Best Camping Hammocks In 2018

The hammock is the unique camping equipment and now-a-days it isn’t only for lightweight use, but also it has become a good companion of the backpacker and some of the backpackers directly use it instead of the tent. Because compared to the tent the hammocks are affordable in price and can be easily hung on between two trees. Sometimes, to set up the tent, you have to avoid the wet and damp places, but to hang the hammock you just have to find the trees to knot the straps.


You can forget whether the ground is sloped or wet or damp, the whole night you can spend on a comfortable bed where a user doesn’t require to care the ground. Although, a rain fly and mosquito net are required to prevent the mosquito and unpredictable water. But overall, the zero chances of irritation by the insects and high end comfort in sleeping and stargazing clarify the key reasons why you need a camping hammock.


Best Camping Hammocks- Our Five Best Selections

So you want to meet the best camping hammocks? But couldn’t find the way to discover them? Don’t worry, I and my partners made this job simple for you. Because we at first marked 30 hammocks, then we have strictly read and analyzed the dissatisfactions and satisfactions of their users before picking up these top five in our best camping hammocks list.

HammocksCapacity MaterialsBug Nets Our RatingsWhere To Buy

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

500 lbs210T Parachute Nylon No4.8

Covacure Camping Hammock

440 lbs210T Parachute Nylon Yes4.7

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

350 lbs240T Parachute NylonYes4.6

QYUHE Camping Hammock

440 lbsParachute Nylon, Ripstop Fabric Yes4.6

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

275 lbsRipstop Nylon, PolyYes4.8


1)Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

A sturdy double camping hammock that endures 500 lbs weight by its efficiency. So you and your partner can spend numerous times and I think such an extensive and dependable capability fairly great for couples. Instead featuring the conventional rope to be tied down with the tree, it includes tree ropes that are flat and tree friendly. Such a clever design not only makes the knot stronger, but also saves the tree from potential damages.

As a double camping hammock, it uses 0.3 inch (in diameter) ropes that have the trustworthy ability to hold 500lb weight. The leading part of the hammock used 210T nylon what is familiarized as parachute nylon. The parachute nylon conducts to sustain its extreme durability and provides comfortability to the camper.


  • 210T sturdy nylon.
  • Great capacity.
  • Thick rope.
  • Tree friendly straps.    


  • Carabiners are heavier, but they are durable.

Price: $26.99


2)Covacure Camping Hammock

Covacure Camping Hammock

Lying and hanging in a hammock give a super comfy feel and this is why a camper prefers the hammock. But unfortunately, those delightful moments can be vain in moments and lying in a hammock on camping would be worthless if you get badly attacked by mosquito or other insects. As a backpacker I know how you want your hammock and you must deserve a high end protection from the insects. So I guess the Covacure Camping Hammock is the intelligent one that knows how to protect the users.

Reasonably the Covacure combined a mosquito net what prevents the insects. Moreover, the major part of the hammock is completely equipped with Woven 240T nylon that is impressively sturdy while it stays the body parts cool that come in contact with the fabric.


  • Useful mosquito net.
  • Breathable.
  • Triple stitched.
  • Durable 240T nylon.


  • The straps are not as long as they claimed.

Price: Out of stock


3)Lost Valley Camping Hammock

Lost Valley Camping Hammock

This is a single person hammock with 350lbs weight capacity. Alongside with its high performance and trustworthy rigid construction, it’s a praiseworthy hammock that many campers prefer. The price of it looks slightly exceeded compared to the previous ones, but the all in one package of it would be impressive to a camper. Because the hammock has been combined with the bug net that insults the insects and doesn’t allow them collecting their dinner. As well, a rainfly lets you sleep down with your style, even when it is drizzling or rain falling a lot.

To be set up the hammock with a strong mood, it includes aluminum carabiners what make a strong bond between tree straps and ropes. The hammock is also lightweight and when you compress and pack it in the sack, the sack doesn’t turn into something big. You can let the sack to be placed in the head compartment of the backpack.


