10 Best Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather- Stay Warm!

When the weather gets down the adventurous campers even want to be more adventurous to make their temporary residence in the frozen weather. But, it is unexpectedly difficult to accept the weather of the winter especially when everything gets covered by the snow and the temperature goes under 0 degree Fahrenheit. There is a massive difference between camping in the summer and winter. You need to have the ultimate preparation to overcome the unfair difficulties of the weather.


In summer you might expect the remarkable breathability inside the tent, but in winter you would want to make sure that the terrific down of the weather won’t make any impact in your temporary residence. Whenever it comes to making a warmed inside, you can follow lots of methods to heat up the inside of the tent. But, to sleep and rest comfortably, you need to install a sleeping pad and wear a remarkably insulated sleeping bag. Because, it would incredibly trap the heat generated from your body while the pad saves you from making a contact with the cold ground.


Basically, the sleeping bags are designed with multiple temperature ratings and their efficiency and skill are different. So, to survive in the cold weather you should find a one that is greatly insulated to prevent the coldness. That’s why, considering the temperature ratings and skill to protect the user, we have found the 10 best sleeping bags for cold weather.

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10 Best Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather- Our Comparison & Recommendations

Sleeping BagsTemperature Ratings Type Of Insulation ShapeUsability (In Winter)Our Ratings Price

Marmot Trestles 30

30 D Fahrenheit SyntheticMummyLightweight4.7

FARLAND 4 Season Envelope

20 D Fahrenheit SyntheticEnvelopeLightweight4.5

Western Mountaineering 10

10 D FahrenheitDownMummyExtreme 5.00

Big Agnes - Boot Jack 25

25 D FahrenheitDownMummyModerate4.5


20 D FahrenheitSyntheticMummyLightweight4.5

Hyke & Byke 650

15 D FahrenheitDownMummyModerate4.8

Western Mountaineering Puma

-25 D FahrenheitDownMummyExtreme 5.00


20 D FahrenheitSyntheticEnvelopeLightweight4.7

Outdoor Vitals Summit

0 D FahrenheitDownMummyModerate4.8

Nemo Men's Disco 15

15 D FahrenheitDownSpoon Moderate4.8

1)Marmot Trestles 30

Marmot Trestles 30

Designed by the Marmot that is popular and well known since their appearance and they invent remarkable stuffs for outdoor enthusiasts. The Marmot Trestles 30 has been tested and crafted to build up a barrier between the unexpected weather and you. It warms the survivor under 30 degree Fahrenheit. The survivor can depend on it without costing a hundred bucks and it incredibly keeps you warm. Because, the SpiraFil high loft insulation is wise on generating the dependable temperature when the coldness hits.


Basically, it’s a mix of large spiral shaped hollow and small polyester fibers. The ultimate goal of this craftsmanship to block the paths of unbelievable hits of the winter. It ensures the bag is going to retain its performance as you actually expect. The weather resistant fabric doesn’t only prevent the impact of the wind, it also resists the water to keep the insulation dry. Inside the bag there is a plush comfort and your body won’t get discomfort because of the hard surface. The specific footbox also adds warmth and you would get a great feel when you stretch out your body.

What We Like:

  • Incredible ability to warm a user in the uncomfortable temperature.
  • Specific footbox to simply add more warmness.
  • Weather resistant and the moisture can’t glue with the shell.
  • Two way zipper to become amazingly user friendly.
  • Plush inside still can generate comforts over the hard surface.
  • Stash pocket to hold the necessary accessories.


2)FARLAND 4 Season Envelope

FARLAND 4 Season Envelope

Fully zippered and insulated that you can turn as a warmed blanket as you can unzip the fully zippered side. It’s a little bit different in design and we call it enveloped shaped bag that literally aims to overcome -7 to -17 degree Celsius. Although, it’s above three kg and it can be slightly heavier compared to others. But, we would like to praise its price tag and quality that makes it easy to be owned for the budget backpackers. If the weather becomes unfriendly, it still keeps the conditions in your favor.


