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Even if you wear the most solid and comfortable hiking shoes without using the socks, then you would lose the relaxation in mind (when you walk or hike) because of the blisters and the absence of comfortability. But you would be in trouble during your walk if you covered your feet with the wrong socks. Honestly, even if your shoes have the most ergonomic ventilations, then there can have the presence of bothering temperatures only because of the wrong socks. Consequently, there can have the negative impacts in your feet, like bacterial infections, odors, blisters and huge sweating.


Literally the hiking socks face more challenges than other socks and a hiker goes through many challenging conditions. So you need some support from the socks as if anything doesn’t go wrong with the shoes and that’s why you should wear the comfortable and perfect hiking socks. Basically the hiking socks can be knitted differently considering the needs of a hiker. So we have found the five best hiking socks that we may recommend to be used in hiking.


Five Best Hiking Socks- Number 1,3 and 5 are great for Men

We have combined the five best hiking socks in a place after a research. If you are a man, number 1,3 and 5 are great for you and if you are a women, number 2 and 4 would be the best for you.

Hiking SocksCore Materials ShapeThicknessOur RatingsPrice

Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Sock

Merino WoolCrewLightweight 4.7

Smartwool Women’s Hike Light Crew Socks

Merino WoolCrewMedium Lightweight 4.7

Innotree 3 Pack Men’s Hiking Socks

50% Cotton and 45% nylonMicro CrewHeavy4.6

Dickies Women’s Advanced Crew Socks

55% Polyester and 43% CottonCrew Medium Lightweight 4.7

Thorlo KX Men’s Hiking Crew Socks

Copper Polyester CrewLightweight4.7


1)Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool Sock

Darn Tough Men's Merino Wool Sock

Undoubtedly the Darn Tough is renowned for crafting quality and comfortable socks for millions outdoor enthusiasts. They basically make the sock through following the requirement of the outdoor enthusiast guys and that’s why their socks have the required level thickness and abrasion resistant design what brings comfortability on your feet. In truth you won’t be badly experienced with the blisters while your feet would feel warmth because of the proper temperature control. The socks are knitted with fine gauge merino wool that has the antibacterial protection, durability and breathability.


On the other hands, these socks are comfortable to give the best performance on any season. Because it maintains the temperature well and consequently your feet should feel warmth in winter and cool in summer. These socks fit comfortably while their high end durability ensures a good lifetime.

Price: Check Here


2)Smartwool Women’s Hike Light Crew Socks

Smartwool Women's Hike Light Crew Socks

Choices of the women are different and that’s why the socks have some different designs including all favorite colors of the women. The socks have been knitted of the blend of materials like merino wool, nylon and elastane. Its ergonomic knitting reduces bounces, abrasion and increases breathability. So you can have cozy feelings in your feet for all day and the abrasion resistant design and cozy paddings ensure there is no blisters even after having all day comfort. The socks offer the best usage for winter, but because of the low abrasion, great moisture control you can also expect a great usability from them in the summer.


As the hiking socks with significant moisture wicking ability they not only reduce sweating, but also you won’t have that kind of bad experiences after removing the shoes from your feet. Because the socks with great moisture controlling ability save the feet from odor. If you also wear these socks for other sports, they can also offer the same advantages.

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3)Innotree 3 Pack Men’s Hiking Socks

Innotree 3 Pack Men's Hiking Socks

Even if you protect your feet through wearing a pair of high end design hiking shoes, you would be badly experienced unless you wear such a pair of socks, that can keep your feet blisters and odor free. To be honest only keeping the feet odor free isn’t enough unless you can save the skin of your feet from bacterial infections. Literally, they have knitted the socks with cotton, nylon and spandex that have multiple advantages and one of the best advantage they can give a great antibacterial protection.


In the knitting of the shoes they put 5% Lycra spandex what actually works for the utmost fittings with your calf, lower leg and feet. Moreover, it has the power of controlling the moisture at the peak level what every hiker wants. So you would enjoy the power of comfy paddings with zero abrasion and high end breathability.

