Best Camping Cots In 2018 | Reviews, Our Picks & Buying Guide

Sometimes flooring with mattress and sleeping pad is difficult over the rocky and uneven surface. On the other hand, some people want their traditional bed in outdoors for a sound sleep and indeed positioning the bed in higher from the ground can be more protected than sleeping on the ground. As an example, if the floor goes under the water or the ground becomes mud, then lying on the flooring bed is quite cumbersome.


Moreover, making a place for sleeping directly on the ground in winter can affect the warmness and to prevent the coldness of the ground you need an insulated sleeping pad and mattress. But if you make the sleeping ground with a cot, then to retain and enhance the warmness, no pad is required over the cot. Just a mattress can insulate the heat perfectly. As well, sleeping over the cot means your body is going to stay on your deserved position from the bugs and insects.

So if you get a cot with other camping accessories, you deserve to have a great sleeping night.


How A Camping Cot Helps To A Camper

Campers usually install a cot under their tent to keep them elevated from the ground as the bugs, insects, rats are fearful things to a camper. On the other hand, a cot isn’t just a cot, it is a bed of your home and you are getting almost the similar version under your tent. If you cover the cot’s bed by a mattress, it turns into your home’s bed. But, if you don’t allow the mattress on the bed, the denier bed still can comfort your body. Because, the denier fabric is thickened, stretch free and smooth. So, you still stargaze or sleep modestly even without a mattress. Although, some cots integrate coil suspension instead the bed and in this case a mattress can twice the comfort.


As well, after sleeping at the night, if you want the cot for lounging out of the tent or want to set up nearby a lake for relaxing, it is still perfect as your companion for having some breathtaking moment. For a camper, the cot can assist you even at the crucial time. As an example, if the ground is a little bit slope and the rain water flows under your tent, the cot can save you from the rain water and if there is mud, even you can keep your sleeping ground warm. Similarly, if the water coats over the ground, you can be still elevated off to them.


The cots convert into a portable shape while some cots fold down from the middle and others collapse from several points of the frame purposely to be portable. That’s why, to carry a camping cot isn’t a very complicated or serious task. The cots mostly have their own carrying bag and after collapsing it can adapt the space of the bag. Although, some are designed to be stowed into the car’s trunk for carrying. Basically, these options simplify the use of a cot to a camper.


Sixteen Best Camping Cots | Our Picks After An Extensive Research

As a backpacker I realize all the advantages of a camping cot and when you also similarly realize, purchasing a good one must not be a bad decision. Since we have that goal to find the best ones and today we have reached to the final waypoint after revealing the sixteen best camping cots.

Camping CotsMaterial Of The FrameFabric Type Of The Bed CapacityPortabilityOur Ratings Price

Coleman ComfortSmart

Steel No Fabric, Coil Suspension Based Bed Floor 275 lbsAverage4.6

TETON Sports

Steel600D Oxford Fabric400 lbsGreat4.5

KingCamp Folding Bed

Steel600D Oxford Fabric(Double Layer)220 lbsGreat4.6

Magshion Portable Military Bed

SteelOxford Fabric300 lbsAverage4.4

Coleman Queen Airbed

SteelNylon 600 lbsGreat4.3

Coleman Pack Away Cot

SteelPolyester300 lbsGreat4.7

Osage River Folding Cot

SteelPolyester300 lbsGreat4.7

Trademark Innovations Folding Bed

SteelPolyester260 lbsGreat4.5

Earth Ultimate Military Style

Aluminum600D Polyester 450 lbsGreat4.5

Coleman Trailhead II

SteelPolyester300 lbsAverage4.4

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Aluminum420 D Nylon FabricUnknownAverage4.6

