Water Purifying Methods While Hiking: Few Tips

When a backpacker load up the gears into the backpack, it might be problematic to carry gallons of water. Because it would be responsible of overloading what turns your energy level down. So without any hesitation, the natural sources of waters like alpine lake, streams, rivers and ponds should be your dependable source to fill your water bottle with drinkable water. But theses natural waters aren’t drinkable and trustworthy to a hiker. Because, there can be found some water borne bacteria, bugs and even virus.

But they won’t stay alive and available in the water, if you remove them by following some tricky and easy methods. So this article would reveal all the proven ways to purify the water that hikers should follow.


1)Boil The Water

boiling water on mountain

Nothing could beat this easy and great method to vanish anything harmful from the water. This trusted method even kills the water borne virus and the water would be incredibly purified. You need a portable water boiling vessel to heat the water. So either you need temporarily burning some woods or use a fuel stove. It shouldn’t take more than 1.5 minutes to get the water boiled, but in high altitude, it can waste almost 3.5 minutes and you have to burn some fuels.


2)Bring The Water Purification Tablets

If you depend on this method, the core advantage is those tablets are small and lighter. So they wouldn’t be responsible to increase the backpack’s weight. But the common weak sides of these tablets are, like iodine can’t remove all the bacteria at all while they can affect the taste and the color of water.  Although the chlorine dioxide based tablets are dependable to clear out the water from bacteria, viruses and protozoa. But it consumes the time to make the water purely drinkable and you have to wait at least 30 minutes.


3)You Can Use The Ultraviolet Lights

ultraviolet lights for purifying water

The UV sun rays may be harmful for skins and many things, but the same ultraviolet rays can vanish the threatened stuffs from the water. So purchase an ultraviolet water purification system and get the water expectedly purified in just a few minutes. Just collect the dim water or make it dimmed by pre filter and pour into the water bottles. Within minutes the water would be magically purified. It’s great for camping or long time hiking.


4)Portable Filter Is Also Efficient

Easy water filtration

Water filters are decent, handy and remarkably dependable. These small filters have the diversity in the external shape, but they can promisingly give your desired drinkable water. Some filters can be adjusted on the bladder’s pipe and the water comes directly purified when you sip on the mouthpiece. On the other hand, some filters require a squeeze pouch to pour the drinkable water in a drinking bottle. And the rest ones would lift the water directly from the source by a small manual pump and when the water goes into the filter it turns the water completely drinkable.

These filters are well feedbacked as they prevent bacteria and protozoa before preparing the water drinkable.

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