Camping Festivals: Basic Tips

The camping festivals mean around your tent you would be discovering numerous neighbor campers who attended at the festival to have the unforgettable weekend fun in summer. It’s not just a way to explore an enchanting bird’s eye view of the mountains or a vivid nature in a cool forest (it depends on the campsite locations), but also you would meet limitless amazing people. Indeed, those moments would clearly define why you should join on such exceptional festivals.

But the true fact is there would be joining expert and non expert campers who would have either minimal or zero experiences about camping. Although you should have a different awareness to build up a temporary residence in huge campers and today our goal is about pursuing and maintaining all those straight tricks.


Are You A Newbie?

An expert camper is probably aware about avoiding the mistake, but a newbie would unknowingly fall in unawareness about making mistakes. But the bitter truth is a simple mistake would be a bigger trouble. So you must know what you are planning to attend at the camping festivals. REI made a good checklist about festival camping. Their checklist looks informative and helpful.


Know Where And How To Pitch The Tent

Like a wild campsite there also you have to build up a temporary residence with placing the tent. If you are a newbie, you should have at least the minimal practice of pitching the tent and you can watch on the YouTube how to stake or set the tent poles and attach the tent’s fabric on the poles.

After arriving on the spot, it’s time to choose a suitable ground. Although sometimes your choice might not follow your expectation in the crowd of tents. But be closed with your goal as much as you can and set up the tent poles in such a flat place where the rain wouldn’t soak the floor. To stay in a safer position you must bring a rain fly and mark the tent with something like writing something on an art paper or hanging a flag or balloon or capturing the position by your mobile phone.

So you don’t need to be very aware to find your residence in the festival.


Ask Anything To Hosts

Considering their rules and your requirement you would feel many things to ask them like where the parking lot, what things they offer, what kinds of foods are available there and what are their compulsory rules to follow. Mostly their official websites would politely give the answers.


Bring All Compulsory Things

A checklist from a wise source might clarify what you should pack in your backpack to stay inside the tent. But we are shortly clarifying that a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, mattress, pillow, water bottle, jacket, additional clothes, waterproof clothes and cooking stoves are compulsory to be bought on the campsite.


Make A Plan For Your Meals

Cooking too much things sometimes can bother you as your goal is just enjoying the festivals and having fun. So purchasing some tasty food items can provide your timely meals, but not at all. Because, some items can be expensive and it’s not guaranteed that all of your favorite items would be there. So bringing your favorite frozen foods by a cooler won’t only save the money, but also let you have the dinners and lunches with your tasty desired meals.

But whatever you do, must bring a portable gas or fuel stove.


Keep Your Gadgets Energetic

Attending at a festival without recording or capturing your best moments wouldn’t be your expectation. Moreover, your led lantern requires charges to enlighten the tent’s inside. So almost anything related to electronic gadgets wants to be timely charged up and managing the way to timely charge them up is difficult. To eliminate this difficulty at first, charge your all devices before leaving the home and use a solar charger to comfortably make your devices energetic on the camp.


Be Careful About The Rain

Sudden raining unfortunately can be a sign of troublesome to a camper and if the water doesn’t timely leave the ground and it covers your tent’s around, staying there for the next hours seems not easier. So choose a floor where is no possibility of having a water soaked ground and use such a tent that has welded seam based tarpaulin floor. Moreover, Don’t forget to shade the tent with a rain fly and bringing and wearing a raincoat can give you a great support to hold you on the camping track.

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