Best Survival Knives Under $100 in 2018

The survival knives are expert, intelligent and one of the most compulsory equipments to be applied on a variety of serious tasks in outdoor. Without a survival knife even you couldn’t accomplish any surviving or camping adventure. Actually, whether, you fish, camp, hunt or hike, you have to apply it on a variety of compulsory tasks wherever you get to cut or slice something. The secret reason why the survival knives are popular, they are strong, sharp, and shaped ergonomically while the sharpness won’t be blunt because of cutting the tree branches or something.


The survival knives are larger than those small knives of multi tools. A small knife may be efficient to be applied on small applications like cutting a rope, but they can’t cut something rigid. On the other hand, the survival knife maker designs it only to be used in this specific field and they put the effort on the overall structure to build it truly specific. Unfortunately, all those stars can’t shine and today we only count those stars that truly shine.


Five Best Survival Knives Under $100 with Their Pros

If you find a survival knife, you might only wish for the best one. No matter, even if your budget is fixed under $100. Because it is a decent price to get a sharp and strong survival knife. So meet our selections of the Best Survival Knives Under $100.

Survival Knives Blade MaterialTypeWeight Blade LengthOur RatingsPrice

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Ceramic Coated 420HC BladeFixed Blade7.9 Oz4.8"4.7

Morakniv Bushcraft Survival Knife

Carbon Steel Fixed Blade5.4 Oz4.3"4.7

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Stainless SteelFixed Blade13.7 Oz4.8"4.8

Ka Bar KA3050-BRK

AUS 8A Stainless SteelFoldable7.2 Oz4.5"(Almost)4.3

BlizeTec Survival Knife

Stainless SteelFoldable5.4 Oz3.5"4.7


1)Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Knife

A strong combination of the sharpness and sturdiness. Its trustworthy quality reveals all the secrets why it is one of all the dependable survival knives. The Gerber supplies this survival knife to US military for decades and because of being tasted its quality from a trusted source, the people depend a lot on it. The sleek blade with extensive sharpness is a superior creation of the 420HC steel what holds numerous sturdiness and it won’t be bent when you slice something from the tree branches.

The diamond texture based handle on it with the strong rubber coat doesn’t slip into your palm when you slice something by putting extensive pressure. Moreover, on the carrying case they have put a modular sheth as if you can put the knife on several positions like on your belt and molle.



2)Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Steel Survival Knife

A fixed blade knife that is molded of hardened carbon steel while it is expectedly rigid and the sharpness on the edge won’t be dull after slicing the twigs for few times. The sharp edge remains same when the knife undergoes through cutting, slicing, hunting and anything else. If you see the edge looks dull you can instantly sharpen up the sharpness trough rubbing the edge with the diamond sharpener that has been put on the handle for any quick sharpening up. The knife is protected from corrosion by a black coat that protects the blade from negative environmental effect.

To camp or survive on somewhere you need firing up the camping stove or burning the woods or leaves. This knife includes a fire starter that instantly produces the sparkles to quickly fire up something. A belt loop is also adjusted with the sheath for mounting it with the belt.



3)Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife

You may have watched the Bear Grylls survival effort on the tv screen and probably you have a knowledgeable idea how he applies his techniques to survive in rugged conditions. This pro knife can be treated as the way he straightly treats his knife. This knife from Gerber is the invention of their combined effort and its intelligent design remains truly effective when you apply it on something to be worked on its way. The sharpener of the knife comes to be immensely useful than other sharpener, because you have to pull the edge through its ergonomic sharpener. So when you want to make the edge excellently acute, just pull the knife through the sharpener for an immediate sharpness.

It is also paired with a ferrocerium rod that produces sparks when you create an abrasion with it. The handle of the knife looks dependable as it is ergonomically textured while the thick rubber coat gives better balance and grip.



4) Ka Bar KA3050-BRK

Ka Bar KA3050-BRK

If you like the folding knife considering the capability of easiness and many other positive factors,  then this Ka Bar KA 3050 BRK has the acceptable quality in this affordable price range. The praiseworthy strongness of the blade doubtlessly endures the rough uses. The shape and quality, both of the major sides of this blade are reliable. Because alongside the traditional design, it has dependable durability as the blade is molded of AUS 8A stainless steel.

They put a rust resistant coat over the blade that brought the sleekness and confirmed it won’t be falling in damages because of the saltwater and any other effects. The blade easily puts on and off from the specific position of the sheath without any serious user’s efforts. Probably it can be a dependable equipment of your surviving days in the outdoors.



5)BlizeTec Survival Knife

BlizeTec Survival Knife

A folding knife with a different look on the blade’s shape. The significant combination of the drop point blade and serrated saw lifted up the efficiency of it and it can single handedly endure all the rough uses it is forced to do. The knife is eligible to implement anything in a strong mind and whether you hike, camp or fish, the knife can be a true companion of your backpacking days. It also uses a strong anodized aluminum handle instead other materials. This handle withstands the damage during the time it absorbs huge pressure.

The knife includes several beneficial multi tools like LED light, fire starter, window breaker and seatbelt cutter. These tools are helpful for any adventure and they bring the serious advantages to the adventurer.



How to choose a survival knife under this price tag

Not possibly, for sure the survival knives seemingly come in some certain shapes while the dissimilarity appears in the construction, handle and the design. So we suggest to read this short buying guide if you buy the survival knife for the first time.


Most familiar types of the blades

For sure the style and shape of the blade aren’t similar and the survival experts recommend picking the worthy one considering how you rate the shape to regard your reliability. The drop point is the trustworthy model to many survival experts. You can cut the tree branches and slice the fishes comfortably on the survival days. These knives are easy to sharpen up by the sharpener. On the other hand, the partial serrated is also useful as it has a minimal reserved space on the blade for a saw. It sometimes facilities to cut something.


Folding or Fixed Blades

To be honest the fixed blade knives are reliable. Because it is strongest in shape and when you cut, slice and break or hit something by the butt, it acts with a strong mind. It can be larger than folding knife, but it is praiseworthy for the high end ability. A foldable knife might be half in size compared to the fixed blade knife and it proves its perfection when you want the ease to carry the knife. They are also good for hiking and weekend camping, but not very efficient for survival purpose in wildlife.


Materials and retention ability

The knives use variety of steel materials and making a difference regarding their ability and advantages really a crucial task. But, the 420 HC, 3050 BRK, CPM 110V, VG-10 and AUS-8A stainless steels are rigid and the retention ability of the edge is dependable. But a great thing to consider how powerful the blade is to withstand the corrosion. Because, surviving in the wildlife can negatively affect the blade. So before purchasing your knife, make sure the blade will be remaining same after accomplishing your survival days.


The handle must endure rough uses

No doubt the handle of a knife is a supportive and essential stuff for the users. Because it comes to dicing, grinding and striking something. Moreover, when you cut a tree branch, the handle will have to absorb the forces. So a durable handle will bravely take that responsibility and that’s why avoid the plastic and hollow type handle to expect the best usable handle.

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