How To Heat The Tent In Winter

Winter camping means all about surviving in a merciless circumstance where no chances of disregarding the serious rules. Proper clothing and getting appearance of all the gears allow you to achieve the camping success, but one thing matters a lot and that is creating a difference of the temperature between inside and outside the tent. Because the temperature that the environment offers, it is unacceptable inside your tent. Sometimes the temperature downs lower than zero and this merciless behave even beats highly insulated sleeping bags.

pitching tent in winter

So there should be allowed some tricky methods to achieve the comfortability or heat the downed temperature. But would you start burning the woods in your tent? No! There are several safest methods the campers apply in these days and today we are going to simplify those tricks.


1)Bring A Heater

heater for winter camping

One of the trustworthy old methods to a camper that makes a big difference with the natural temperature out of your tents. It raises up the heats up to your expectation and if the heat is excessively risen up, you can remove the vestibule for a while to bring down the temperature. But your campsite requires the electricity to run an electric heater. That’s why, the electric heater is not always suitable to be run on backcountry camping.

But there still remains a secondary option to heat the inside by a heater. On backcountry camping where the electricity hasn’t been supplied, you can bring a propane heater. Indeed, this is the camper’s first choice and it is risk free and it heats the inside modestly. But your tent requires ventilation to outflow the emitted CO2.


2)Burn Some Rocks

Another old method that is inexpensive and doesn’t cost a single penny. If you don’t want any spend for a heater, but want to sleep in warm, then you should try it. So find some dried woods and make a temporary fireplace for heating 15-20 small modest sized rocks. After firing on the woods let the rocks to be heated for approximately 1 hour. When the rocks look like produce fiery heat, separate them securely from the fireplace without any outright use of your hands. Because touching them in that moment can a be reason of burning your hands.

So when the rocks are separated let them to be cooled down(at least give them one hour) and when they become cooled, wrap them in the towel or in your blanket. After wrapping them, place the temporary sack with rocks near the foot into your sleeping bag. Some campers also keep the sack hang on in  the tent, but it’s not as good as putting them directly into the sleeping bag.


3)Place an Insulated Sleeping Pad

Insulated Sleeping Pad

The sleeping pad differs your body from the ground for heat insulation. But to stay warm under 0 degrees Celsius the ordinary sleeping pad shouldn’t be installed on the ground. Because you have to trap the heat and you need an innovative insulated pad that retains the heat and prevents the dampness of the ground. Basically, these praiseworthy pads use an extra layer and the surface is mostly integrated with a tricky design to trap the heat. If you place a mattress over this pad, then staying warm won’t be crucial.


4)Bring At Least The Candles

Not expectedly effective, but it at least improves the temperature in the small space of the tent. You have to use the candle light very carefully and it must not be used when you are sleeping. The heat might not stay longer in the tent, but it at least keeps raising up the heat until the light is on. When you use the light of the candle, you should be very conscious as if it doesn’t be a reason of burning your tent.


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