compressing) both matter. Most of the people might not expect more than 15 pounds. Although the high performance one for the alpine mountains in winter might be heavier. But, for lightweight use you might be uncomfortable with a 20 pound bivy sack. So, it is better to keep the weight between 2-10 pounds as if it can keep the weight of the loaded backpack lightweight.


The size after compressing would either increase or decrease the space. A backpacker stores multiple things in their backpacks. So, if the compressed size makes the internal space complicated, then it would be difficult to simply store other stuffs. So, the narrow size after compressing can be helpful to store other stuffs.

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