Because, the weather resistant and waterproof fabric eliminate damping the inside. The exterior ultimately blocks the water to sip inside. The double filled technology warms anyone while the comfy inside makes it even more user friendly. It is also well lengthened to accommodate a 6 foot person while the wideness provides a perfect coverage. It has own sack where you can stuff and compress it to make it backpackable. The soft polyester lining also doesn’t negatively impact on the skin and it provides a cozy feel you need after resting your body in it.

What We Like:

  • Fully zippered side increases the usability.
  • Also great as a blanket as the double filled technology warms you necessarily.
  • Waterproof fabric stops the drops to sip inside and eliminate the dampness.
  • Wallet friendly price for a budget backpacker.
  • Skin friendly fabric provides a cozy feel.
  • A sack where you can compress it to make backpacker’s friendly.


3)Western Mountaineering 10

Western Mountaineering 10

The expensiveness of the Western Mountaineering 10 might be out of expectation of the budget backpackers. But it is undoubtedly great for longer trips on the extreme cold weather and summertime alpine mountain fun. When the winter hits an extremely downed temperature, the Mountaineering 10 can beat the brutal impacts. The comfy and thickened insulation generate the incredible temperature and without getting any support from the secondary stuffs, you can have a very warmed interior. It is rated 10 degree Fahrenheit, that means under -12 degree Celsius it can still continue to warm you.


No matter, how it looks like, everything has been set up to make it ultimately perfect for brutally downed temperature. It only weighs less than 1 kg that simply beats lots of contenders. On the other hand, after compressing and stuffing, the compressed size just turns into a small sack. It has the extreme weather resistance ability what our first two picks can’t provide. From the test of Outdoorgearlab, we have confirmed that it can still support the user if the rain hits. The snag free zippers also make the access easier in it.

What We Like:

  • Expensive, but great for longer trips in the extreme weather condition.
  • Thickened and greater insulation to trap the heat.
  • Weigh under than one kg while it is very compressible.
  • Packs into a small sack to be very backpackable.
  • Simply resist the rain drops to work through the extreme condition.
  • Snag free zipper for easy accessing and closing.


4)Big Agnes – Boot Jack 25

Big Agnes - Boot Jack 25

This is not as wise as the way the Mountaineering 10 protects its user through the unpredictably downed temperature. But, you can depend on it with the full of confidence when its around minus -1 to minus -3 degree Celsius. The mummy shape design makes it efficient to keep you warm from all corners. But, the almost fully one sided zipper can release the moisture if you want the breathability in case the interior becomes hotter. On a cold day, the insulated shell with a contoured hood can maximize the warmness. The draw cord with the hood also creates a great adjustment.


We still verdict it as one of the lightweight bags. Because, just some additional weight with one kg won’t make your backpack heavier. To make your move easier and achieve the maximum advantages, there is no integrated pad sleeve. On the other hand, the water repellent shells ensure no stuck to the water while the fabric ultimately forces the water to fall off. You can also adjust two bags together by the zippers in case you want to sleep and have fun with your friend.

What We Like:

  • No integrated pad for a hassle free move and increase the comfortability.
  • It simply works around -1 to -3 degree Celsius with a comfy interior.
  • An almost full lengthened zipper side makes a perfect access and maximizes breathability.
  • A hood with a drawcord aids to perfectly adjust the hood.
  • Water repellent shells increase the effectiveness.
  • Can be paired with another bag of the same manufacturer.




The Teton Sports Leef comes with two different temperature ratings (+20F and 0F). Although there is a little bit difference in the price tag. But, we should praise it as it appears as the most popular one. You would probably give a good rate for two certain reasons. Firstly  the wallet friendly cost and secondly the polarlite insulation. Basically, it prevents the coldness by the multilayer of micro fiber that is remarkably lightweight, but builds up a barrier between the warmness and coldness. So, the several layers would keep you away from the trouble of winter.


