Best Hiking Solar Chargers – Our Picks and Reviews

No matter how powerful battery your smartphone has, in the matter 2 or three days hiking the battery would end up giving its service because of the lack of enough charge. Undoubtedly, getting disconnected from the internet and your nearest people would be a bad experience while you would be missing snapping the beautiful memories. On the other hand, you would have to fall in cumbersome moments, if you can’t charge up a dried battery at the right time.


So who would supply you the electricity on backpacking or hiking? There you wouldn’t find any alternative way unless you have the solar charger or power bank. Unfortunately the power bank wouldn’t do something out of its stored power. That’s why you need a solar charger that would produce the energy from sunshine and make energetic the battery of your device. So you can simply charge up your device through connecting your device to the solar panel via USB cords.


Another beneficial thing I love, a solar panel can charge up all of our common and necessary devices, like i-phone, iPad, GPS, DSLR, tab, Samsung smartphones and other devices that use USB cords to be charged up.

Five Best Solar Chargers for Hiking- Reviews & Comparison Chart

So here is our picks of the five best hiking solar chargers that we have selected after researching , testing, checking other reviews and experiences of other users.

Solar ChargersNumber Of PortsOutput CapacityMultiple Device Supported Power Output On Per PortOur Ratings Price


222WYes2.4 Amps 4.7

Anker 21W

221WYes2.4 Amps 4.7

SunJack 14W

214WYes2.0 Amps 4.4

Wildtek SOURCE 21W

221WYes2.4 Amps 4.5

BigBlue 5V 28W

228WYes2.4 Amps 4.5



SOKOO 2-Port USB Foldable Solar Charger

When you are on the hiking spots for several days with your family or friends, you need innovative and high efficiency solar charger in the matter of preventing the battery getting dried. The Sokoo 2-Port Solar Charger would supply the enough energy in the battery with a good flowing rate as the electric charger does. This innovative solar charger has the efficiency to manage two cell phones with different USB ports. I actually don’t know its conversion rate to turn the sunlight into energy, but I guess it’s nearly 25%.

This 22-watt innovative solar charger doesn’t include any built in battery, so it directly flows the energy into your device. It doesn’t specify any specific device, but it’s compatible with a wide variety of devices that support USB charging cord. As a solar panel to be used for hiking and camping they added a PCB cushion between PET panel and canvas what gives extra stiffness and protects the panel from breaking. The panel can charge up the phone in limited time because of high energy conversion rate and it protects any device from overcharging. Because it incorporates with the innovative IC chip technology.


  • The innovative IC chip technology prevents overloading and overcharging.
  • Great conversion rate to convert the sunlight into energy.
  • Waterproof and strong.
  • Supports all USB cord supported devices.


  • It can’t charge up the i-pad.



2)Anker 21W

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

The Anker 21W Solar Charger is simple, but a true ultra portable solar charger that is slim, lightweight and hasn’t any excessive thickness when you fold it down. In a sunny day this 21w solar charger can easily make your phones energetic while its PowerIq technology enhances the charging speed through providing 2.4 amph on a single port. Under the direct sunlight it converts nearly 24% energy what is a great energy making speed to charge up any USB port supported device in the matter of your expected time.

It has simple eye holes what makes it easy to hang or adjust it on any compatible place. It can provide the energy to any USB supported device while it can handle two devices at the same time. It’s water resistant for some protections from the water and moisture. When you charge up the phone, keep the phones in shades for the best protection. Because, the pouch in it may not give better protection for your phone from the temperature of the sunshine.


  • Faster charging up system.
  • Supports multiple devices that take the charge by USB cord.
  • It doesn’t damage itself in the minimal rain and moisture.
  • It converts the energy at a good rate.


  • It is not compatible with iPad.
  • The wattage works like 17 or 18 watt based solar panel.    



3)SunJack 14W

SunJack 14W Solar Charger

The SunJack 14W Solar Charger is competent to instantly convert the sunlight into the charge of your phone at a satisfied rate. At the same time if there is needed to store the energy to be used in a cloudy day, you can hold those energies into the included 10000mAh power bank. This 14W solar panel can absorb the energy from non-bright sunlight and it starts restoring when it goes under the shades. The panel is also incorporated with built in smart Ic-chip that enables to detect the device quickly and charge up a phone comparably at a good speed.