Outsunny Two Person Folding Cot

Steel600D PVC Oxford 440 lbsGreat4.4

Flamrose Patented Cot

Steel1680D Double Oxford400 lbsGreat4.7

Therm-A-Rest Luxury Lite Mesh Cot

AluminumMesh FabricUnknownGreat4.5

Camp Solutions Folding Bed

SteelMesh Fabric & 600D Oxford300 lbsGreat4.5

Therm-A-Rest Tent Cot

AluminumMesh FabricUnknownAverage4.5


1)Coleman ComfortSmart

Coleman ComfortSmart Camping Cot


Coleman is one of the trusted outdoor gear manufacturers that has built up this sturdy camping cot by maintaining the cost and portability. The foldable frames forced it to be folded down by your manual request and whenever you need a transport because of camping or other purposes, just let it stay calm on the car trunk. The foam mattress assures that you would lay and sleep like in a conventional bed while there is no numbness and back pain. The length of the cot is also fair while it will hold the tall people without offering any narrow space in the length.The mattress is also supported by the coil suspension that removes the hardness and gives 100% expected softness to your body. It can weigh up to 275 pounds that is the praiseworthy ability for taking a single person over its bed.

What We Like:

  • The bed is responsive when you need the perfection for your anatomy. The Coleman Comfortsmart has specifically set up coil suspension instead the denier nylon bed. The coil suspension added the responsiveness in the bed that steadily works with the movement.
  • The included mattress is compactly sized to the length of the cot while the foam thickened pad puts the numbness away.
  • It can be a supportive bed for your home when a surprising guest comes at your home and the full width legs steadily put the bed off to the ground.
  •  Your car trunk is enough where it can be gently stowed.


  • Affordable for the limited budget campers.
  • Durable frame wisely takes the users.
  • Coil suspensions give optimum support to your back.
  • Foldable frames make it to be stored in the car trunk.


  • Heavy.

Price: $48.79


2)TETON Sports

TETON Sports Camp Cot

It has the clever X shape design that prevents consuming the space of the trunk like you expected while nothing looks complicated there because of an included carrying bag. Those foldable legs strictly turn its large shape to a small pole size with modest diameter. After collapsing the structure, just place it in the drawstring bag where the shoulder straps let you hanging it on the shoulder. The sturdy aluminum frames also stop sucking the energy and removes the complicatedness when it is packed and hung on your shoulder.

The spread width and height can receive the tall person and if you have any guest, don’t hesitate to share the space. Moreover, the 600D Oxford canvas cloth with strong aluminum legs can absorb 400 pound weight. So you can stop being confused to take its service on family camping.

What We Like:

  • The squared aluminum frames have reinforced thickness to be a contributor of controlling the high-end weight as one person cot. The 400 lbs capacity of Teton Sports sometimes comes with a two person cot. So, here it may give a small definition of its quality and power.
  • It can be paired with its brother. If you camp with family members or friends and you have another same cot, the top frame nearby the head can be connected with another cot. The benefit of pairing two cots, both being studied when they are working together.
  • You can single handedly set up the cot without calling your friends or mates.
  • It normally stabilized steadily on the dried surface.


  • Surprisingly portable.
  • Decent overall weight.
  • Effortless set up.
  • Large space for holding a guest or second person.


  • The price may not budget friendly.
  • You have to buy the mattress separately to make the bed essentially comfortable.

Price: $82.46


3)KingCamp Folding Bed

KingCamp Folding Camping Bed


The outdoorsman strictly prefers the portable accessories and if you like to sleep above few meters off the ground, you might seriously wish from your respective mind to bring a cot. But you don’t need a truck to get the cot on the campground, because you can bring it like a backpack as it comes with foldable body to be put in a storage bag. In truth this cot is structured with triangle frames to be folded up or down without any unexpected conflictedness. And the strong bonding of the frames with the triangle shape builds up a solid structure to keep the user above.

The whole bed is made of 600D double layer Oxford fabric that tirelessly absorb the pressure while the seams have been stitched ergonomically to hold the bed firmly with the frames. A large side storage pocket also can be an option to put your gadget nearly your hands.

What We Like:

  • Raised end for taking some naps without a pillow. So, if you don’t include a pillow with other accessories, you can still achieve some sound sleeps in the night.
  • The triangle structure to be maximally established anywhere while the strength steel won’t act like it has got tiredness for the pressure you would use to put over it.
  • Incredible folded dimension ensures its carrying bag is the perfect residence after ending your camping.
  • It is able to be widely used for multipurpose.


