Best Men’s Hiking Shorts- Hike Comfortably In Summer!

If you mostly hit on the trails in summer, you’ll be sweating because of the excessive temperature. So, to hike miles after miles keeping your body safe from being sweated is a challenge. You’ll have to wear the breathable clothes to decrease the temperature of your body. Literally, you should wear such clothes that drain out the moisture and attract more natural air. Sometimes the wobble and short clothes are comfortable as it can simply enter the natural air and pass out the heat. The shorts are something to lengthen your hiking time as it can keep the bottom parts cool.

You would probably notice the serious hikers like to wear the shorts in the dried temperature. I may not recommend it to wear in the winter or rainy season. But, when it is all about summer, you should keep yourself cool. That’s why, after researching on various sources, we have found some hiking shorts that are able to keep your bottom parts cool.

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Best Men’s Hiking Shorts For Comfortable Hiking

Hiking ShortsMade WithNumber Of PocketsOur RatingsPrice

Columbia Permit II


Arc'teryx Perimeter

Nylon & Spandex 64.5

Helikon CPU

Cotton & Polyester 84.6



LEE Dungarees


Nonwe Outdoor Cargo

Nylon & Spandex64.6

Unitop Lightweight Cargo

Nylon & Spandex64.7

1)Columbia Permit II

Columbia Permit II

If you want the appropriate natural airflow over your legs, the Men’s Permit II aims to keep your legs cool. The result would be like you’ll feel the optimal comfortability over your whole body. Because, the half of your body would be able to easily make a contact with the air. The Columbia crafts the Permit II comes with 10 multifunctional pockets. That means, the gadgets like your smartphone simply can get the secured space they need. The rest pockets are also perfect for other multiple accessories.

Basically, they aimed to provide the maximum comforts to every user. So, according to their purpose, they put the omni moisture management technology in the pant. That’s why, the generated heat and moisture during your body movement would be forced to pass away. On the other hand, because of the quick moisture moving power the fabrics stay dry. Although, they used quick dry fabric as if it dries quickly if the pant gets soaked.

The surprising advantage of the short, it has the UV resistant ability. So, it would protect the skins from sunburns on the area it covers. You can wear it on the different activities and it would perform remarkably on any activity as it does on hiking.


2)Arc’teryx Perimeter

Arcteryx Perimeter

To make a relaxed move, you have to deal with the best one. Non stretched clothes can make the move discomfortable. Although, wearing very much stretched clothes might not be comfortable. That’s why, they mixed up 89% nylon and 11% elastane. So, the 11% elastane helps to stretch the short a little bit for a relaxed move. On the other hand, the rest 89% nylon holds an extreme durability that lets it to survive under the pressure. The gusseted crotch also enhances its ability to stay durable under the abuses.

It has multiple pockets to secure the necessary stuffs while the zip closure can hold the expensive gadgets. So, while you are hiking, literally you won’t have any fear of losing your required gadgets. The outer surface also simply slips out the water drops and the inner parts force the generated temperature to stay out.

The lighter weight makes the freedom of movement and you will be able to move forward without feeling anything inappropriate.The belt loops also make wearing the belt easier and you can fit the short as perfectly as you want.    


3)Helikon CPU

Helikon CPU

Overcoming the obstacles of summer hiking with a non breathable short is difficult. Your clothes something should be like, it’s not going to block the temperature. Basically, the Helikon CPU is made with a blend of 60% cotton. So, it holds the ability to cool down the temperature and it has the minimum tendency to trap the moisture. On the other hand, the 40% polyester ripstop in the blend makes sure the fabric is optimally durable. The ergonomic stitches on the seams also eliminate damaging during your movement.

It also makes you feel even better as the adjustable waist simply wraps your body. The belt loops also aid to fit the belt ergonomically and it securely adjusts the pant with the waist. Its remarkable shape and durability ensure it can overcome the abuses during hitting the trails.

Although, there aren’t so many pockets, but the slim gear pockets are probably helpful for small gears. The cargo pockets also should be helpful to secure multiple accessories. Moreover, the hook and loop flaps can hold the accessories out of your pockets. The stuffs that you use often can hang over there for an open access.   


4)UNIONBAY Survivor


If you like the 100% cotton made short, then this is something you can easily afford. Although, the cotton fails to dry quickly compared to nylon and polyester. But, the temperature of the summer isn’t much friendly to a hiker. That’s why, sometimes even you have to struggle to stay active on the track. So, the clothes you wear should have the ability to reduce the heats. In summer the cotton clothes can be helpful and this 100% cotton short with cargo pockets would have an important role.

It includes a belt to tighten it up necessarily on the waist while the loops hold it in a place. The double stitches on the seams make the natural structure of the pant incredibly stronger and the strong seams would let it amazingly survive under abuses. It has almost six pockets with the included two cargo pockets as if you can put your things on there.

