Best Solar Backpacks In 2018 | For Travelling, Camping & Hiking

The solar backpack is a specific place for your gadgets that can bring the energy to your gadgets by securing in its compartments while the backpack with the attached solar panel and battery can ultimately confirm the gadgets are getting the power they need to be alive. All your necessary and expensive gadgets like your smartphone, iPhone, DSLR camera, iPad, GPS and LED lights can be powered by the attached solar charger when you hike or travel. The backpacks securely cradle the gadgets in its pockets and ensures the harmful UV rays and the sunshine are blocked before finding a way to make a negative impact over your expensive gadgets. So the gadgets stay secured and get a proper shade while the backpack also eliminates the negative environmental effects over them when the charger powers your gadgets.


The solar backpack also can be an all rounder by being stuffed with your other hiking, backpacking and traveling stuffs while it can offer a place for a hydration bladder. So, sometimes the solar backpack would be an all rounder backpack and multiple necessary stuffs can be stowed for delightful trip. That’s why considering the necessity of charging your gadgets with achieving the care your gadgets deserve during travelling we have found the right solar backpacks for you to use in outdoor.

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Best Solar Backpacks For Backpacking, Touring and Hiking

It is unfair to see that the battery of your devices is getting dried, but if you have on the go charging system, you can ensure the devices are getting their energy when you hike or walk. So, the solar backpack is the best option to choose for charging your devices as it keeps the devices safe while it also supplies the energy. That’s why considering the necessity and advantage of the solar backpack, we have found the best solar backpacks for travelling, hiking and backpacking.

Solar BackpacksWattsExternal Battery Included? Water Resistant (Backpack)Our Ratings

SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

7 WattsYesYes4.8

ECEEN Backpack with 5 Watts Solar Charger

5 WattsYesYes4.8

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

10 WattsYesYes5.00

Eceen Hiking Backpack With 7W Solar Panel

7 WattsNoYes4.6

Birksun Solar Backpack


1)SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack

The SolarGoPack Solar Powered Backpack is a great energy supplier and your device saver when you travel, hike or ride. The water resistant fabric can repel the water, especially when the rain sheds its drops over the backpack. So, the expensive gadgets in it aren’t in the risk when the weather doesn’t consider your expectation. But as a backpack with 7 watt solar panel and 10k mAh battery the charger can handle some common & necessary electronic devices like camera, smartphone, GPS, tablets, Bluetooth speakers. You would find your special compartments to put your gears & gadgets when they should be charged up.


The core compartment is large to hold the gadgets, hiking and backpacking accessories and when you hike or travel, the compartment can stow your other stuffs. The backpack is also additional as your hydration pack and the bladder in it can carry 1.5 liter water. So when you hike on a sunny day, your backpack is still able to serve the water you need while the gadgets can lengthen the battery’s lifespan through being charged up by the charger. The light weight of the backpack with breathable shoulder straps ensures carrying the backpack around any trail won’t tire you.

  • Lightweight, compact and water resistant fabric save the expensive gadgets and all the documentaries into the backpack. The fabric can shed water and it doesn’t absorb the water as if the documentaries and gadgets in it don’t fall in threat if the sky starts pouring.
  • 7 watt solar panel and included a 10k mAh battery charge the gadgets with the expected speed while the charging USB cord can be connected with many electronic devices.
  • It features specific pockets to hold the smartphone and GPS devices while the core compartment can stow other documentaries and accessories.
  • 1.8 liter water bladder included to hold the drinkable water to save you from dehydration.


2)ECEEN External Frame Backpack with 5 Watts Solar Charger

ECEEN External Frame Backpack with 5 Watts Solar Charger

The ECEEN Backpack With Solar Charger is great as a hiking or day trip backpack and the energy provider to your devices. As a hiking and touring backpack the ECEEN built up the model sturdy with the reinforced seams and stress point as if the seams and stress point don’t become weaker after loading the backpack. The tear resistant nylon is the popular choice of most of the backpacks, because, the fabric is durable and won’t be stretched for being extensively loaded numerous times. Moreover, the nylon is water resistant and combinedly with the reinforced seams your stuffs in the backpack are protected from the water whenever you use.