  • Triangle designs on the frame prolonged the efficiency.
  • Comfortable bed with quality fabric.
  • Portable.
  • Side pockets for convenient storing.


  • The weight is higher than an aluminum frame based cot.
  • The height can be slightly inconvenient for the users in a single person tent.

Price: $61.99


4)Magshion Portable Military Bed

Magshion Portable Military Camping Bed

This cot from Magshion is not similarly as portable and handy as the number two and three of our picks are. But when you fold the bed into two parts, it at least can go to the campground after been stored in the car trunk. The people are shorter than 6’ can make it as their desired sleeping bed. The steel frame and durable Oxford cloth on it are combined to maintain your weight as the way you usually expect. Its 300 lbs capacity is arguably great for a single camper.

The price it costs is also remarkable as it is not huge demandable. So in your simple budget making a deal with it wouldn’t be a mistake.

What We Like:

  • Very budget friendly single person cot and if you are a newbie and want to be experienced with the wildlife, then it is adequately perfect.
  • It easily adapts with your weight.
  • Incredibly simple installation.
  • The oxford cloth bed doesn’t rip for pressure.


  • Proper weight capacity as a single person cot.
  • Frames are firm and the cloth is breathable and strong.
  • The price isn’t obsessive.
  • Foldable.


  • Minimal portability.
  • It only accommodates shorter than 6’ person. 

Price: $47.13


5)Coleman Queen Airbed

Coleman Queen Airbed Folding Cot

A remarkable camping cot that we praise for spacious and comfortable bed. The spacious bed spontaneously accommodates two people and the comfortability of the Airbed likely offers some sound sleep to you. The mattress is incredibly soft and taking rest or sleep on it can be better than your expectation. Because the coil construction leads a comfy back support and the tricky airtight system single handedly prevents the leakage. So the high end use and your body pressure won’t create the leaks and you may stay confident all the time you lie on it.

The cot and Airbed can be incredibly packed into the included storage bag and when you want to pump up the bed, use the 4D battery for quick inflation. The steel frames are sturdy and hold 600 pounds while it accommodates the users.

What We Like:

  • At many times the double person cots don’t come with the proper width. And this narrowness in the bed behaves unexpectedly when it undergoes to accommodate double persons. But the width of this Coleman Queen has been perfected to be used as a double person bed.
  • The airtight mattress is comfortable to bring in the campground and it is comfy and you can quickly pump it up by a 4D battery operated pump.
  • Coil construction in the mattress provides superior anatomic support.
  • Patented base stays steady under the extensive weight of two persons.


  • Airbed is comfy.
  • Easy inflation by the 4D battery.
  • Specious.
  • It wisely accommodates the campers.


  • Frames are heavy.
  • It creates noise when you move the body.

Price: $116.99


6)Coleman Pack Away Cot

Coleman Pack Away CotCamping cot determines you would conquer almost the natural feel of your home while you would make your place like a comfort zone as the width, height and the comfortability of the bed won’t be contained with the shallowness in comfort. The Coleman designed numerous camping cots and we found the cots that they made while almost all are quality except the minimal ones. Basically, the Coleman Pack Away Cotton has been an evidence amongst their quality camping cots while it won’t demand an expensive amount of money. The cot maintains the adequate distance from the ground and as the reason you would be positioned from the inappropriateness of the ground.

The cot won’t bow down to the ground for the weight it would be forced to consume. Because, the steel frames aren’t inexpert on absorbing the pressure while the extra frames have been adjusted from one frame to another frame to maximize stability. But, incredibly those frames are able to be collapsed at the end of the day when you want to smartly pack the cot in a bag. On the other hand, the cot is lengthened to 6.6’ as if a camper won’t be frustrated when he/she comes to take a nap.

What We Like:

  • A side table that just looks for an adjustment when you need to place some foods, snacks, gadgets or anything nearby you.
  • The side table has a cup holder to accommodate a bottle.
  • Tough polyester into the bed reliably handles the body’s pressure that has low memory and when it minimally wears during accommodating you, it immediately becomes flat after you leave the bed.
  • Steel frames with an intelligent structure don’t tend to bow down and it acts to be always stable on the ground.
  • 6.6’ long bed confirms the bed can adapt a great height of the human.