The manufacturer almost crafted it in 15 different colors and you might probably like the vintage wash look. It is also machine washable to simply wash it out. 


5)LEE Dungarees

LEE Dungarees

Another high quality short with 100% cotton to get the most desired feel on the trail. The quality of it isn’t like the ordinary cotton as the fabric is thickened. On the other hand, the double stitches on all major seams eliminate being weakened when it goes under pressure. There is no zippered pocket, but the buttons on the cargo pockets securely lock the stuffs. The widened front pockets with easier access also make a quicker access to anything you put there.

You can tighten up the pant with the included belt as much as you want. They specifically crafted this ergonomic short for summer hiking and you will be able to properly enjoy its reliability. The breathable inside would always conduct a relaxed move.

The machine washable craftsmanship reduces the difficulty of washing and the D ring loops might be helpful to hold some stuffs. To afford this comfortable short you won’t have to be expensive,because it is something you can afford for $30.


6)Nonwe Outdoor Cargo

Nonwe Outdoor Cargo

To walk through the unpredictable weather conditions, you need to wear something different. I could recommend the 100% cotton based shorts, but they would struggle to dry quickly and resist the water. That’s why, the 88% nylon in this pant would be great to force the water drops to fall off and dry out quickly. Basically the slight water drops won’t be glued to the fabric and the slippery skin lets them to easily fall off. You would also probably praise the appearance of rest 12% spandex.

Because, it brings more freedom on your every movement. But, the wear resisting craftsmanship would eliminate the damaging if it goes through the unexpected abuses. For a snug fit they also added some elastic as if it strongly grabs your waist without any belt. You can simply put your hands in the hand pockets without getting it moved down.

To put a desired comfortability, they also adjusted quick drying mesh inside the pant. It can reduce the heats generate from your body. Moreover, to ultimately secure the wallets and gadgets, the side and back pockets are designed with zippers. You can simply lock the stuffs in there.


7)Unitop Lightweight Cargo

Unitop Lightweight Cargo

Wearing a heavy weighted pant can be a problem for long distance trekking. That’s why for a multi day hike you should wear the lightweight clothes as it won’t make you tired. This cargo short is something like that as it is very lightweight compared to a cotton based short. It is almost similar to our number 6th pick as it is also able to resist the water. Because, it is made with 88% nylon to ultimately build up a slippery surface and increase the durability.

So, it won’t only easily shed the water, but also the wear resisting fabric eliminates the damage of abuses. For the ultimate freedom and comfortability during every movement, the fabric holds 12% spandex. So, it would slightly stretch whenever you make a move. Moreover, you can expect the snug fit on your waist without wearing the belt. Because, there is some elastic that grabs strongly.

It also comes with six pockets and included 4 zippered pockets while the generated heat would be faded because of the mesh fabrics. Whether you hike, fish, cycle and camp, you can depend on this short.


Things To Consider To Choose A Hiking Short   

The right short to hike would make your time comfortable on the trail. Although, it isn’t tough to afford the right one that would work for you.



The fabrics can be responsible to maintain the durability and breathability. In the hottest temperature, the nylon and polyester might fail to independently maintain the breathability. Although the blend of the mesh fabrics inside the shorts can cut the edge of the generated temperature. But, the cotton has the ability to decrease the generated heats and you can depend on their breathability in the hottest summer.

Although the cotton can’t dry fast like nylon and polyester. But, in many cases a cotton based short with the thickened fabric can be more strengthened.   


Secured Pockets   

It is great to expect a few pockets in a short.But, I would like to personally check out how many secured pockets it includes.Because, carrying out the wallets and expensive gadgets isn’t easier unless you can secure them during walking through the trails. There can have 4 to 8 pockets, but I would personally expect at least two secured pockets. The pockets with zippers or velcro straps are enough to lock the stuffs. So you can fearlessly walk on the trail.  



You should select the one with lightweight fabric as it aids anyone to stay longer on the track. On the other hand, the lighter weight means your every move would be simply comfortable. But, the cotton holds more weight compared to others. So, in this case, you might have to grab more weight. But when it comes about nylon and polyester, the things don’t remain same. Overall, there are some pros and cons when you consider the weight and it may be tough to always consider the weight.



As we said above the durability isn’t same for all the fabrics. There would have a slight difference. But, you have to look over the seams and quality of the stitches. The double and ergonomic stitches build up a dependable durability. A short might go through huge abuses, so a little bit of mix of the spandex can increase the usability when you move fast.The cotton probably doesn’t stretch as it doesn’t weave with the spandex. But,the nylon and polyester would be mixed up with spandex in many cases.


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