The specific footbox aids in generating more comfortability while the body mapping mummy shaped design creates the most needed comfort from head to toe. The contoured hood with a drawcord eliminates impacting the warmed interior while it efficiently covers your face and ears. Moreover, the paddings along the zipper block anything to get in and it simply adds the warmth. The soft breathable liner with the comfy shell also provides a soft feel for a perfect sleeping time.

What We Like:

  • Different temperature settings in the same design to find the right one.
  • Multilayers to protect the warmness even in 0 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Body mapping design to necessarily provide the comfort from all corners.
  • Three piece ultra puff hood with a drawcord to add warmth.
  • Storage pockets to hold gadget, wallet etc.


6)Hyke & Byke 650

Hyke & Byke 650

The Hyke & Byke 650 comes with a mid range price tag while the unbeatable capability of it aids to achieve some power to stay warm. Aside the lighter weight, the 15 degree F temperature ratings should help anyone to achieve their winter camping goal. The duck down insulation keeps your body ultimately warmth as it builds up a barrier to maintain a distance between your body and the air. Basically, the down has the high loft that creates pockets of air for the reliable warmth and this is what makes it possible to bring it in the different condition.


Aside the lighter weight, you can mark it as one of the compressible bags. Because, after compressing the compressed size can be as small as 10” with a 7.5” diameter. This perfect height and diameter would create the space for other stuffs of camping in the backpack. The water repellent nylon also resists the moisture as if there is no impact on your warmness. To maximize the comfortability the wide shoulder and large footbox ensure you can move freely without any complicatedness.

What We Like:

  • Able to build up the warmness through -1 to -9 degree C temperature.
  • Duck down insulation for the expected comfort.
  • Very compressible and can be compressed to 10” in length.
  • Water repellent fabric eliminates sipping through the shell.
  • Wider shoulder for a hassle free move.
  • Multiple sizes to simply fit with your body height.


7)Western Mountaineering Puma

Western Mountaineering Puma

This is the one has been created for having the night with toasty warmth. Where the others nominally efficient sleeping bags get failed, the Western Mountaineering Puma comes to truly work there. If you want to trip in the mid winter through the brutal downs, the Mountaineering Puma would protect you from being uncomfortable. The windstopper shell ensures you are going to still have the toasty warmth feel when the frost, condensation and spindrift hit. Basically, it is a combination of the gore windstopper membrane and other lightweight textile.


So, it’s going to ensure, the shell is extremely windproof, water resistant and lightweight. Aside this windstopper technology, the 850 fill down insulation also drags the maximum warmness. On the other hand, -25 ratings ensure a remarkable power of this bag what we haven’t found in others. The draft tube and down filled collar also provide the ability to lift up more comfortability. Although, it can be found as the most expensive bag, but there are lots of advantages why you would like it.

What We Like:

  • Great for alpine mountains to have a camp in the extreme cold.
  • Windstopper shell highly prevents the wind, moisture, spindrift and condensation.
  • 850 fill down insulation for high-end protection from coldness.
  • Anti snag zipper provides hassle free access.
  • A hood with perfect neck and face coverage.
  • -25 F ratings are incredible to survive.


8)TETON SPORTS Fahrenheit


Have you ever wanted to sleep in the same bag with your best person? Basically, the TETON SPORTS Fahrenheit is the right choice for a couple as it is spaced to hold two persons. So, if you don’t want to waste money behind another sleeping bag, this is the right one to be chosen out. Although, after compressing and stuffing it in the sack the length and width would be bigger and this might decrease the portability. The weight also would be doubled than other single person bag as it is bigger in size.


But you can purchase it in several temperature ratings. So, either you want it for minimalist camping or difficulties in the winter, the 0 degree and +15 degree F ratings aid to get the right one you want. When it comes about the insulations, you might thank to double layers and Superloft Elite Fiber fill. Because, aside the breathable and warmed cotton lining, such insulation builds up a comfy floored bed you would like to have. The both sided zippers also can release exaggerated heats if the inside becomes hotter than you want.

