10 Best Hammock Underquilts- Picks & Buying Guide

Probably it is simple to spend a night in a hammock, but, it’s tough to gain the comforts you need. Basically, in a hot summer you won’t look for the warmth. But, in winter sometimes you would struggle to spend the night in a hammock. Because, the coldness would suck the warmth while the hammock wouldn’t come out with any insulation. So, only the fabric can’t trap the warmth you need and this is why you should add the insulated layer on the bottom and surround the hammock to increase the comfort. In winter you would probably try a sleeping bag to do this or sometimes you would want to depend on the mattress.


It might work out, but not as perfect as you need. Installing an underquilt around the hammock would add the amazing insulation. The underquilts can be different from each others. Some underquilts would just wrap the bottom while the rest ones can wrap the top and bottom and would be like a sleeping bag. It comes with temperature ratings as if you can simply choose the one considering the weather conditions. Sometimes, it can work like a blanket, sleeping bag, pod or mattress. So, this would be also helpful for camping.


The backpackers and hikers would want to meet the most perfectly insulated underquilts. So, we have got that the 10 best hammock underquilts that work on different temperatures.


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10 Best Hammock Underquilts To Protect You From Coldness

Hammock UnderquiltsTemperature RatingsInsulationWeightVersatile Our RatingsPrice

ENO Ember 2

50 Degree FSynthetic 25 OuncesNo4.80

Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20

20 Degree FDown35 OuncesYes5.00

Thermodown 15

15 Degree FDown35 OuncesYes4.80

Outdoor Vitals LoftTek 30

30 Degree FDown42 OuncesNo4.60

UBOWAY Hammock Underquilt

32-59 Degree FSynthetic 21 OuncesNo4.40

Hyke & Byke Antero

30 Degree FDown45 OuncesYes4.80

ENO Vulcan

45 Degree FSynthetic 30 OuncesNo4.60

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

40-68 Degree FSynthetic 30 OuncesNo4.60

Chill Gorilla 30

30 Degree FDown30 OuncesYes4.40

OneTigris Hammock Underblanket

23-41 Degree FSynthetic 50 OuncesYes4.50

1)ENO Ember 2

ENO Ember 2

We found a lot backpackers depend on the ENO Ember 2 and there is no secret why the backpackers set this up for warmness. This is something to work as a four season sleeping bag. Although, you can’t depend on it on the frozen weather. But, it won’t make you sleepless when you expect to perfectly survive in 50 to 60 degree Fahrenheit. As a four season underquilt, the survivors can make it their companion, if they think they need the support to stay warmth. It is lighter to not complicate the much needed portage and you can necessarily compress it to enlarge the internal space of your backpack.


It wisely surrounds the bottom and side of the hammock, so you won’t fall in trouble to trap the warmness. It has the shock cord at each end that means you can ergonomically put this up under the hammock while you can fine and tune to adjust it perfectly. To keep it useful in any weather condition, it uses the weather resistant fabric what protects it from losing the hard earned warmth. I mean the drops of the water can’t impact on the insulation as if your hard earned warmth doesn’t move elsewhere. It also offers a polyester compression sack that compresses it to create the rooms in the backpack.

What We Like:  

  • Four season performance and with the 50 Degree F temperature ratings it can prevent the unexpected coldness of summer and the dried cold temperature in winter.
  • Adjustable shock cord on both sides to adjust it wisely while it perfectly surrounds the bottom and side.
  • Water resistant fabric to protect the warmth and make it useful.
  • Lighter and compressible while a sack is included to easily compress it.



2)Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20

Outdoor Vitals Aerie 20

It is as much effective as a down filled sleeping bag is for cold weather. Instead the synthetic fill, the lofts are made with 800 Down fill. So, aside adding the warmth, the comfy lofts won’t be ineffective or lose their thickness after being pressurized. If you look for creating some effective rooms for other gadgets, the down fills of the Aerie 20 can make more space than a synthetic underquilt. The 20 degree F ratings and the warmed lofts ensure you can surround the hammock by it in the coldest temperature.  It has amazing versatility, I mean this is your underquilt, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and blanket.


So, undoubtedly you would probably like to spend the money for such an underquilt, that would provide the amazing value. The grid baffle design secures the lofts for the deserved warmth and it ensures there won’t have any cold spot to reduce the temperature. On the other hand, the drawstring cord at the end will allow you tight down the end to enhance the security of the warmth. The durable zipper is also helpful to close it down almost to your neck. To enhance the effectiveness the DWR coated fabric repels the water. That means, it still works on maximizing the warmth when the water hits over the lofts.