The smart Ic chip also protects the device from getting overcharged and it is ultimately designed to provide the energy in all USB cord based charging system phones. Moreover, such a rugged and weather resistant panel has the maximized the efficiency to be used in the difficult weather conditions.


  • Quick charging efficiency.
  • Good energy conversion rate.
  • Additional power bank to save the energy.
  • Dust proof and weather resistant.


  • Expensive.



4)Wildtek SOURCE 21W

Wildtek SOURCE 21W Waterproof  Solar Charger

Everyone loves to have the waterproof gadgets as such an innovative technology saves your expensive gadgets from the damages on any accidental occurrence. If you have any specific gadgets that are only built to be used for backpacking or hiking purpose, then it needs high end protection, from either any accidental occurrence or bad effects of the nature. So this Wildtek Source 21w has the ultimate efficiency to withstand the water. Because the full solar panel and USB ports all are waterproof and dustproof. So, no matter how wet or dusty the weather is, it can keep up collecting the energy.

Like other intelligent solar chargers, it hasn’t any exception to quickly detect a device and start charging up. This easily foldable solar charger takes a minimal space in your backpack and it can be placed or hung anywhere just where the sunlight goes.


  • Waterproof, so if it has any accidental fall in the water, it wouldn’t stop giving the service.
  • Easily detects the device and can charge up with a good speed.
  • Can charge up DSLR, GPS and many other compatible devices.
  • Built in stand to perfectly place it anywhere.


  •  /



5)BigBlue 5V 28W

BigBlue 5V 28W Foldable Solar Powered Charger

One of the powerful solar chargers that caught our attention for its high-end efficiency! This 28W solar charger has a noticeable power in converting the sunlight into energy. In a single sunny day this solar panel can gather 28w energy and if you use a power bank, you can save lots of energy. I saw most of the solar chargers disconnect the device and allow the user to reconnect manually again if it goes through the shades. But this is different from them, because it automatically detects the device after crossing the shadows and reconnects simply.

It is incorporated with Ipx4 waterproof protection that is trusted and renowned for the high end protection level from the water. So the occasional rain and wet fog can’t force it to be damaged. It is even compatible with iPad, DSLR and other electronic devices that take the charges via USB cord.


  • 28W solar charger with three USB ports.
  • It automatically detects the device and don’t need any manual reconnection.
  • It is compatible with iPad and DSLR.
  • Ipx4 waterproof protection.


  • Not works good without high sunshine.


Our Buying Advice


Choose the high watt panel if you want to charge up your Tab, DSLR and any powerful devices

The number of watts defines how powerful the solar panel is in the real time service. If you just want to charge up your smartphone a 10W charger even brings a good energy. But if you want to charge up two smartphones together, then a 15W panel can handle two devices greatly on a sunny day. Basically, most of the panels support all modern devices that use USB port to be charged up. But in the matter of charging up DSLR and tab, they require a 20 watt solar charger.


Choose the water resistant panel considering the weather conditions

You may know the nature is unpredictable. Although we might not let our gadgets to be soaked in the water. But if it unfortunately faces the moisture or rain drops, then it might be forced to be damaged. A waterproof solar panel would stay working even after an accidental fall in the water while the water resistant one might not be as efficient. But it can give that surety that it wouldn’t fall in damages when it goes to face the moisture and rain drops.


How portable the solar really is?

You don’t want the panel consumes so much space while you also don’t expect so much weight. The panel can be bigger in size when you settle it to absorb the sunlight, but make sure, the size looks decent when you fold it down and combine every part. Moreover, the travel solar charger actually weighs a few ounces. So it might not add any serious weight to make the weight of your backpack heavier.


Always keep the devices under the shades

You may keep the panel under the bright sunlight to get the best service. But you shouldn’t place your device under the sunlight for a long time. Because the power of excessive sunlight can harm your device. So for the best protection you should place your device under the shades where the sunlight can’t make any negative impact over your phone or other devices.

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