  • Heavy duty steel and the intelligent design stabilize the cot compactly.
  • Foldable to be stowed in the included bag.
  • Widened and lengthened to eliminate the lack of the space.
  • Nylon bed is rigid to tackle the camper’s weight.
  • An extra small bed to hold the snacks, food, gadgets or anything else.


  • A little bit noisy.
  • Heavier.

Price: $51.88


7)Osage River Folding Cot

Osage River Folding Camp Cot

It is complicated to make the separate budgets for buying several cots, one for camping, one for lounging, one for relaxing and one for watching the stars at night. But, an intelligent cot can cover all these and it could be your companion for outdoor camping, lounging at home and relaxing at the beach. Literally, this camping cot can adapt you on multiple conditions and anywhere it can produce the comfort that you deserve to stay perfect during you are napping or relaxing. Its non-complicated folding system clarifies to collapse the cot and pack it into a bag, you would just give a simple effort.

The cot is 28 inches wide and 75 inches long that would frankly act during accommodating you. Moreover the X shape frame design would impress your mind as the carbon steel frame with X structure builds up a steady base when you give a taste to it for tackling the pressure. We can also give a perfect rate to it for being only 13 lbs in overall weight. So, it can’t sweat you when you hold the bag of it to bring it to your camping destination. The bed is PVC coated that adds some advance comfort for you, so your body would conquer some extra comforts for the softness of PVC coat.

What We Like:

  • X shaped base that adapts the ground compactly and establishes the cot without struggling with the condition of the surface.
  • Carbon steel frame compresses the weight, but it doesn’t tend to show the lacks in durability.
  • The polyester fabric of the bed has been layered with a PVC coat that softens the bed surface and smoothens to raise the comfort.
  • Versatile, one cot for relaxing, camping and lounging.
  • It comes with the non-complicated folding and carrying systems among camping cots while no required a big sack to carry the cot.


  • Raised end that adds comfort with pillow.
  • Necessarily lengthened and widened to skip the narrowing.
  • Versatile.
  • Stable with paved and unpaved ground.
  • Adequate capacity.


  • The height is slightly inauspicious.

Price: $49.99


8)Trademark Innovations Folding Bed

Trademark Innovations Folding Camping Bed

If you pitch a small tent and camp alone in the wildlife among neighbor campers, you need a single person cot that is just compatible with a single user. It is beneficial for a single camper as the cot size is modest and the weight would be compressed than a double person cot. As well, when you perfectly collapse all the frames at one place, the size turns smaller than a double person cot and that’s why it would be respectively simpler to be ported. As well, the surprising 260 lbs capacity of it goes steady when it accommodates a camper on it. If you add a mattress over the coat, the power of it to make a temporarily comfortable bed would be incredible.

The manufacturer would send this cot to your home pre-assembled and that’s why you wouldn’t need to call an expert to assemble the coat. Either you fold or unfold, it continues to give a message that you don’t need a partner to install the cot on the ground. Furthermore, the 75” length of the bed is a measured size for any camper who is 6 feet in height as well the three pairs of the feet make the base steady over flat surfaces.

What We Like:

  • Carbon steel similarly weighs like aluminum. So thus a big saving in weight won’t tire your hands or shoulders when you stay walking as the purpose of heading to the campground.
  • It collapses from the middle while other frames also effortlessly collapse once you start to fold the cot. As a single person cot, its size isn’t bigger like a two person cot. So the carrying bag won’t be arguably bigger after stowing by it.
  • 75 inches long must be measured comfortably with a 6’ taller user.
  • 260lbs capacity won’t act to bow down for the weight of a camper.
  • Previously assembled and not any certain assembly required before using.


  • The weight isn’t cumbersome.
  • Sturdy carbon steel frame and the base is steady over flat surfaces.
  • Assembled by the  manufacturer.
  • Included carrying case.
  • It installs easily.


  • The base may not perfect for bumpy surface.
  • Not good for very taller people.