What We Like:

  • Down fills for the advantages like maximum warmth, high compressibility and lighter weight.
  • Water repellent coat that sheds the water to still keep generating the warmth when the weather doesn’t go right.
  • Versatile to sometime work as a sleeping bag, pod or blanket.
  • Grid baffle design to ensure that the fills won’t make the ineffective lofts.



3)Thermodown 15

Thermodown 15

If you want your hammock to shelter you in the coldest night, then the Thermodown 15 would something work like a high quality down sleeping bag. It looks like a mummy shaped sleeping bag, but the amazing versatility forces it to work like a sleeping pod, bag, underquilt and technically as a blanket. The 700 fill down with the highly insulated lofts traps the warmth and ensures you can still enjoy the warmth through -1 to -10 degree Celsius. The foot box with the zippers and cinch cord can simply make a toasty foot box while you can simply keep it open for the ventilation.


To add years in its lifetime, the 20D nylon fabric can strengthen it a lot and it can wisely perform on multiple adventures. The collar cinch cord would help any survivalist to secure more warmth. It is 78 inches long to even accommodate the tallest person and you can simply set this up with a hammock. As the down insulated bag, the comfy lofts don’t lose the fluffiness after being highly compressed or pressurized. It also makes another difference with the synthetic fill when it comes to compare its ability to be stuffed in the sack. It only makes a simple 10 inches long and 7 inches in diameter after stuffing it in the sack.

What We Like: 

  • Down insulation protects the warmth with preventing the negative impacts of water drops.
  • The lofts don’t lose the shape and thickness for being compressed or pressurized.
  • Crafted to protect the survivalist in the unfriendly weather of the winter.
  • A toasty foot box has been secured with the zippers and cinch cord as if the hard earned warmth doesn’t move elsewhere.



4)Outdoor Vitals LoftTek 30

Outdoor Vitals LoftTek 30

We have met the LoftTek 30 that is made with 525 fill down insulation. Although, this insulation won’t protect you when the temperature goes down to -10 to -15 degree Celsius.  But, the comfy low memorized lofts with the amazing ability to be compressed would ensure some comforts and advantages for the use and portage. It can retain the true shape even after being hardly pressed and if you wash this out, the down fill and water resistant coated layer would be dried out in minimal time. The high quality 20D nylon is also beneficial to eliminate the hits of the water.


Basically, the LoftTek 30 is designed to support the survivalists from spring to early fall especially in the backcountry. Although, the 33 degree F temperature ratings determine this. The quality seams also simply trap your body heat and the insulated toe box should be a true benefit for the survivalist. It can work like a camping quilt as the pad straps can simply connect to sleeping pad. To tighten up on the collar and trap the warmth properly, there is a drawstring cord that is simply beneficial. The wideness of it also simply surrounds the hammock to provide the warmth from all angles.

What We Like: 

  • LoftTek down fill to retain the warmth through 30 Degree F+ temperature in the backcountry. The down fill simply provides better internal warmth than the synthetic fill.
  • The fill and outer water repellent coat can beat the effort of water to cool you down.
  • Secured toe box keeps your toe comfort and ensure you aren’t about to lose the heat.
  • It can be adjusted with the sleeping bag and this would help you when you look for a backcountry camping.



5)UBOWAY Hammock Underquilt

UBOWAY Hammock Underquilt

This is the simply efficient design to surround the base of your hammock. Although, this is not versatile and won’t protect you like a sleeping bag. Because, there are no down insulations and lofts while it’s designed like a versatile underquilt. But, the coldness can’t hit on your back as the full hammock will remain protected. Actually, it won’t force you to spend $100 plus and to afford this you can depend on your limited budget. Instead the down insulation, it has been made with synthetic insulation and this insulation can protect the bottom in 0 to 15 degree Celsius.


The thickness with TC wadding insulation keeps the back comfortable and you can tie it down with almost any hammock. Because, it simply fits with any hammock and it can still generate the toasty warmth, because the waterproof and windproof shell doesn’t allow the negative impacts. In this reason, the warmness can’t hide away or lose the efficiency. Although, it is efficient to work like a blanket and if you need it for camping, you can quickly turn it into a blanket. After a shorter or a longer outdoor trip, if you need it to be washed, you can allow the washing machine to wash this out.

What We Like:

  • Generates the toasty warmth as the TC wadding insulation and a waterproof layer protect the hard earned warmth.
  • Double as a blanket and if you are a camper you can take the full advantage of it.
  • Almost fits with all hammocks and without any complicated process, you can set this up.
  • Simply packable and weighs less than 700 grams.



