Best Hiking Poles In 2018- Reviews and Our Recommendations

An avid hiker knows the beneficial sides of hiking holes at the time they hike over trail to trail. A hiker or backpacker carries their heavy backpacks when they explore the natural wonders. Actually, when a hiker steps through the uneven trails, the ankles and knees absorb plenty of pressure what is the common reason of feeling tiresome. Moreover, when a hiker steps over the downhill, they require huge stability as the ankle and knees absorb huge forces of moving down. So if you get the supportive stability, at least you can reduce 25% pressure over your knees, ankles and backbone.


Undoubtedly it has plenty of significant benefits whilst it has total positive impacts on saving a hiker from big injury. So considering its benefits and effectiveness on hiking in a respective mind, we have found out some best hiking poles for avid, newbie and any kind of hikers.


Five Best Hiking Poles- Our Top Recommendations

Here we have tried to evaluate these five best hiking poles on the right way with their benefits and drawbacks.

Hiking PolesMade OfHighest Extended Length Locking System TypeOur RatingsPrice

BAFX Anti Shock Hiking Trail Poles

Aluminum53"Twist LockTelescopic4.4

Foxelli Trekking Poles

Carbon Fiber55"Lever LockTelescopic4.8

Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles

Aluminum53"Lever LockTelescopic4.6

TheFitLife Anti Shock Hiking Trekkin Trail Poles

Aluminum53"Twist LockTelescopic4.5

3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

Carbon Fiber55"Lever LockTelescopic4.8


1)BAFX Products Anti Shock Hiking Trail Poles

BAFX Products Anti Shock Hiking Trail Poles  

Recommended for the newbie or for those who want to skip the technical trails. Because considering its specifications and ability, you can expect the fair usage on non technical terrains. But, the included mud baskets encourage any hiker to confidently stick on softer surfaces. The most impressive feature of the poles every hiker would appreciate a suspension that they put in the structure to efficiently absorb the vibrations. On the other hand, if your hands are wet, the anti-slippage grips on the handle even let you stick the pole with 100% stability.

Moreover, it allows you manually adjust the height with a minimal effort and it can be extended from 26.5” to 52”. So consider your height, reliably adjust the length of the poles while the strong aluminum shaft can tackle enough pressure.


  • Affordable cost.
  • Durable aluminum shaft.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suspension for absorbing the shocks.


  • Only for light use.



2)Foxelli Trekking Poles

Foxelli Trekking Poles

If you want to successfully hike on the most technical terrains, depending on the beginner’s hiking poles would impact on your performance. As you know hiking on the rough or technical terrains can be unexpectedly challenging and regarding the challenges you shouldn’t depend on average type equipments. So the Foxelli Trekking Poles are high performable compared to the first one and you can confidently stick on the tough or soft surfaces.

Their indestructible construction with carbon fiber ergonomically takes your body’s pressure while the joints of your hands stay safe from any impact of the vibrations. Because the carbon fiber has high-end ability to absorb the vibrations and noises that subsequently bring a good benefit. The poles also allow any hiker measures and adjusts the size easily as they need, but the performance of it on height adjustability unlike low quality poles. Because it features quick lever lock technology that not only simplifies locking the target position, but also it holds it on the position very firmly.


  • Strong and efficient design.
  • Serious carbon fiber construction.
  • It doesn’t impact on the joints because of vibrations.
  • Efficiently absorbs the noise and vibrations.


  • On overloaded pressure the carbon fiber can be cracked.

Price: $59.97


3)Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles

Montem Ultra Strong Hiking Poles

The hikers who look for affordable poles for adventuring with a heavier backpack to hike over rough surfaces and overcome plenty of ascending and descending slopes they can depend on these strong poles. These poles are ultimately rigid and made of molded 7075 aluminum that the airplane uses to be made of. Although compared to carbon fiber they are minimal heavier, but that won’t suck your energy. Any day hiker can go for any challenging hiking trip without having that worry that the poles break down or bend because of the pressure it absorbs.

When the pole is collapsed, it looks shorter and lengthens only 24”. But it can be lengthened up in the required height with considering your height and comfortability, you can firmly lock at any height in 24”-53”. On the other hand, the EVA foam grips and cork handle don’t make the palm sticky. So to prevent sweaty and sticky feelings in your palm you can hold on those handles comfortably in the summer.


  • Its stability is great for any terrain.
  • Durable and no chances of breaking down.
  • Eva foam grips for avoiding sticky and sweaty feelings.
  • Made of high end-aluminum materials.


  • It slightly vibrates if you stick on the hard surface.      