What We Like:

  • Double layered and superLoft elite fill provides the perfect insulation.
  • Extra paddings on the shoulder enhance your comfort.
  • Widened to accommodate two persons.
  • Breathable inside and double sided zippers to release exaggerated heat.
  • Extended hood to accommodate the pillow.


9)Outdoor Vitals Summit

Outdoor Vitals Summit

We have found an ultralight bag in the mid range price tag that weighs just one kg. On the other hand, it would create the room for other outdoor’s stuffs as it has the noticeable compressibility. After compressing you would see the sack isn’t longer than 11 inches and undoubtedly this is a great advantage for backpackers. There also isn’t any doubt about the fabric it uses. Because the 20D and 320T nylon inside and outside strengthen the natural structure while these fabrics shave the weight a lot.


The shell fabric is also coated VitalDry DWR that prevents the water like a boss. On the other hand, the 800+ fill insulation brings a remarkable 0 degree F rating. So, if you camp under -1 to -15 degree Celsius, you could expect a warmed overnight camping.  The grid baffle design determines the heat will be distributed equally and there won’t have any cold spot. Moreover, the face drawstring also helps to get the perfect coverage over your face. So, you could simply block even the minimal spot to prevent the cold air.

What We Like:

  • Incredible compressibility and weight for amazing portability.
  • 20D nylon is durable and resist the water superbly.
  • 800+ fill insulation enhances the dependability and usability.
  • Grid baffle design wisely distributes the heat.
  • Zipper guard for maximum insulation.


10)Nemo Men’s Disco 15

Nemo Mens Disco 15

Before judging the quality and features, at first I would praise the way it drains out the moisture. You would require a warmed interior when it comes to camp under -5 degree Celsius. But, trapping too much heat can sweat your body as the Disco 15 is efficiently insulated. That’s why, instead using the side zippers, it uses two zippered vents on the shell. So, you can unzip those vents whenever you need to release the exceeded heats. It comes with a little bit different shape and instead being mummy shaped, it is designed with spoon shape.


So, a little bit of wideness in the shoulder and knee efficiently generate more warmth. The 650 fill power down with nikwax provides the dependable temperature insulation and it can eliminate the coldness when you are in it under -1 to -5 degree Celsius. On the other hand, the DWR coating on the 300D nylon ripstop ultimately eliminates the water access. The extra footbox also has the expected contribution to keep your feet comfortable and the blanket fold efficiently tucks around your face and neck.

What We Like:

  • Specific compartment for adjusting the pillow that can greatly support on the head and neck.
  • Blanket fold comforts your neck and face.
  • Zippered vents to control the internal temperature.
  • 650 fill power down smoothens the shell and provides the insulation.
  • DWR coating eliminates the water access.
  • Specific footbox to comfort your feet.



Buying Guide Of The Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

You can find the differences in summer and winter sleeping bags. Whenever it comes to beating the downed temperature of the winter you need seriously rated sleeping bags. So, it’s better to know the facts that would make you the winner. That’s why, we have researched out some facts to explain the truth. You may take a little bit of time to clarify the facts that would help you to win a great bag.


Temperature Ratings

To be honest, most of the sleeping bag manufacturers provide the temperature ratings on their way. That’s why, in some cases it isn’t as accurate as it should be. If the bag claims like it’s going to work under 10D F, it would mean it is the maximum number of temperature it can tolerate to protect yourself. But, in real time you would lose the warmness if you test it through this temperature. So, you would get the best performance of it through 15-20D F instead 10D F.


On the other hand, you should consider the temperature under you are going to camp. You can find the bag with a variety of ratings and the bags with 30-40D F ratings are likely great for summer. On the other hand, camping through the dry and frozen winter are different. To get an overnight shelter through the dried and decent temperature of the winter, you might deal with the 5-20D F bags. But when it comes to expect the warmness through the frozen winter, the bags with 0D F to -20D F can be perfect.