Actually it includes a detachable solar panel that is compact, folds modestly and you can insert it from the backpack when the devices are not being charged by the panel. The panel is 3.5 watts, but can simply charge your GPS and smartphone. The weather resistant solar panel is protected with an anti scratch coat and with a 2000 mAh battery pack you can modestly charge your devices. On the other hand, when the whole backpack isn’t used for any purpose you can stow the backpack in the specific small pocket of it.

  • A 35 liter backpack for multipurpose like camping, hiking, touring, shopping and fishing. Because the main pocket can be stuffed with multiple things like, tent, sleeping bag and your clothes.
  • Reinforced construction with tear resistant nylon fabric ensures the backpack would stay as rigid as it should be after loading your items for numerous times and when the backpack is blank you can store it in its own small pocket.
  • 3.5 watt compact detachable and foldable solar panel with 2k mAh battery can modestly supply the power your smartphone needs.
  • The panel used the scratch resistant coat to stay the panel safe from scratches and the panel is weather resistant, so you can keep it attached with the backpack without the fear of damages.



3)Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

Voltaic Systems Array Rapid Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Rapid Solar Backpack is a powerful on the go charger for your laptop, DSLR camera, smartphones and most of the handheld devices. The sturdy solar panel is built from monocrystalline solar cells to withstand the rugged and poor conditions while it is capable to supply the rapid power your device needs. Whether the sky is cloudy, rainy, dark or sunny, the Voltaic Rapid Solar absorbs the maximum power from any condition to save them in its 19,800 mAh battery. Its surprising power can charge a laptop in 6 hours and the smartphone in one hour. Obviously all of your devices would absorb the power from its power bank when you are in a campground or riding a bike or you are hiking.


As a backpack the Voltaic is one of the high quality backpacks that is ultimately water resistant. Because the shell or fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles that forces the water to easily fall down if the rain sheds its drops. The fabric is also uv resistant, so this expensive solar backpack won’t fade its sleekness if you have all the activities in sunny days. The 25 L storage option can stow the gadgets and documentaries while the specific compartments for an incredible arrangement of your gears can hold them perfectly considering the size and shape of the gears.

  • The solar panel can power the devices in any condition. Because the V72 laptop battery stores the adequate power to supply on your laptop, DSLR camera and other handheld devices.
  • The 19,800 mAh battery is powerful to store the extensive power that can be used when the sun out of its striking mood.
  • The panel is made of monocrystalline solar cells as if the harsh condition and strikes can’t damage the panel.
  • The backpack intelligently includes the compartments for your device as if the gadgets can discover the compartments they need.
  • The shell is uv resistant, water resistant, durable and reinforced to withstand any harsh condition and the 25 L compartment confirms the other essential stuffs would be modestly stuffed in the backpack.



4)Eceen Hiking Backpack With 7W Solar Panel

Eceen Hiking Backpack With 7W Solar Panel

The Eceen Backpack With Adjusted Solar Panel is the one of the popular solar panel adjusted backpacks. The backpack aids from charging your devices to storing your devices, hiking gear, water bottles and many other accessories. Although the other mates of the Eceen Hiking Backpack aren’t similar and the compartments aren’t same in the deepness. But the wide option to choose your needed compartment’s size in the several designs of this backpack  and other facilities would benefit you to conquer a perfect solar backpack. Although, not all their models include the power bank and hydration pack, but in this case, you can find an option from the multiple models they offer.


The 7W solar panel can transfer 22% energy to your device and the durable solar panel is protected by an anti scratch coat. So, aside the efficient weather protection the durable anti scratch coat secures the panel perfectly during outdoor use. If you use their offered (with some model) 10k mAh battery, you can store enough power. But if you don’t, it can still bring the power to your device with a good energy conversion rate. The backpack has put the required compartments for your devices in its sack. So, these available storage options should be suitable for the tab, smartphone, camera, gps, E-reader and other handheld devices.

  • The efficient solar panel transfers 22% energy while the electronic devices absorb the power from the panel. The panel stays scratch free for a durable scratch resistant coat and the panel is also safe from negative weather condition as it is weather resistant.
  • You can also find a water bladder included backpack from their several models and a power bank also can be offered in some backpacks they offer.
  • They added the compartments what your devices look for to cradle comfortably in it and the big compartment can stuff your additional accessories.
  • Lightweight backpack, durable fabric and sturdy seams ensure the backpack can steadily act under the huge pressure.      



