Best Headlamps For Hiking- Be Adventurous & Make It Easy!

Probably you have tried to hike in the multiple weather conditions. But, hiking in the night is a more challenging task than staying on the track on other conditions. Because, it is tough to step in the dark without watching the things you are going to face on the path. You can be attacked by the insects or there could have water or holes that can injure you and you would lose the energy to stay on the track.


But if you adjust a lamp with your head, you can simply watch the things in front you. You can confidently strike the poles with saving yourself from the unfairness. On the other hand, such a lamp has the optimal usability I mean out of hiking It is possible to do other works in the campground. You would be able to illuminate the front path with a steady beam and it is possible to focus over the objects in a long distance.


7 Best Headlamps For Hiking- Our Comparison, Ratings and Recommendations

Hiking HeadlampsWater ResistantRechargeableLumensOur RatingsPrice

EverBrite 5




Irontria Best LED




Ledlenser – MH10


Lighthouse Beacon 1000


Chiam Mart 1


1)EverBrite 5

EverBrite 5

Probably you might not want any activity in the darkness unless you are able to overcome the difficulties. So, if you want the light or moderate activity at night on the trail, the EverBrite 5 would be useful for you. I might not want you to purchase it for a ten hours of activity, but for a minimalist adventure you can take the advantages of the EverBrite 5. The LED lamps in it use the AAA batteries and they can stay active up to four hours in a beast mode. The other medium and low lighting modes also can remarkably stay active for a long time.


Moreover, the precise use of the illumination can be amazingly beneficial and helpful to the user. If you just want the visibility, you can turn the light into strobe mode. To eliminate the wobble adjustment, you can increase or decrease the straps until it is fitted on the head. To precisely focus over any specific object, the 90 degree rotation allows you turn it on any angle.


In order to overcome the harsh environmental condition you can keep lighting up without putting a concern on damaging. Because, the craftsmanship with high end materials withstand the damages. According to the comments of a few users, it is something like you haven’t worn anything on your head. The minimal weight of it makes the usage simple.




If you want to engage yourself in challenging outdoor activity, even when it turns darker, the Petzl Reactik Plus is the efficient creation to simplify the condition. Basically, this is such a creation that seriously focuses to lengthen the battery life and provide the beam you need on different conditions. Even you don’t need to set up the lighting modes considering the terrain and objects. Because, it has the intelligent sensor that detects the natural lights and objects to produce the beams you need on every different condition.


But if you need to customize the brightness manually, the MyPetzl mobile app simplifies it to increase or decrease the brightness. The 300 Lumens of power will supply incredible beam length every time you turn it on the beast mode. The three beam types like wide, beam and mixed force the objects to be appeared with the better appearance.


The LEDs run on a 1800mAh rechargeable battery that is adequate to hold a good battery life and you can simply observe the remaining lifetime by the MyPetzl app. You can charge the battery by the included USB cord and it would eliminate wasting money on buying one time batteries. It is possible to put the hundred percent confident on this handy creation when it comes to long distance hiking at night.


3)Irontria Best LED

Irontria Best LED

For moderate hiking, being always expensive isn’t a choice. Because, it is probably tough for many of us to spend $100 for eliminating the darkness of the trail. So, the affordable Irontria Best is the one for those who can’t afford the expensive one. It works in the expected way for mountaineering, trekking and camping to overcome the obstacles of the night. It is equipped with the updated XML2-T6 LED that focus on to the front path with more brightness than its previous version.


They put three powerful LEDs to work on multiple modes and turning its power to illuminate necessarily is as reliable as you expect. To precisely focus on any objects or keep it any reliable angle, it has 90 degree swiveling system. That’s why whether you run, walk or fix something, you won’t fall under the difficulties. If you turn it on the high end mode, its 400yd beam length ensures a great visibility and it can survive up to 3.5 hrs under the high end mode.


To make it perfectly comfortable and not to feel disturbed during hitting the road, the manufacturer kept it lightweight as if you would feel like there is no lamp on your head. If the weather doesn’t go right or you want to keep yourself active in the rain, the IPX5 optimization ensures it is not going to be impacted. Moreover, when it comes to save the bucks, the rechargeable batteries mean no waste on buying batteries.




The PETZL is the well populated manufacturer that designs the headlamps with up to date technologies. Although the PETZL – TIKKA isn’t optimized with so many innovative technologies. But, to be succeeded on the adventurous and scary trail, it is something to eliminate the obstacles. The beam settings are remarkable that easify to navigate the stuffs in front you. The beams are low, medium, high and strobe.


So, if you want to run, the high beam length means it is going to make the appearance of the 60m path with a noticeable brightness. Even, if you want the perfect visibility during jogging or walking in the busy street, the strobe mode can create a steady beam for the utmost visibility.The safety whistle with the strap is useful for any emergency signal and without dealing with the toughness, the one touch button can change the lighting mode.


When there is required a long time activity, the 240 hours lifetime provides the non stop service. On the other hand, the 200 Lumens of power means a steady generation of the light as you would feel required in the outdoor at night. Overall, without costing a bunch of money, you would be simply able to afford such a headlamp for a successful activity.