6)Hyke & Byke Antero

Hyke & Byke Antero

Literally the Hyke & Byke Antero is a four season sleeping bag and crafted to overcome 15 Degree F. But, don’t worry, it is also impressive as a top or under quilt and whenever it is with your hammock it can wrap you like a traditional sleeping bag. Whatever the size is of your hammock, you can put the hammock through this bag. After tying down your hammock, you can use the drawstring cord on the both sides of the bag to adjust it. You can easily unzip the zippered closure to enter your body. After entering you can close the central zipper to enjoy the warmth.


The snag free zippers won’t make the zipping difficult and it would keep the zipping completely snag free. On the other hand, the widened shape of it easily accommodates the survivalist and it would undoubtedly save this from the damages when you stretch out your body. With the widened shoulder, the large toe box wisely makes a comfortable inside you literally need. Whenever it comes to retaining the internal temperature, the fully water repellent coats with the 800 down fill retain the temperature you want.

What We Like:

  • Widened shoulders and an extra large foot box for the simplistic move in it and making it comfortable.
  • Drawstring cord to adjust the ends and a snag free zippered closure to easily enter your body in it.
  • Four season design with 15 degree ratings as if you don’t fall in discomfort when the weather is cold.
  • Amazing compressibility with very reliable weight would allow you to backpack this simply.



7)ENO Vulcan

ENO Vulcan

The ENO Vulcan from Eagles Nest Outfitters is very praisable for the way it builds up comfort and generates very necessary warmth. Although, it is based on PrimaLoft Synthetic Insulation, but it is something invented by the United States Army to use on the outdoor products like outerwear, gloves and sleeping bags. Such a microfiber synthetic insulation is still useful to prevent the coldness. So, the ENO Vulcan as a four season underquilt would work perfectly under 35-45 Degree F. That means, you can depend on it when the temperature falls. But, don’t depend on it when the temperature raises excessively.


No doubt, this ENO Vulcan will be virtually fitted with almost any hammock. Because, you can maintain the length by shock cord and you can loosen or tighten it up. The shock cord also works like a suspension and it holds the balance of your body. The contoured design also ensures it would give you a snug fit with your body and you would simply achieve more warmth. To hold the maximum insulation, the water repellent finish keeps the water out. It weighs like down insulated bag as the overall weight is just 1.68 pounds.

What We Like:

  • Effective PrimaLoft insulation holds the same fluffy shape even after tolerating the pressures.
  • Adjustable shock cord holds your body balance and ensures it fits comfortably with your body.
  • Water Repellent coat ensures the drops won’t soak the liner and decrease the warmness.
  • Weighs like a down insulated bag to save you from carrying a bulky stuff.



8)OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

OneTigris Hammock Underquilt

People who don’t want to expense a bank breaking deal, they could easily afford this underquilt. But, to be honest, it’s not a three season design and just crafted to overcome the coldness out of the frozen winter. If the water drops and losing the warmness are your concern, the 20D Ripstop Nylon shell and 300T polyester lining would provide a perfect warmth with keeping the impact of water and coldness out. The pongee lining can reliably support to the hammock you use and it would be an extra comfort for you. The synthetic polyester filling would let you stay over like a comfort zone.


Because, the wearable design with the bungee cord loops ensure a cozy fit to your back. So, whenever you stay over there, the fluffiness of the synthetic polyester fill would provide you an amazing cozy feel. Although, sometimes the synthetic fill loses the fluffiness because of the abuses and pressure. But, it won’t probably impact on building up the necessary temperature as it’s not designed to fight with the frozen winter. The packability is almost like a down bag and it’s compressible and lightweight.

What We Like:

  • Bungee cord on the ends and wearable design help to fit comfortably and provide the complete support.
  • High quality nylon and polyester on the shell and liner aid to gain extra durability.
  • The outer shell won’t deal with the water as if the warmed temperature doesn’t leak out to elsewhere.
  • It is lengthened to fit with the conventional sizes of the hammock and the long bungee cord would help to fit efficiently.



9)Chill Gorilla 30

Chill Gorilla 30

So, if you are seeking a down insulated underquilt without considering a bank breaking deal, the Chill Gorilla 30 would bring the comforts and advantages of the down insulation. Although, the goes down insulation of the Chill Gorilla 30 isn’t set to power through the inclement and windy environment of the base camp. But after a research we found, it can still keep the user toasty through the coldness of the backcountry. So, this is a sign and dependability when you expect the same warmness. Although, this is not much thickened and not very fluffy.


