Sleeping Bag Maintenance: Few Simple Tricks

The sleeping bag is a true and trusted friend of a backpacker. Because it eliminates all obstacles and complicatedness to turn your winter camping simpler, easier and immensely comfortable. It traps the warmness like the way your body requires and once you get closer in the insulated layers of it, the crueler wintery air is no longer to suck the warmness.

But it requires caring, maintenance and cleanse to retain the insulation and eliminate damaging, dampness, filths and odor. Because boycotting unpredictable and unmanageable environmental changes are something out of human’s imaginations. So the best way is, respectively follow the ways to maintain it.

So the article aims to strictly highlight some easy caring methods for sleeping bag to retain the fluffy shape and toasty warmness.

sleeping bag drying

1)Treat It Properly

The manner of treating defines how longer the perfection would stay in your desired condition. A clear, neat and warm inside mean you are having the maximum benefits when you are taking the shelter of it. So don’t immediately get covered by it after hiking. Rather, you take the moments to dry out the sweats and remove the dirty clothes, shoes and socks. Because those dirty stuffs and sweats not only soil the inside, but also negatively affect the natural ability of insulation to turn down the warmness.

So covering your body by a liner is the greatest solution before sleeping in the bag. Moreover, a liner also rises up the activity of the warmness by adding more insulations.


2)Don’t Pick A Damp, Wet Or Water Soaked Surface

A damp or wet ground won’t only suck the fluffy shape, but also it soils the external layers and turns down the natural strength of the insulation. But sometimes because of seasonal impacts finding a completely dried surface probably isn’t a simple task. So at first make the situation is yours by creating perfection what can be possible by applying waterproof tarpaulin tent floor and sleeping pad. So if you sleep down over the pad with sleeping bag, the dampness might not be your bag’s enemy.


3)Dry Out The Bag In Modest Sunlight

It’s your turn to apply the sunlight over your bag, but don’t let it to be heated unnecessarily. Because the ultraviolet rays probably exaggerate the bag’s fabrics and layers. So don’t dry out the bag under heavy sunlight. Rather, you find an option to apply the sunlight indirectly and once you have found your way, at first turn out the inside of the bag and let the sunlight to heat it moderately.


4)Clean Out Properly

It requires your consciousness and washing out the bag with detergent means it can lose its natural perfection and heat retention power. So sometimes rinsing can be a faithful solution than washing out by something. But if it looks sticky or becomes grimmy, then washing out is better than rinsing. So for a synthetic bag, use mild soaps or synthetic fabric washer to clean out smoothly with retaining heat retention power. On the other hand, the down bag requires tricky washing methods to remove the grimes. But harming the natural oil on the outer surface causes losing the heat retention power. So, use mild soap and wash smoothly.

After washing modestly, it’s time to dry out the bag by the moderate temperature of the sunlight. You can turn out the inside and toss the bag considering the drying conditions. It would help the bag dried out evenly.


5)Stuff And Store The Bag In Different Sacks

When it’s all about transporting, you require the compactness and a comparably smaller size than its average shape. So stuff the bag in a compression sack to compress the shape and bring to the spot without bothering you. You should have it after getting a sleeping bag from the market. Stuffing it in the compression sack for a shorter length of time won’t damage its natural ability.

But the trick shouldn’t remain same when the bag requires a long-term storage at your home. So after completing your backcountry days dry out the bag modestly to remove the bacteria and dampness. Then store the bag in a large cotton sack and hang it up to eliminate the probability of even any small damage.

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