Price: $40.82


9)Earth Ultimate Military Style

Earth Ultimate Military Style Camping Cot

A military grade camping cot that gives you a wide choice of where you want to install it. Because, the cot is designed to adapt any condition of any expedition you like to do in outdoors. Overall, wherever you want a temporally bed, the cot can aid you to stay there. It could be a camping festival or having a night in wildlife or relaxing at the beach or making a bed for your guest at home, the cot can be anywhere with a little struggle. The removable pockets have built in smaller pockets to hold the torch, water bottles or telescopic trekking poles or knife. The larger bag also provides a leading accomodation for your camping clothes or rain clothes or any specific stuffs.

The extra wide frames are widened to be incredibly steady as they would undergo multiple conditions. But, the aircraft grade aluminum, extended wideness and reinforced construction would undoubtedly acquire the remarkable stability. That’s why up to 450 lbs weight can’t bow down the core structure of the frame while the heavy duty polyester would assist in making stability. As well, when you would take a nap over the cot it won’t squeak on the contact point of the frame for pressure. Overall, you can wish for a sound sleep on the cot for stability, smooth and durable bed and noiseless performance.

What We Like:

  • It ultimately eliminated the inferiority through optimizing the aircraft grade aluminum in its base and construction while the widened size frame dragged up the stability at higher. That’s why, under 450 lbs weight the cot tends to be still steady.
  • 600D polyester isn’t only rated for maintaining the heavy weight, but thus fabric slides out the water instead absorbing and stays mildews free.
  • Pockets and bag with the Velcro strap that is adjustable with the frame. The pockets are perfect for quick accessibility and the most common camping stuffs can be stowed there like, torch light, water bottles or hiking poles.
  • Portable and a pillow included to help you to take some comfortable naps.


  • Reinforced frames stay adequately steady.
  • Adjustable bag and pockets.
  • Designed for extensive use.
  • Foldable.
  • Pillow included.


  • The bed might not suit with the 6’+ tallest people.

Price: $98.00


10)Coleman Trailhead II

Coleman Trailhead II


Once again we are back with Coleman and this time we have focused on their Trailhead II. To be honest, the Trailhead II isn’t excessively specific, but they kept the things clearly in mind how a camper wants their cots to be made out and what they deserve to make their expedition succeeded. So, they used their intelligence to build up the construction better that would offer the camper some sound sleeping time. But, an outdoor lover comes with a bunch of stuffs that aid them to survive in the wildlife while they might like to hang a backpack on their shoulder to carry out their clothes, sleeping bags and anything else they want. But, during camping having your things within your reach is very supportable. So, the cot has been arranged with two wide, non-zippered Velcro strap based pockets and a large pocket that is openly accessible.

You can keep your solar chargers, tab, cell phone, knife, GPS, water bottles and lots of accessories. The Coleman used a military style bed that looks very professional while the seams have been clamped by thickened nylon material to make the seams rigid. Moreover, the steel frame and denier nylon bed are perfect to withstand any condition. That’s why the cot can adapt any rigorous environments while it won’t sweat to tackle your body.

What We Like:

  • Seams are like welded that holds the main fabric of the bed rigidly without weakening while the seams between the main bed and army style fabric are stitched to stay steady under the maximum user weight.
  • The heavy duty frame and fabric are capable to adapt the environment of the wildlife and if the ground is dried the cot wouldn’t commit to be unestablished.
  • It ensures the gears would stay within your reach as the row of pockets can arrange them nearby your hands.
  • You can use it as a stored bed that would be only folded up when the guest comes.


  • The military style design gives a pro look.
  • Seams are rigid to compactly accommodate a camper.
  • Row of pockets aside the bed gives a quick reach.
  • Reliable stability.


  • Seams are stitched rigidly, but the bed starts ripping from the edge of the supportive thickened nylon fabric under heavy pressure. Especially if you add the member.

Price: Out of stock


11)Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot


Sometimes properly placing a cot in a small tent is difficult, because the cot’s size overcomes the tent’s size if the tent is small. Although, a large tent would be like a house. Moreover, if you want your camping cot to be intelligent and expect the same shelter that the tent provides, then this Kamp-Rite can keep you elevated from the ground and save you from rains, bugs and kits. The cot is combined with a tent and rainfly, so when the rain unexpectedly starts wetting your tent, turn the rainfly on and sleep modestly without caring what’s going on outside. On the other hand, the tent won’t keep the inside dark and you have still the chances to stargaze from the tent.

