Best Tent Heaters For Camping- Keep The Tent Warm!

Keeping the tent warm is the first and foremost requirement for any camper especially in winter. Winter camping is a challenge and it can be uncomfortable if you don’t know how to raise the temperature of the tent. You can follow different methods to accomplish a successful camping in winter. But, the tent heater is the one that would save you from having an uncomfortable night. Although, you can pitch a four season tent and use the highly insulated sleeping bag to earn the warmth. But, their service sometimes wouldn’t be enough to have a comfortable night. The environment of a winter’s night can be rough and in this case a heater would be your great companion.


These heaters are small and run on gas or electricity. You can place them in the tent like the way you use in your home. Within hour such a heater can change the environment inside the tent. With a sleeping bag and a warmed interior, you would like to spend the great days of camping. You can find the heaters with different size and power and you can simply apply them in your tent considering the size of the space. These heaters mostly offer a regulator to maintain the temperature and they are obviously compact.


So, to make a warmed interior of the tent and control the temperature we picked and written for 9 best tent heaters of camping. These would offer the benefits you expect to have.


Type Of The Camping Heater


Propane and Butane Based Heaters: The gas based heaters are the first choice of any camper. Because, you can adjust it with the propane and butane canister or portable cylinder. Although, the propane based heaters are more popular than the butane based heaters. Because, it can run a heater through very cold weather. On the other hand, the butane works great only when the temperature is above +5 degree Celsius. Even a 1 lb propane canister can run a small heater for 7 more hours. Although it depends on the power of the heater.


Electric Based Heater: The electronic heaters are useful to warm up. But, to use it in the campground you must need the electricity. So, if you want it for camping, don’t forget to ensure there would have the supply of electricity. Basically, these heaters won’t have any secondary option to run on. So, don’t deal with it, unless you can provide the electronic power in it on the campground.


Things To Consider



The heater comes with the different power that should be considered according to the internal space of the tent. You can guess the power of a heater by the number of British Thermal Unit or shortly BTU. Sometimes, the manufacturer would directly mention the number of square feet it can warm up. Actually, if the space is similar to a single or double person tent, you can pick up a heater with 3,000 BTU. But it wouldn’t be enough if you need to warm up a large family tent. In this case, you should depend on 6,000-10,000 BTU based heater.


Sometimes, it is possible to use a powerful heater for small space. Because, you would be able to adjust the temperature as mostly you would find a dial or regulator that would manage the temperature. So, if the space looks smaller and the heater is powerful, you can still make it useful for the space.


Safety Features

The biggest concern of a tent heater is how safe it is. Because, you wouldn’t want it to be the reason of firing. Basically, when you are in sleep, you wouldn’t have any control on it. But, you would get to run it to keep the interior comfortable. Literally, the newly invented tent heaters are smart as they hold the safety features. It won’t only end up with having a grid, rather it would be as smart as you imagine. I found most of the heaters are able to be automatically shut off when it is tipped over. So, when you are in sleep, you would have the full faith over it.


Overheat Protection

It is still a risk to not have the overheat protection. Because, after running several hours it would start overheating and in this case if you don’t turn this off, it would be a risk for you. Although, you wouldn’t always want to manually check this out. That’s why, the heater should have a specific sensor and switch that would force the heater to stop heating. So, you could sleep better in the tent without thinking about any unfairness.


9 Best Tent Heaters For Camping- Comparison, Picks & Recommendations

Tent HeatersMaximum CapacityBased OnTemperature Adjust-ability Our Ratings Price

Camco 57331

3,000 BTUGasYes4.60

Honeywell HCE100B

850 BTU-250 WattElectricity Yes4.30

Honeywell HHF360V

5,000 BTU-1500 WattElectricity Yes4.50

Mr. Heater F232000

9,000 BTUGasYes4.80

Highlander Outdoor Compact

Unknown/Undefined Gas Yes4.50

Mr. Heater F215100

3,800 BTUGasYes4.60

Pro-Temp PT-16-TTC

16,000 BTUGasYes4.50

Martin Portable Gas Catalytic

3,000 BTUGasYes4.60

Texsport Deluxe

10,000 BTUGasYes4.80

1)Camco 57331

Camco 57331

If you want to keep warm approximately 100 square feet in a tent, the Camco 57331 could turn the frozen space into a warmed interior. Basically, we discovered it as a popular heater that wouldn’t only warm up the tent, also you can use it to keep warm your room. So, whenever you are at home in the winter, you can still get all the value of your money. You can find it in 3000 to 8000BTU. So, if you want it for an extended space, you can depend on the 6000BTU and 8000BTU. Considering all the test results of the reviews, we can recommend it to the beloved campers who want to still continue camping through the frozen winter.


You can still regulate the temperature with the number of British thermal unit you want to use. So, just consider the temperature you want, regulate the BTU and control the internal temperature. This one pound Camco 57331 is backpackable, that means you won’t find it complicated to bring in the campground. Although, it’s a gas based heater, so wherever you want it, you need the supported gas to run it. It has a shut off valve that provides extra protection and there won’t have any annoying sound when it generates the heat.