Price: Check on Amazon


4)TheFitLife Anti Shock Hiking Trekkin Trail Poles

TheFitLife Anti Shock Hiking Trekkin Trail Poles

They combinedly weigh only 0.3 kg and as the purpose of reducing the significant number of pressures from the joints of the legs while walking on the downhill and uphill, the can provide supportive performance. They are fairly lightweight and consume the impact before reaching into the joints of your hands. So after an accomplishment through sticking over the rough surface you won’t even have any minimal pain. Because the pole features anti shock mechanism that looks like the suspension of the bicycle.  Such an intelligent anti shock mechanism also enhances the balance and allows the hikers to walk with great stability.

It includes interchangeable tips that the hikers can adjust to stick with the stability on soft and hard surfaces. Like a high performance trekking pole it also has secondary EVA foam molded handle that would never make the palm of your hand fatigued.


  • High-end shock absorption ability.
  • Secondary grip with comfortable EVA foam.
  • Aluminum shaft is rigid and enough lighter.
  • Good for rough surface.


  • Locking system isn’t effective.

Price: $23.98


5)3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles (Great for women)

3K Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles

These 3k carbon fiber poles are recommended for women for the high end lighter body and specific design and shape. When you would hold them you would feel like nothing is held in your hand. On the other hand, the 3k carbon fiber is not only renowned for the low weight, but it also has the high end-rigidity and you can enjoy the fair usability of this component on rough terrain. These poles don’t need any anti shock mechanism to consume the vibrations, because the carbon fiber resists the impacts excellently.

The solid locking system of the poles is impressive that can instantly lock the poles on your desired position. Under this locking system there is no chance of losing the position when it goes through taking your pressure. It also externally features the mud basket, snow basket, trekking poles and shock absorbing rubber feet for the utmost.


  • Ultra lightweight.
  • Instant locking system.
  • Stable on any surface.
  • Comes with necessary external stuffs to use on soft and rugged surface.


  • Haven’t found any drawbacks.

Price: $39.95


Our Buying Advice For Choosing The Trekking or Hiking Poles

The trekking poles or hiking poles come in a variety of designs, materials and locking systems. So here is our short buying advice.


Telescoping poles have the fair usability, but not at all

Poles don’t come in a single design, till now they have been structured into three different designs and they are telescoping, foldable and fixed. Basically, there are some positive arguments behind of the impressive popularity of telescoping poles. The shaft of the telescoping poles has three or two sections and each are connected to each other. So they are simply collapsible and when you collapse down the every section, they become small and ensure a fair portability.


On the other hand, the foldable poles need a manual adjustment before any usage and it requires your effort to be joined manually. The great side of the foldable poles they become smaller than telescoping poles when you differ the parts. It can be stored in the backpack while the telescoping poles can be hung on the outside of the backpack.


Carbon fiber may be more durable than aluminum, but it has even drawbacks

Every high-end material has the weakness and without any doubt the carbon fiber hasn’t successfully passed out in this test. We believe carbon fiber brings us the superior durability in any most needed time. Unfortunately, in the matter of exceeding its capacity of tolerating the weights, it can be cracked or brittle. But if you fairly stick on over the terrain, it might not be a reason of your disappointment. On the other hand, to be honest the carbon fiber deserves the best feedback because of being lighter compared to aluminum.

The aluminum actually doesn’t crack because of the unwanted pressure, but it can be bent. When it comes about the weight of the aluminum, I wouldn’t say it’s a downside of aluminum.


Twist Locking mechanisms aren’t really great

Our picks include two types of locking mechanism systems and those are twist lock and lever lock. To be honest, we found the lever lock provides more efficiency than twist lock. But they are okay to use over flat surfaces and taking average pressure. But the lever lock firmly stops in place and they don’t easily tend to slip down in the matter of pressure absorption. So the day hiker can use them to hike over some technical terrains, but honestly they aren’t good for mountaineering.


Comfortable grips eliminate sweating on the palm and prolong your journey

The grips on the handle sometimes would be responsible for sweating! Actually to eliminate sweating and keep the palm cool and warm, the cork and foam molded handle have certain advantages. Although the EVA foam molded handle works comparably better than the cork handles. But, both are recommended. The rubber grip handle might be be responsible for sweating, so choose the grip handle only if you want it for light use.


Shock absorption power significantly reduces the negative impacts from the joints of your hand

Actually, there produces some vibrations when you use the poles on the hard surface and it can badly impact on the joints. Although the absorption tips can slightly decrease it, but it’s not effective. So the poles should be composed with external absorption power. The carbon fiber and aluminum have good absorption power and the carbon fiber is slightly high performable than aluminum. Some poles even have spring shock absorber that also absorbs intelligently.

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