Because the windows and doors are mesh based and can be adjusted or removed by zipping or unzipping. So, you can comfortably stargaze from the tent with saving you from insects and bugs. But if you need to use the cot as just a cot, you can remove the tent poles and immediately make it as flat bed for lounging or relaxing. The aluminum frames of the cot elevate you up with extreme stability while the legs are fully widened as if the legs can be placed with the full width of the cot. All of the legs are based on this way, so the cot even can be installed over the sand, mud, paved and unpaved surface.

What We Like:

  • It includes a tent that is like a pro tent and has been made of 210 Denier. The tent comes with two windows and two doors as if the air flows perfectly in the tent while the mesh on the window and door eliminates entering the bug and insects.
  • A rainfly protects you and holds you on sleeping soundly whenever the rain comes without any message.
  • The tent poles are removable. Because when you want the cot for lounging and relaxing you would want the tent to be removed.
  • The cot’s legs are fully widened that consume the surface with the same width of the cot. So, the soft or unpaved surface can’t affect the stability.
  • After camping or before camping the cot can be stowed in a car trunk.


  • The tent is adjusted, but removable when you want.
  • The tent has the net to prevent the bugs.
  • The legs are made of aluminum and fully widened.
  • It can turn into a flat cot if you want.
  • Lightweight.


  • The vents of the mesh are so small and it traps some heat.

Price: Check on Amazon


12)Outsunny Two Person Folding Cot

Outsunny Two Person Folding Camping Cot

When we were on the research of camping cots, we noticed many campers aren’t actually satisfied with the bed’s space of many cots whenever they add a partner. Although, in most cases, they just wanted to use the space of a single person cot for two persons. So, if you wish to have a widened space in the bed and you and your partner want to sleep without the difficulty of shallow space, then this Outsunny Two Person Cot won’t ever be like that. Because, it is specific for two persons and that’s why the bed is incredibly widened. For the summer the cot would be very breathable and if then tent brings some air flows, of course you can dream for a sound sleep during camping.

The 600D PVC Oxford fabric won’t be ripping when two persons nap over the bed and the rigid frame intelligently takes the control of the camper’s body’s weight without bowing down. The fabric won’t wear in the matter of overuse and it is mildew resistant, so the dampness can’t fade the color of the bed.  As well, the frames reliably collapse at a place when you manually arrange the frames for putting in the included travel bag.

What We Like:

  • The decent width for two persons would never bother you when you need the calmness in sleeping after hiking, fishing or hunting. Its width is great to simply accommodate two avid campers.
  • The fabric won’t be weakening or wearing for the weight while the water won’t make the surface sticky. The mildews also can’t change the color of the fabric as it is mildew resistant.
  • Steel frame maintains the load of the campers perfectly without being bent or damaged.
  • The frames fold without any tricky method and a travel bag can hold the cot in it.
  • PVC coat on the fabric to produce some comfort.


  • Adequate space.
  • PVC coated durable and mildew resistant fabric.
  • No narrowed capacity.
  • Foldable.


  • Heavy.
  • Capacity is adequate. But it can’t perfectly accommodate two healthy guys.

Price: $79.99


13)Flamrose Patented Cot

Flamrose Patented Camping Cot

The Flamrose Patented Camping Cot can be established in some rigorous places where many other cots would conflict to adapt the roughness. Because, the legs included the widened caps that adapt the ground without conflicting while those caps establish the base compactly. Instead the round shaped tube, it stands over square shape frames that have extended thickness than other ordinary round shaped frames. The patented design of the base dissipates the loads properly and bring the balance accurately over the whole structure. If you weigh more than average, its steady and balanced frames would elevate you perfectly without sweating. The frames support to all crucial points where your body pressurize and the base won’t wear for pressure, because the linked frames eliminated that probability.

The 1680 denier fabric on the bed comes with a beautiful design and the surface is more breathable than a few others and it contributes on your expected sound sleep. Moreover, the cot is rated to contain 400 lbs weight what determines that it approximately stays steady when a 120 kg person or more weighed person relaxes or takes naps. It is also a space saver bed for home and as well, it is perfect for fishing, camping, relaxing or stargazing.