5)Ledlenser – MH10

Ledlenser - MH10

Any hiker would like to have a light with a long lasted battery life. Because, sometimes it is tough to recharge a light, especially if you pitch the tent somewhere for a few days or head to somewhere for adventurous hiking. Although, it is possible to charge necessarily by a solar charger in the daylight. But, in the absence of a solar charger, you can’t juice up the battery and the Ledlenser – MH10 comes to work in these difficult conditions.


Because, you will able to enjoy its service up to 120 hours for every single charge and it is unlike the cheap creations. The temperature control system ensures an optimal protection for the skin and without any negative impact you can reliably enjoy the performance. To be seen from miles it is equipped with a rear light that ultimately keeps you visible. The crystal clear LEDs on the headlamp also simply change up the modes by a switch whenever you seriously require.


Like the rear light, the front light with strobe mode also can increase the visibility from the front. To generate a strong beam, you may also simply depend on the 600 Lumens of it. Additionally, it also can be your torch light, because if you remove the strap, turning it to a torch light just a matter of few seconds. Although the cost is expensive, but, the five years guarantee, sturdy craftsmanship and powerful Lumens bring the value we want.


6)Lighthouse Beacon 1000

Lighthouse Beacon 1000

The Lighthouse Beacon 1000 shows its excellence when it comes to look closely over any object. Because, the lens offers the zooming option to be very focused and put the comfortable attention when you are fixing something or walking or running somewhere. Like other lights it is necessarily creative as turning the mode into high, low and strobe is easier and can be turned on any moment.


It keeps resisting the splashes when the environment becomes harsh. The water can’t make a path to build up a contact with the efficient lens and the combination of ABS and aluminum alloy build up a strong body. Not sure how comfortable you are with the AA battery powered light, but this is the powerful one to hold a 30 hours lifetime. So, no doubt accomplishing a successful trip in outdoor won’t be difficult.


Moreover, in order to make a reliable appearance the high powered lens is able to make a wide length of the beam. Because of a mix of the lightweight materials, the feel of wearing this headlamp like nothing you have worn on the head. There we have discovered a bunch of positive feedbacks that literally proves the reliable efficiencies it holds.


7)Chiam Mart 1

Chiam Mart 1

If you love to hike in winter or rainy season, surviving in the rugged atmosphere is probably tough. Because, the rains, snow and coldness would continuously hit you over and over. But, if you get the right gadgets, your mission of staying in the rugged conditions won’t be tough. Although, expecting a successful camping or hiking time is never easier in these conditions. But, the adventurous hikers might want to simplify the things as much as they can.


Basically, the Chiam Mart 1 is a reliable creation for them that is optimized with IPX6 waterproof technology. So, the splashes can’t get into its powerful cree XML T6 LED. The T6 LEDs has been certified as one of the brightest LED that generates a crystal clear brightness. To remove the unexpected darkness you can confidently depend on the five high powered lights. Their combined power can generate 1200 Lumens to simply establish a steady beam.


You can switch the power of beam into four different modes (including a strobe mode). Whenever you just want your appearance, the strobe mode can simply highlight your position. Including the high beam mode, the low and medium mode also would be helpful if you hike with a group of people.



How To Choose A Hiking Headlamp

A bright and powerful headlamp can make your step simple on the trail. So, we would look for the one that can work on the way it should be. Although, the budget is a big factor to win an efficient headlamp.


Rechargeable or Not?

There is a debate considering the efficiency of rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries. But, in these days if you want to save money, the rechargeable lights can provide more benefits. Because, you can provide the energy in these batteries by USB cable or wall charger. So, within 1-2 hours you can bring the juices in them to make them energetic. A headlamp even can illuminate up to 100 hours for 1-2 hours of charging.


The non-rechargeable headlamps run on AA batteries. They might-not stay active like 50-100 hours. But, in these days some headlamps are more innovative and we have found some different creations. I mean you can run the lamp with AA batteries, power bank or any battery pack.



The Lumen can be a definition of the power in a lamp. To expect the high powered brightness you have to count the Lumens. In a single LED the number of Lumens can be up to 500 or more and the combination of multiple LEDs in a single light can make it 2000 or more. To be honest, the Lumens isn’t always responsible for a perfect brightness, because, the quality of the LED also makes a difference.


Overall to achieve a great headlamp you have to look over the Lumens, quality of the LED and the power of making steady and longer beams. If you are a minimalist hiker, you might not require lots of Lumens, but, for moderate, adventurous and serious hiking, pick the powerful one.


Lighting Mode vs Battery Life

The lighting modes truly effect on the battery life. Every headlamp offers multiple lighting modes and in real time we need the mode to change the length of the beams. If you run a light on the high mode, it would quickly dry out the battery life while it survives longer on a low emitting. So, whenever it comes to judge the battery life, you should check how long it survives on different modes.


For a serious hiking or camping, you should depend on the high powered battery. So, if you don’t recharge, it can still give the service for a few days.


Optimization With IPX

Some cheap lights for minimalist hiking might not come with the water resistant protection. Although, to hike in a dry weather you don’t need such protection. But, whenever it comes to beat the environmental effects, you should purchase the light with waterproof or water resistant protection. The IPX4, IPX5, IPX6 and IPX7 are a great optimization on the headlamps. Because, it would help you to stay on the track even when the rain hits.

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