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4)Dickies Women’s Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

Dickies Women's Advanced Moisture Wicking Crew Socks

Hiking with family can give some amazing feelings and when you look for comfortable socks for your wife, then depending on these socks wouldn’t make you frustrated at the time you got to hike a few miles. Because in the mid session of hiking you wouldn’t possibly like to have any worst feeling, like you got the feet soaked with sweat or you got injured with blisters in the feet. That’s why you got to discover the ones that can give the best experience and protection.


Its effective air circulation system quickly circulates the air and don’t let your feet feel any excessive temperature what keeps you in a relax mood. It has reinforced heel and toe that give the surety that those parts of the socks not going to be damaged because of the moving force. On the other hand, the arch compression adds stability as if the socks always stay in its position.

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5)Thorlo KX Men’s Hiking Crew Socks

Thorlo KX Men's Hiking Crew Socks

Getting friction on the contact of your shoes and socks may be the most common reason of getting blisters in a short of time. Basically, any avid hiker doesn’t want that kind of injury that can be a true reason of getting delayed in the plan for next hiking trip. Because an ergonomic padding in the heel reduces abrasion to save the feet from blisters. That’s why these socks use midweight paddings and ball to ultimately prevent the abrasion.


Moreover, there shouldn’t have any doubt about its moisture wicking performance, because the perforated design ensures a high end air ventilation. If you wear them for a long time outdoor activity, there might not be any problem as lots of hikers used them for their hiking time and mountaineering.

Price: Check Here


What To Consider Before Choosing The Hiking Socks


Socks Can Be Made Of Different Kinds Of Materials, But The Marine Wool In The Blend Of Other Materials Works Best In Hiking Socks


Basically the hiking socks are made of a group of materials and the percentage of each material can differ the performance. The merino wool can be gathered from the sheep that live in the most harsh condition. Actually the merino wools have the utmost ability to be survived in the roughest conditions and the type of them withstands the natural damages. The socks can be knitted with a high percentage of marine wool as they tolerate well the rough condition in your shoes.


The merino wools one of the breathable materials and they have high end moisture wicking ability while these wools don’t create any crappy odors. Moreover, it can give you a warm feel and the merino wool has the high antibacterial support. Only the weak side is it takes time to be dried. But when they are blended with nylon and spandex, their drying time comes in nearly average.


Crew Socks Are The Best Size For Hiking According To The Expert’s Opinion


Socks have the variety of sizes and people select the sizes through considering the seasons and other factors. But on hiking crew socks are best, because they retain the temperature at a moderate level and neither they make your lower leg hot nor cool. On the other hand, they protect your lower legs from the small scratches. But to be honest, the lower size socks are good only for groomed trails or where the ways look easy or clean. If you want to hike on the rough trail, the higher size socks can give the optimal protections.


Choose The Thickness Wisely


The hiking socks can be knitted with different thickness and hikers choose the thickness regarding the seasons and other factors. The classifications of the thickness are mainly differed into ultra-lightweight, lightweight, medium-light weight and heavy. Although the thickness affects over the performance and they have also different kinds of advantages. The ultra-lightweight socks actually have minimal paddings, but they offer the high-end air breathability. That’s why the ultra-lightweight socks are great to use in hot temperature. But because of the lack of paddings, you wouldn’t get enough protection from the blisters.


On the other hand, the lightweight socks are also efficient to hike in summer and I recommend these socks for summer. Because they have more paddings than the ultra-lightweight socks that reduce abrasion and protect you from blisters. Their breathability also nearly great like the ultra-lightweight socks and they would be more durable than the ultra-lightweight socks.


Moreover, the heavy and midweight socks are actually good for winter. Their thickness overcomes the lightweight and ultra lightweight socks, but the breathability as not well as the lightweight and ultra lightweight socks are in it. That’s why these kinds of socks are recommended for summer.

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