The Features We Like:

  • Portable and versatile. So, either you need it at the home or campground, just turn the mode one.
  • Safety shut off valve provides an extra protection.
  • You can adjust the temperature by a dial and it ensures 100 square feet coverage.
  • Electric sparker can turn its mode on up to 20,000 times.
  • Runs silently without annoying you.


2)Honeywell HCE100B

Honeywell HCE100B

This is an electric heater. So, unfortunately you can’t bring there where hasn’t any source of electricity. That’s why, wherever you are going to camp, make sure there has the supply of electricity. Actually, this is a personal heater and designed to heat up your room and office. But, it can be a companion of the camper because of the portable size. With the minimal 1.05 pounds and 6.5” in height, it won’t give you any other term to carry this out. The ceramic technology ensures an energy efficient heating system that heats evenly and faster while it ensures maximum safety for the users.


The overheat protection in it means it turns off by itself when the temperature goes up. On the other hand, the cool touch housing and easy control provide the extra comfort for you. You can easily turn it on/off while you can increase or decrease the heat with two heat settings. The two heat adjustment runs on 170 watts and 250 watts. With HCE100B you would have the great opportunity for saving the energy while the flame resistant materials would work as an extra protection.

The Features We Like:

  • Ceramic technology for fast and even heating while it would save the energy.
  • Heat adjustments as if you can find a comfortable temperature for you.
  • Overheat protection to eliminate the risks and keep you comfortable.
  • Flame resistant materials to wisely generate the heat with minimizing the risks.
  • Compact, small, lightweight and portable.


3)Honeywell HHF360V


Although the HCE100B would only warm the little space or up to the space of a double person tent. But, the HHF360V is designed to work on the extended space and you can depend on the warmness it provides for a large room. I mean, if the tent is large and you add a few people in the space, its maximum 1500 watt output can control the temperature of a large tent. But, to be honest, if it comes about to control a room of your home, the medium or small rooms should be perfect considering its power. Actually, the interior of the tent might not be as large compared to a medium room of your home.


So, when it is in a tent instead a room, it would simply generate the heat. On the other hand, if you want it in a small tent, you can maintain the warmth by high low settings. This would be another great feature to give you a great advantage.  Basically, this is different than other heaters and its 360 degree heating system would be effective for anyone. The fan forced heating system circulates the heat, so the temperature would quickly reach into the corners. Like others it comes with overheat protection and when the temperature goes high, it simply stops.

The Features We Like:

  • 360 degree circulation to quickly warm up all the corners.
  • Two heat settings to save the energy and wisely use the efficiency of it.
  • Safety protection to save the user from risks.
  • Cool handle to easily grab and carry to the places you want.
  • Sturdy base to leave it anywhere with the stability.


4)Mr. Heater F232000

Mr. Heater F232000

If the electricity is a concern on the campground or it is tough to find the electricity on your favorite campground, you can put the trust on the Mr. Heater F232000. It simply connects to 1 lb propane canister and can heat up to 250 square feet area. You can enjoy its power on the place where staying warm literally a challenge. It is efficient to keep warm up to 250 square feet. That means you can set this up in a large tent as it is able to extend its power through the corners in a minimal time. If you want to leave it in a small space with saving the fuel cost, you can instantly turn its power to 4,000 BTU.


If the space is larger, turning the dial to 9,000 BTU can be simply done. Although, it doesn’t demand an expensive fuel cost. Because, it only burns 0.044 gallon fuel at every hour on 4000 BTU and 0.099 gallon on 9000 BTU. It also has the safety features like it automatically shuts off on the low oxygen level and if it is above 700 feet from the sea level. You can also install a hose for remote connection and the piezo ignition always gives a quick startup.

The Features We Like:

  • Maximum 250 square feet coverage ensures even a family tent can be heated up.
  • Setting over controlling the heat makes it comfortable for different space.
  • It easily sets up with 1 lb propane canister and consumes less fuel.
  • Cool handle to safely carry this out when it is hot.
  • Piezo ignition for an easy, quick and simple start up.


5)Highlander Outdoor Compact Gas Heater

Highlander Outdoor Compact Gas Heater

We know getting the proper supply of the electricity can be tough on the backcountry and that’s why depending on the fuel based heater can be a great decision. If you can run a heater with a less cost, then it should be an advantage for you. So, this expert portable gas heater is the one that burns minimal fuel at every hour while the heat adjustment would be great to ensure the coverage of your space. It burns 160gm butane gas at every hour and it can save some bucks. It simply connects to the A4 227gm butane canister and it makes the usage of it as simple as you expect.


When it generates the heat the swivel body ensures it would leave the heat wisely with the directional heating system. On the other hand, a dial can be rotated to simply adjust the temperature. The canister lever is also useful to take the control over the output of the gas and you can lock and unlock the supply of the gas easily. This portable heater features a cool handle to eliminate the risks when it supplies the temperature. But, it can give an incredible service with 2.3kg weight of it when you especially hold it to bring on the spot.

