Few Simple Tips For A Budget Friendly Camping

Planning to spend a night in a luxury hotel near a fancy beach, island or premium tourist destinations costs a lot that exceeds the financial capability of plenty of people. On the other hand, camping on the campsite is a popular source of spending the entertaining time with family or friends. Camping at night on some campsites gives some incredible experience what is priceless and amazing. Life is short and every moment has a great worth. So passing the weekends with family on being the evidence of unforgettable moments is undoubtedly priceless than anything else.


But unfortunately we can’t always choose a demanding campsite as our destination because of the limited money. Although you and I deserve a great weekend trip and this is why we have tried to write an informative article regarding your plan of heading to a campground in limited cost. Hope it might help you.

camping on a budget

Find An Inexpensive Destination

Believe me it or not, if you live in the US, finding a popular and inexpensive campground isn’t crucial. To pitch the tent and enjoy their service wouldn’t charge like a five star hotel. On the other hand, the amazing wildlife, blue sea, beautiful lakes and mountains totally agree with different experience. You can have lots of fun there and whether, you do barbecue party, roast the marshmallow and catch the fishes, the sources of having fun are there endless. I have mentioned the name of few these popular and amazing campgrounds.

1)Denali National Park.

2)Badlands National Park.

3)Yosemite National Park

4)Crater Lake National Park


These places cost nearly $10- $30. The greatist.com also has a list of such popular and cheap 36 campgrounds. We recommend to visit there for discovering more.


Get Your Gears

Actually to be honest camping gears are expensive and purchasing every needed gear costs a lot. Sometimes some camping gears can be rented like a tent and you can also borrow from your friends to decrease the budget. If these don’t work for you, we advise to purchase them at limited cost as much as you can.


Camping Tent: A tent shelters the campers with withstanding the environmental effects while it offers a cozy night by securing and saving you from the insects. Some tents are handy, because they not only prevent the rain, but also stay the floor dry when the ground is wet. If you use a four season tent, it is also allowed to be pitched on any weather conditions. If you want to stay in the tent with your family, you might have to convey a six person tent. But if you just want the camping with your friends a two person tent is good that costs even under $50.


Sleeping Bag and Pad: Two most necessary stuffs of a camper. The sleeping bag stays you warm on the low temperature and the sleeping pad comfortably supports the back and your whole body by kicking out the numbness. Sometimes the sleeping bag demands the price considering the heat retention ability and thickness. Basically, you have to purchase it, considering the temperature ratings. They cost averagely $25- $50 for lightweight camping.


A Camping Stove: Literally, you must have a camping stove to cook whatever you prefer to eat at outdoor. Even if you bring the freezing foods, you need to heat it up. Although you can purchase the food or have some barbecue in the premium campgrounds. But it costs a while. You can get a portable gas stove in $10- $15 and you have to spend a few bucks behind the fuels. But if you don’t want the gas stove to save a few bucks, then wood burning stoves are also fair in warm weather.


Water Bottle With Filtration System: if you go on a hike from your campsite, your body requires to be hydrated and there isn’t alternative better source than the pure water to give a perfect hydration on your body. So a water bottle can hold the adequate water you need to timely drink. But on a hike it is crucial to find the sources of pure water and that’s why you convey the water bottle that has the integrated or portable filtration system. It costs about $15.


Have Fun As Much As You Can

On the campgrounds there are many amazing things to do. You can hunt, catch fish, ride bike, boat or kayak in the lake. Basically boating or kayaking costs a little bit, but you don’t need to purchase and bring them to the spots. You can simply rent them. But to hunt and catch the fish, you have to carry essential gears and it may be crucial to rent them. Although if you think they waste your money, instead you can hike to explore the beauty of your destinations. You may have fun as much as you can, but make sure nothing breaks the rule of the law. If it happens, then it would be troublesome.

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