The European Norm or EN 13537 has some explanations to describe the temperature ratings. In some cases, you can purchase the bag with EN verified ratings. But, unfortunately, most of the manufacturer doesn’t follow their method.


How EN Put The Ratings (From Wikipedia)

The EN measures the ratings after their lab test and it’s based on four temperature results.


Upper Limit: It determines the temperature at which a man can sleep without any exaggeration of the internal temperature. In this case the hood and zippers remain open and your hands stay outside during sleeping.


Comfort: The temperature at which a woman can sleep without losing the warmness and discomfortability.


Lower Limit: It determines that a man can sleep in a curled position without any walk while he shouldn’t get hit by the exaggeration of temperature.


Extreme: The lowest temperature at which a female can survive without the risk of death.


You May Read on Wikipedia To Get The Maximum Idea.



To warm you through the winter, the sleeping bags are mostly crafted with down and synthetic insulations. There is the debate considering the efficiencies of them. But, you would probably like them for different efficiencies and the price tag plays a role here. So, I have simply explained the facts here.


Down Insulation

  • Very warm and you would mostly notice this insulation in the high quality winter bag.
  • Very lightweight and has the remarkable packability. They are sometimes popular for the portability.
  • The lofts don’t lose the efficiency even after being stuffed for a long time.
  • Durable and the years of use can’t eliminate their ability to keep you warm.


  • Can’t remarkably resist the water and sometimes it tends to be damped in the cold weather.
  • More expensive than the synthetic bag.


Synthetic Insulation

  • Water resistant and can still work when the temperature goes down.
  • The budget people can afford it.


  • Average warmness and mostly perfect for the dry cold weather while the efficiency can be slightly lost because of being stuffed.
  • Bulkier and that’s why the portability isn’t remarkable.

You may check out on REI to get the full idea about the differences of synthetic and down insulation


Weight & Compressibility

Along other stuffs, the sleeping bag in the backpack can make the loaded backpack bulkier. So, the lightweight stuffs can cut down the weight of a loaded backpack as if you can easily hold it on your shoulder. The sleeping bag might require a massive space in the backpack while it adds the weight unless it is lighter. So, the lighter bag should be undoubtedly user friendly. But, in most cases the synthetic bags weigh almost double than a down bag and reasonably the price impacts here.


So, deal with the lighter bag as much as possible. On the other hand, the down bag still holds more compressibility and you can compress it in a small sack. It would save the space for the items like the tent and other small kits. That’s why, the compressibility holds an effective role.


DWR Coat

The mid range category bag mostly uses the durable water repellent coat to prevent the water drops. Although, the expensive ones use better technology to prevent the water, wind, frost and spindrift. But, when it’s about the mid range category bags, it would be likely coated with the water repellent coat. It might not extremely effective, but it is able to prevent the water drops. So, the bag won’t be hugely damped, if the shell gets hit by a little bit of water drops.



The winter bag might not have specific ventilations to protect the user from uncomfortability. You would rarely meet the ventilations in the sleeping bags. Mostly you have to leak out the heat by the zippers and unzipping the side. A little bit of unzipped side can leak out the moisture and you may unzip necessarily. But, if the inside crafts with breathable fabric, it would add an extra advantage.


Storage Pockets

The storage pockets are helpful in the bag. So while you are sleeping you can get your phone and other gadgets nearly in your hand. Most of the bags have the pockets as if you don’t have to let your phone and other gadgets elsewhere. So, checking out this feature would be an advantage. But, this is not a mandatory feature to have.



The cost would impact on quality and if your primary goal is camping in the terrific weather conditions on the base camp or alpine mountains, you can’t avoid spending at least $500. You may know the type of insulation plays a role. If you want a high performance bag, we would want you to choose a down insulated bag. On the other hand, the down insulation costs higher than synthetic insulation and that’s why it might be pricey for you. You can own a bag for $60, but it would probably work only in the dried cold weather. So, your budget sometimes defines everything.

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