8 Basic Rules For Camping In The Winter

Camping in the winter scares the people, because the temperature even stays below -1 degree Celsius and the camper expects high-end warmness in this circumstance. But it’s not the summer camping and you must have high end survival effort to enjoy the amazingly beautiful calm wintery environment. You need the consciousness when you pack the backpack and in truth the faulty backpacking and careless dressing up would discourage you camping in the snow.


On the other hand, a prearranged exact plan by a group of avid and friendly minded campers would encourage you to be prepared for the next camping plan of the season. So the post focuses all the general tricks of winter camping regarding your camping goal.


1)Raise Up Your Confidence

If this is your beginning time of pitching the tent over the freezing ground, you need a hard solid challenging mind. Because the sound isn’t something like stargazing in the night on the modest temperature where a camper is regardless about exceptional dressing up for heat insulation. You must drag up your confidence at the peak and take a serious mental preparation to single handedly beat the environmental effect of the winter.


2)Research Everything Of The Destination

winter camping destination

The perfection of the destination might not be expectedly unique like your summer campgrounds. The season changes its nature on its way and make the ground a slightly complicated to pitch the tent. But you deserve to be secured in there. So before stepping on the trails to reach to the destination at first research over your winter campground like the recent circumstance of the temperature and upcoming weather conditions. As well, make sure how enchanting the nature is there for the excursion.


3)Make a Group Of Expert Campers

Instead you, (if you are a beginner) your other friends or fellow campers should be expert in winter camping. Otherwise, your camping days in the striking wintery temperature would be troublesome. Considering the circumstance your fellows can be your best teachers who would direct you what to do and what not to do to make succeeded your camping. If you have your desired trip with them, no doubt, it would be an outstanding experience in your life.


4)Research The Weather Forecast In Advance

All right! Winter camping is good, but undoubtedly no one would suggest you pitching your tent in the blizzard. So be doubly careful about the upcoming days of the backcountry while there shouldn’t be any announcement of the blizzard within the targeted days. That’s why, be confirmed after researching the forecast and go for a group discussion what to immediately do if there is any incident. Better to select those grounds where the emergency team can reach easily.


5)Replace Your Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag for winter camping

If your sleeping bag is only insulated and thickened to protect the users in modest wintery days, then it’s time to upgrade the model. Because its temperature ratings might be for normal coldness. But the one you would pick for bad wintery weather, before confirming at first consider the circumstance and temperature, then choose that efficient bag after judging the temperature ratings.


6)Wear The Clothes Wisely

You have to be wise to choose the clothes to survive in such crucial wintery days. The clothes you would decide to wear, that must retain the heat in your body and pass the moisture away from the body when the heat is exceeded. On the other hand, your jacket and pants should be high-end waterproof with 100% heat retention. So the cold water couldn’t suck the warmness. For the high end heat retention you can wear a middle layer with the underwear. But they must pass out the moisture.

Remember, the hand gloves, boots, sunglasses and hats are compulsory with the stuffs I have suggested.


7)Use 4 Season Tents With Strong Poles

Camping In The Winter

Your three season tent is no longer to work in this circumstance. So pitch the four season tent in the ground that retains the inside warm and keep out the moisture away. But the poles also should be solid and appropriately strong as if the frozen snows over your tent can’t break down the poles. A four season tent is one of the compulsory gears of winter camping.


8)Cook By A Fuel Stove Or Make A Firewood

Collect the wood and fire them in the winter literally isn’t easier. But if you can build up a warm surface after collecting some woods, then firing them and using the fire to cook the meals or heat up your stored frozen food is a dependable solution. But if it looks cumbersome, then bring a portable fuel stove for the reliable solution. According to the expert campers, the fuel stoves provide efficient flaming in cold weather than gas stoves.

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