What We Like:

  • Multiple caps on the legs of the frames while those caps have widened flat surface at the contact point. So, the base becomes incredibly steady without bowing on any surface.
  • Patented frames support to the bed on all crucial points and those connected frames to each other sufficiently tackle the pressure that the cot normally would be forced to consume when a camper pressurizes over the bed.
  • 1680D fabric naturally retains some calmness as if the campers won’t sweat during sleeping for the faulty fabric in the bed.
  • It comes with a soft and comfortable pillow to nap or relax with a perfect feeling.


  • Patented frames for stability.
  • Square shape frame with extra thickness.
  • Foldable.
  • 400lbs capacity.
  • Breathable bed.


  • Heavy.
  • Only great for 6 feet or under 6 feet persons.

Price: Out of stock


14)Therm-A-Rest Luxury Lite Mesh Cot

Therm-A-Rest Luxury Lite Mesh Cot

This is a bow frame technology based coat that just stays few inches over off to the ground. Although, because of the smaller distance between the cot and ground, the comfortability wouldn’t be compressed. Rather, the stretch free bed would be helpful with the anatomy of the human’s body. If you place a mattress or use a sleeping bed, there might be nothing to stop you from being awarded by a sound sleep. With the combination of the mattress and stretch free bed, the bed would be comfy and smooth. The bow frame design also confirms one thing that the joint won’t create any noise and the mesh fabric is intelligent to bring the calmness by draining out the heat.

The poles apart from each other and after departing the bed from poles you can stow the poles and bed in a pack. And, when it comes to immediately install the cot, just adjust the poles in the bow frames and attach the frame of the bed with the molded built-in holder and get your bed ready in minutes. The poles are aluminum and it doesn’t bow or break for the weight.

What We Like:

  • The bow frames are strong and its sturdiness and round shape keep you floated a few inches above from the ground while the stretch free fabric provides an intelligent anatomic support. A mattress or sleeping bag can twice the comfortability, if you use them to lay over it.
  • The installment is just as easy as you want. Not any specific skill required to put those poles into the bow frame and adjust the bed.
  • The frames aren’t abrasive and that’s why no noise would be generated during your sleep.
  • Simply stow the frames in a travel bag after ending the camp.


  • Ideal as a bow camping bed.
  • The frames steadily hold the bed.
  • Stretch free fabric.
  • Perfect holding capability.


  • No weakness has been found on our research.

Price: $183.44


15)Camp Solutions Folding Bed

Camp Solutions Folding Camping Bed

In the summer, ventilations are vastly required than other seasons. Otherwise trapping the heat is the reason of your tiredness while the energy level can start drying. Moreover, if your body sweats, staying under the tent and sleeping modestly would be trouble. Although, the ventilations of the tent can bring lots of air in the tent. But, this camping bed would be additionally helpful as the full bed is meshed and it would trap zero percent heat. So, the moisture that naturally generates from the heat of the human body, it won’t be trapped. That’s why, you would be expectedly cool as you need in summer. The nylon meshes are strong and won’t be ripping for the pressure.

The frames are also patented that ergonomically dissipate the balance while the linked frames make the bed incredibly steady. To give a quick reach within your area, the bed has an adjusted bag on the side to fit with your common and useful gadgets. As well, the frames are capped with the flatted head that modestly bows on grassy or unpaved ground.

What We Like:

  • The bed won’t be a barrier to conflict with the moisture. Rather, it fades out the moisture and offers a path to them to be faded out.
  • The nylon meshes don’t rip when a user starts pressurizing over them.
  • The frames have been intelligently linked to dissipate the pressure into frame to frame.
  • A bag is integrated on the side of the bed to ensure a reasonable and a very quick reach within your area.


  • Full bed with the mesh that integrates millions of the small vents for the best air draining system.
  • An included intelligent pocket aside of the bed for a simple but quick reach nearby your area.
  • Frames are like exaggerated that originally conducts to hold the weight smoothly.