5)Birksun Solar Backpack

Birksun Solar Backpack

The Birksun Solar Backpack offers an ultra protection for the electronic devices like laptop, smartphone, E-reader, GPS and Camera. Because the sleek and efficient finish with high quality fabric can ultimately eliminate the rain to get inside. The exterior shell and the fabrics used by all internal compartments are durable to beat the maximum abuse. To save your laptop from the impact it offers a padded compartment where your laptop would stay safe when you travel. The seams stay unbeaten for ergonomic stitches and the thick paddings on the shoulder straps and back confirm the backpack hugs comfortably with your body.


The waterproof solar charger it includes with the backpack can be washed out easily without any probable damage and the panel has a specific coat to keep the cell damage free while the coat also stays scratch free. Like other panels the solar with a power bank can charge the devices like smartphones, gps, camera and iPhone etc. Its maximum 2.4amps output can charge devices as fast as the electric phone charger works. The 3000mAh battery not only engages in charge the devices, but also can store the power for further emergency use.

  • Crafted with durable fabric and ended up with a sleek finish. With the waterproof fabric the seams can contribute to prevent the rain. So the stored expensive gadgets in it during rains won’t concern you and they would stay completely protected.
  • The scratch resistant & waterproof solar panel can be washed out by water without any concern.
  • 2.4amps output can charge the devices with natural speed as the electricity does by the electric mobile phone charger.
  • It can charge a variety of handheld devices and the manufacturer put the intention to make a specific padded compartment for your laptop other small specific compartments for handheld devices.



Buying Advice To Choose A Great Solar Backpack

Choosing a solar charger and choosing a charger with backpack are different. Because when you are choosing a solar charger panel you would just want to consider the power and efficiency of the charger. But when you want it with a compatible backpack, you would like to be aware with the quality and efficiency of both. So here we have arranged some paragraphs about the things to look into a solar backpack before buying.



The efficiency of the solar panel determines how skillful it is to convert the sunlight into energy and how powerful the output is to charge your smartphone. Although 2.4amps are perfect output to bring the energy into your devices and the 2.4amps can bring the output energy like the electricity does by your electronic charger. Aside the adequate output the conversion rate of making the sunlight into the feed of your devices is a thing to consider. The conversion rate above 20% is recommended. The conversion rate might impact the charging speed. So I would recommend the greater conversion rate than 20%.


External Battery

All panels might not include an external battery, some panels might offer to plug in the device direct from the port of the panel. Although you can purchase an external battery to use as a power bank. Having an external battery in your stock can contain huge energy from the sunlight to be used afterward. A 10,000 mAh battery can store adequate energy for the afterward use. If you have an external battery, you can enjoy the best use of your solar panel. Because, when you put the panel under the sunlight, the external battery would be able to absorb the energy it needs. The solar backpacks can feature 2000 mAh to 15,000 mAh or more powered external battery.


Compatibility With Your Devices

The solar charger is able to charge a variety of electronic devices and some charger like Voltaic Rapid Solar Backpack can even charge the laptop. Although in most cases these small portable solar panels aren’t compatible for charging the laptop unless they are powerful or optimized to charge the laptops. But if you use the handheld devices like, iPhone, E-reader, camera, Gps and Smartphones, these solar panels should support your devices as they are getting connected by USB charging cord and can be charged by 2.4amps output.


Weather Resistant

Some panel comes welded with the backpack, but mostly they are detachable and you you can adjust or remove the panel. Basically either it is welded or detachable, the panel would have to go through the most rugged weather conditions. So either it’s a rainy or the hottest day of the summer, the panel should stay steady with its naturality and not should be damaged for any uncertain weather condition.


Protection For All Of Your Expensive Gadgets

Charging the devices is the job of the solar panel, but bringing the best protection for your gadgets is the job of backpack. As a solar backpack it should be designed with the compatible pockets and compartments for your gadgets and to secure the gadgets in the rains, the backpack should shed the water without the tend of absorbing while the water should be failed to seep through the seams. So the gadgets can be safe as they should be in the backpack.

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