  • Good weight capacity as a single person hammock.
  • Rainfly and net for the best protection.
  • 240T parachute nylon.
  • Lightweight.


  • Average stitching on the seams.

Price: $64.95


4)QYUHE Camping Hammock

QYUHE Camping Hammock

A hammock is not only just something to shelter a camper for spending a night somewhere at the outdoor, but in different purposes it maintains the ability to be versatile. This Qyuhe Camping Hammock can be turned into something by your choice and purpose like as a swing or a picnic mat. Although here our priority goes how cleverly it services to a camper as a hammock. After judging its design, quality and specification, it’s an ideal and vital camping equipment to hold you couple of feet up from the ground.

On the other hand, nearly 200 kg weight capacity of it proves the solid capability to fairly maintain and keep on holding two persons at together for hours after hours. It includes a net to make fool all the mosquitos that look for their feed and there is no doubt about the fabric’s quality.


  • A net to prevent the mosquitoes.
  • Enough weight capacity.
  • Durable parachute nylon for the serious durability.
  • Affordable.


  • Not good for 5’.8” plus people.

Price: $18.99


5)Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge

One of the most innovative hammocks ever has been invented for the campers that sometimes acts like a tent and sometimes can be treated as a hammock with a little bit of changes in settings. The net with it originally a protective net that prevents the insects and you can take it easily down by removing those half rounded frames. When it turns to be a hammock there is required to adjust those spreader bars that bring a flat shape of the hammock while it makes the overall structure of the hammock stronger.

Compared to its design it is not as much difficult to set up as it looks like. They also include a waterproof rain fly what becomes a good friend to the camper in the circumstance of heavy rainfall. All of the frames or poles it includes are adjustable what helps to pack up the materials easily after or before camping.


  • Versatile.
  • Great as a camping hammock.
  • Durable and made of poly and ripstop nylon.
  • There isn’t any secret formula to be set up.


  • Expensive.
  • The straps aren’t included.

Price: $198.99


What To Consider Before Choosing A Serious Camping Hammock

Although if you choose and decided to use the first one of our recommendations for camping at night you should have a rain fly and mosquito net. But for the lightweight use during the day and the dry season, you don’t need those stuffs.

But a serious camper can’t imagine the camping without those stuffs while they need the hammock durable and seriously capable to hold a camper in a serious and comfy mood. So here is a short, useful, effective and easy buying guide.


Different materials sometimes make some difference

Fabric determines how dependable the hammock is to hold a person in it. Although the 240T parachute or ripstop nylon is trustworthy and recommended as it is not bulky and it withstands the water. The cotton is also comfy, but it is bulky and soaks the water what is not recommended for serious camper. Because, it will increase the weight of the backpack and in the negative circumstance of weather, you might have to fall in trouble.


Bug proof and waterproof stuffs to expect a comfortable hammocking time

The bug proof actually indicates to have a mosquito net with the hammock which keeps the insects away out of the hammock. So a camper can safely spend the night without being the dinner of the insects. Furthermore, a perfect waterproof rainfly keeps the water out of the hammock. So if you are a serious backpacker or camper, you must pick the hammock that includes useful net and rainfly.


Single or Double? Make sure the capacity and size

You may have the clear idea that the hammock’s size and capacity have been fixed by considering the number of people it will hold. Commonly a two person hammock has the minimum 400lbs weight capacity and sometimes it is over than 500lbs. But another major fact is, how longer the size will be, because sometimes the body size can be over than 6’ plus. So make sure the hammock is fairly long to support your whole body.


Longer straps are better for stronger knotting

The shorter straps would be inconvenient to tie the knot with trees. On the other hand, the distance between the trees vary with the place. So the longer straps will give the optimal support to hang the hammock strongly in the variety of places.


Stainless steel or aluminum Carabiners to resist the corrosion

To be honest, I don’t very care the weight of Carabiners. But it should be huge strong and rust resistant and indeed the stainless steel and aluminum sustain this capability.

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