But, it might not force you to put it in a large sack to become unfriendly for portage. Because, you might not be disappointed with the size it turns into after compressing. A sack would accommodate it when you need to press it down into a reliable bag. On the other hand, the five in one sleeping system would bring the smile on your face when you want a different benefit from this Gorilla 30. With the bungee cord you can ensure a snug fit with the bottom of the hammock while it surrounds appropriately.

What We Like:

  • Goes down insulation doesn’t leak the warmth and it powers to keep the coldness out.
  • Not bulkier and you can turn it down to a portable size as the compressibility of the down insulation can make it simply portable.
  • Bungee cord to hold the perfection during setting this up with the hammock.
  • Appropriately widened to surround the hammock properly.



10)OneTigris Hammock Underblanket

OneTigris Hammock Underblanket

There is something what makes it different to give you the expected service. Sometimes, the narrowed ends press the shoulders from both ends and some people find it discomfortable. But, this underblanket won’t work like that. Because the wider ends won’t make a narrowed space for you and won’t hardly press your shoulders. So, you can make a stress free move whenever you want. With the elastic rope you can adjust it necessarily as your body needs. Basically, this is not only an underblanket, also it can be used as a blanket or sleeping mattress during camping.


Although, this is a polyester or synthetic filled blanket. So, you may make it your companion only when the temperature is 10 or 20 degree Celsius or more. Because, it is difficult for the survivalist to depend on the synthetic insulation bag or blanket on the base camp or alpine mountain in winter. It also used the windproof fabric what beats the negative hits of the weather and winds. On the other hand, there is a coat forces the water to eliminate the contact with the outer shell. So, this is a great advantage for any outdoor guy.

What We Like:

  • Widened ends won’t press the shoulders of the survivalist as if they can lie comfortably and make the free move.
  • Elastic ropes on the ends make the adjusting easier with your body’s weight.
  • Great as a blanket and mattress and you can simply change the role of this under blanket.
  • Waterproof outer layer to keep working perfectly when the weather goes out of your expectation.



Things To Consider

There we find the similarities between the underquilts and sleeping bags when it comes about the type of insulations, temperature ratings and materials. The manufacturer ultimately puts their goal for increasing the efficiency and properly maximizing the comfort. So, the insulations and materials play a big role to beat the obstacles of the weather. So, we may recommend some things to consider, although the price always impacts.



The insulation has a big role to retain the warmth that you try to generate. So, the insulation would tell all about it. Although, you can find a better technology of the synthetic insulation in nowadays. But, in most cases the down insulation will provide that amazing power what the synthetic insulation won’t. So, where you will spend your days it defines all about it. If you want to spend the days in very frozen weather, the down insulation should work better. Although, the temperature ratings sometimes determine on which condition you should use it.


Out of generating the warmness, the insulation impacts on the weight and retaining the power. Sometimes, the synthetic insulation tends to lose the power of lofts and fluffiness while it also would be complained for having a higher weight than down insulation. On the other hand, the down fill amazingly turns into the natural shape even after tolerating all the abuses. It also doesn’t tend to lose the power even after a few years of use. You can compress it necessarily without having the worries of losing the fluffiness and true power.



The low quality fabrics on the underquilts mean, it’s going to decrease the durability and negatively impact on the insulation. We see the ripstop nylon has been used as the fabric to soften the lofts and make it durable. The ripstop nylon is wear resistant and able to take the extreme pressure. The quality ripstop like 20D and 60D nylons are a great addition to add strength. Although, sometimes the polyester can be added to the liner to add the insulation. But, in most cases the ripstop nylon as outer layer would strengthen an underquilt a lot.


To work better through the snow, rugged or inclement weather, the DWR coat can work as an effective coat to repel the water. If the water can impact on the insulation, that means the lofts would fail to provide the right warmness. This coat keeps the water drops out to make the insulation more effective.



You should know what the size of the hammock is you use or know your body height. You shouldn’t pick a narrow or wobble size of the underquilt. The narrow size would pressure your shoulders and body and you would feel discomfort to lie. On the other hand, the wobble size would fail to create the insulation and add the warmth. So, neither it should be wobble nor narrow. Make it snug when it comes to fit it with the hammock. That’s why, pick out the correct size.


Temperature Ratings

Probably it doesn’t need to determine what the temperature rating defines. It’s a simple term and you can simply come out to choose an underquilt. If your goal to spend the night through 5 degree Celsius, an underquilt with 5 degree Celsius temperature ratings should keep you warm. Although, sometimes it isn’t as accurate as should be. Because, some manufactures don’t put the perfect insulation in an underquilt as it should be considering the temperature ratings. But, not all manufacturers won’t show the faulty temperature ratings with their product.

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