Things To Follow For The First Time Camping

Everyone has a beginning and we were also nervous before the first wildlife night. Because we are habituated to urban life and having a night in the unfamiliar campground like something forces you to embrace with unexpected experiences. But once you have a minimalist camping experience, then you might impressively want to extend it. Because it means full of amusement and surprising refreshment. But at first you might ask how you can involve yourself in it. To be honest, camping isn’t complicated, but the plan should be solid if you are a first time camper.

It’s time consuming to gain the experiences like the expert campers. But if you intend on camping with a serious and honest mind, then camping anywhere or any circumstance would be like just a matter of simple plan.


1)Find A Suitable Campground

This is all about finding an enchanting destination, although not to stay like in a luxury hotel, but more than that artificial luxury room. Enjoying a day in wildlife would be like you are stargazing, barbecuing in the night and kayaking, boating, hunting and fishing in the day. Only in US probably you can discover plenty of popular campgrounds where all the camping enthusiasts come to be experienced with an amazing wildlife. A popular and government permitted campground would be a secured place to stay at night while there can have the services for campers.

suitable campground


2)Purchase the Gears

This is where at least you should make a $500 dollar budget and it extends if you add new members. If your decision to camp with your family, you would need either a 6 person tent or four person tent (According to the family members). But if you just want to camp with your friend or wife, a two person tent is approximately enough. Moreover, you must require a large backpack, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, led lantern and portable gas stove. These gears are initially essential for a starter.


3)Be A Temporary Expert In Cooking

You may not an expert in cooking, but to have a few days in the outdoors, you might require the skill to cook and prepare the meals wisely. Although it is not impossible to bring the freezing foods by a cooler and in this situation you have to get those foods ready though heating up by a stove. So before gearing up make a cooking shortlist what you are going to cook. If you have barbecue experience, probably you can find a gas grill at the campground.

cooking in camping


4)Invite Him/Her To Join With You

If you have any relative or friend who got the extensive camping experience, invite him/her to join in your camping days. He/she can reduce your worries and make your moments unexpectedly great as a new camper. Although finding such a person isn’t as easy, but if possible, find the one as he/she can advise a lot to be reliable with camping.


5)Be Careful About The Forecast

The unpredictable weather sometimes gives the trouble to the campers. But nothing to be worried, if you have geared up regarding the weather forecast. If you see any sign in the weather forecast of rain dropping, avoid the slope to pitch the tent and protect the tent by the rain fly. You can also keep it fairly protected if the seams of the floor of the tent are welded and constructed with 100% waterproof tarpaulin.

rain on camping


6)Be Experienced Before Pitching The Tent In The Snow

Camping in the snow or harsh winter not as comfortable as the days in summer or spring. At first, to withstand the snow from breaking down the pole and keep the interior of the tent fully warm, purchase a four season tent. Moreover, a normal sleeping bag might not work and to survive in this crucial situation you should cover yourself by a thickened and insulated sleeping bag.  Literally a beginner would lose his/her effort to settle him/ her with this situation. So before planning for camping in the snow make sure you can settle your mind into the crucial environment.


7)Use A Solar Charger

A camper isn’t alone. He might want to capture his precious moments while a cell phone is the most compulsory gadget. Literally, you should timely charge it up and the electricity might not be there to charge your devices. So, a solar charger here comes  to make your gadgets energetic as the way the electricity does.

solar charger to charge on camping


8)Don’t Break The Rules

Every reputable campground has the own rule what must be followed by the campers. If you break the rules, you would be fined for that. Moreover, stay calm at night, don’t be a reason of bothering the neighbourhood campers. Don’t make any noise and keep you safe as much as you can from the insects and animals.

Happy Camping!

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