  • Not any defined quality for the mesh.

Price: Out of stock


16)Therm-A-Rest Tent Cot

Therm-A-Rest Tent Cot

This is another short leg based cot. But it is an all rounder, because the cot isn’t only great to be installed at the campground, beach or garden, as well, the same cot can hold a tent that is similarly lengthened with the cot. But, don’t worry, you can modestly collapse the tent when you just want the cot to relax or lounge. A major portion of the tent has the mosquito net, that not only keeps the bugs out of the net, but also provides a clarified view of the sky. So, the moments in the night with limitless rows of the stars can be amazing. The large zippered doors are able to be easily unzipped and you can make a quick entrance through the doors.

The stretch free mesh floor raises you above and the vents also attend to exit and enter the air. You might put a mattress to discover the same smooth and incredible softness like your home’s bed and those rings shaped like frame with shock cords internal frame provides a completed stretch free support. Like a pro tent, a rainfly can protect the interior from the raindrops and you won’t be bothered by the small drops during sleeping. The full cot is highly backpackable and that’s why you won’t be bothered by the shape when a transportation required.

What We Like:

  • The interior is extended and the height of the tent is adequate. So, it can be like you have installed the cot under a pro tent and your feeling would be quite expected as you wanted.
  • The shock cord frames continue the smoothness during accommodating you and it won’t stress you.
  • Quit backpackable, collapse everything step by step to arrange it in a backpack either to bring them at your home or campground.
  • Rainfly to eliminate the rain drops from entering into the interior.


  • Aluminum connector frames between the bow rings work like a sturdy backbone.
  • Bug nets and spacious zippered doors.
  • Rainfly to shelter the camper in the rain.
  • Air vents bring the air.


  • No weakness was found.

Price: $259.95


Camping Cots Buying Guide

You need to have awareness regarding some specific requirements while buying a camping cot.


How Specious The Bed Should Be?

The spaciousness of the cots is different and the length and width vary regarding to some requirements. So the length should accommodate your body and you must consider the width depending on your camping style. The cot can be made for either single or double person. So you need speciousness if you camp with family or friends and regarding to this purpose arguably a cot that accommodates two people at together can be the best choice for you.


Can Your Car Trunk At Least Hold The Cot?

How the cot looks like after collapsing the body, it will determine how smooth and easy it is to bring on the campground. Some cots just fold into two or three parts that aren’t as smoother to bring out as the handy portable cots that turn to be like a decent pillar size after collapsing the frames. If the shape comes to be like a pillar with modest diameter, it should be effortlessly stored in the carrying bag. So you can bring it to your desired campground like a backpack. On the other hand, the cot that just folds from the middle part, it is comparably not smoother and comfortable for transporting purposes. But they are okay for a neighbor or local campground.


Can The Frame Strongly Absorb Your Pressure?

Ever camping cot has the determined limitation on the capacity. But, how firmly the frames can bring the capacity, it’s the major question. The aluminum and steel both are wise, but the mold should be solid. They just make a minimal conflict on the weight, because the aluminum can be alternatively replaced instead steel as an effective lighter material. So the steel frames can be bulky, but it efficiently holds the capacity it offers.


Is The Weight Perfect?

Although recommending only the lighter cot is crucial, because the cots are built out over an array of materials and mostly steel and aluminum are the base materials. Respectively they are similarly strong, but they don’t maintain the same similarity in weight. Reasonably, a different feel you would have when you hang the cot at your hand by their carrying bag. But that difference isn’t huge and not problematic. Although, the low quality steel corrodes and bends for not being reinforced. So, quality is required in steel frame while the aluminum isn’t against it. The strength should be solid as if the cot doesn’t bow for the weight.


How Easy To Set Up?

Setting up a cot at the campground, house or yard should be the matter of minute. Although sometimes after purchasing a cot the frames and bed should be assembled by you, but not in all cases. Because, most cots come pre-assembled. The setting up of the cots can be a slightly dissimilar from one cot to another cot, because the differences in the frame shapes go through different methods when they should be set up on the ground. Without the bow frame cot, other designs of the cots should collapse step by step and similarly when you fold up them, the frames should come out step by step.

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