The Features We Like:

  • Compatible with A4 butane gas canister.
  • Swivel body leaves the heat wisely to focus any specific area.
  • Temperature control to easily control over the space you would like to warm.
  • 2.3 kg weight with a cool handle for an easy portage.
  • Electric ignition ensures no match required.


6)Mr. Heater F215100

Mr. Heater F215100

If you hate the large propane cylinder for heater and camping stove, then F215100 would save you from bringing a large propane cylinder. It would run on the same propane canister, that you bring for the backpacking stove. You can set this little buddy over a 1 pound propane canister and it’s an ideal heater for 90-100 square feet area. It might not handle the temperature of a large family tent, but its ability and power won’t be unmatched with the interior of the two person tent. If it needs to maintain a small tent, there is still no problem for the users.


Because, you can instantly turn the dial to minimum 4,000BTU and it would start eliminating overheating. The automatic shut up system on it is like turning the switch off automatically in low oxygen and if it is tipped over.  So, whenever it is in the tent, it creates like 0.01% chance of firing. If you run it on maximum BTU, an 1 pound propane canister can run it up to 5.6 hours and if it runs on minimum BTU the service would be doubled. It is also very friendly for the backpackers and the fold down handle on it would perfectly help to reduce the storage space.

The Features We Like:

  • Simply runs on a propane canister that you usually use for propane stove.
  • Temperature adjustment for 50 to 90 square feet area.
  • Automatically shuts up on low oxygen and if it tips over.
  • Runs more than 10 hours on minimum BTU.
  • Easy to store, compact and user friendly.


7)Pro-Temp PT-16-TTC

Pro-Temp PT-16-TTC

No matter how ample the space is in your tent, it won’t frustrate you even when the space is nearly 400 square feet. Either you are going to camp with your buddies or your family members, it would save you from being uncomfortable. But don’t worry, if the space is smaller, because the variable heat settings make it is easier to find an option considering the size of the space. It has the heat reflector that aids to save the fuel and easily maximize the temperature. The swivel body also ensures the directional heating that forces the temperature to spread accurately.


The emitter guard also ensures your hands won’t reach in the heater. For an enhanced protection it has an auto shut up valve and to retain the force of the heat it includes wind resistant frame. Even it has a rear guard that works as an extra protection. It’s a portable unit and easy to set up with a propane tank. The manufacturer also claims that is able to service up to 27 hours on the minimum BTU with a 20lb propane tank. So, this isn’t probably expensive for camping with a group of buddies.

The Features We Like:

  • Variable settings to find the right option for your space.
  • Guard on the front and back ensure maximum security.
  • Swivel construction ensures the directional heating.
  • Shut up valve for an enhanced security.
  • Easily fits with the propane tank and the unit is portable.


8)Martin Portable Gas Catalytic Heater

Martin Portable Gas Catalytic Heater


Compared to others, it is very portable and smaller. That’s why, the amature campers would like this to make the interior comfortable of their tent. But, it is not enough for the ample space and its maximum 3,000 BTU would be enough up to a two person tent. Because of the user friendly size and the ability to be run on one pound canister, you can easily get its service on any campground. It is flameless that extends the security and allows you to easily put this up in a tent without the fear of firing.


It has foldable legs as if you can simply place over anything while these legs help to store it easily. If you suddenly want to decrease the temperature or want a reliable warmth for the small tent, you can adjust the dial to high and low temperature. A one lb propane cylinder can be enough for a continuous 7 hour service and the catalytic heating technology works efficiently. The catalytic heating technology almost doesn’t waste any heat it produces. So, it would work as a great benefit for any camper. It also comes with an electric ignition for a quick and easy start up.

The Features We Like:

  • Great for amature campers and the 3,000 BTU can overcome the toughest condition of the winter in a small tent.
  • A dial to easily adjust with multiple sized tents.
  • Flameless for an extra protection inside your tent.
  • Catalytic heating doesn’t waste the generated heat.
  • Electronic ignition for a quick and simple start up.


9)Texsport Deluxe

Texsport Deluxe


Probably not for the amateur or minimalist campers, because in most cases the minimalist backcountry campers might not want to struggle to live with the inclement and frozen environment. If the serious campers want something to live in a temporary residence through the frozen weather, then they need this powerful propane heater. You can even increase the temperature of a large space when the outdoor is under the coldness. Because, it would be adjusted with a large propane tank while the 10,000 BTU would force the whole space to be warmed up.


But, don’t worry about the monastery power of it. Because, a dial has been optimized to set out the temperature needs for your tent. The swivel reflector is also great for directional heating and it reflects the heat to raise the warmness and save the fuel cost. It has the safety guard to protect your hands from any accidental placement on it. It uses the ceramic burner that forces the heat to focus evenly while it increases the heat radiation. Although, the unit isn’t larger, but, with a propane tank, it would be discomfortable for carrying.

The Features We Like:

  • Great for a variety outdoor use while it can warm up the space when you struggle with the frozen winter.
  • A dial to get the warmth you want to stay comfortable.
  • Safety grid saves it from the risks you don’t expect.
  • A reflector to increase the heat radiation and prevent the wind.
  • Heats evenly and a swivel reflector helps to focus over any specific space.

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